Freedom Flotilla To Break Israeli Siege Again Next Year

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Note: US Boats to Gaza is holding events across North America this summer to raise awareness of the blockade. This past weekend, they held events in Chicago. Find out where they’ll be next by clicking here.

Chairman of the International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza, and a founding member of Freedom Flotilla Coalition, Zaher Birawi, has unveiled a new attempt, by the Freedom Flotilla, to break Gaza’s naval blockade.

Birawi indicated, in press statements, that the new Freedom Flotilla might be carrying nominal relief items, considering that the core aim of the Flotilla is attempting to break Israel’s illegal blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than 13 years in a row.

Solidarity caravans which provide political and media support to Gaza and call for breaking the Gaza blockade are no longer allowed by Egyptian authorities; however, the authorities have maintained a bare minimum of the charitable and relief convoys that managed to enter the Gaza Strip a few times, during the recent years and months, Birawi said.

Birawi pointed out that the Freedom Flotilla Coalition organized, during the current year, a number of anti-siege activities and projects which raise awareness and political pressure to break the blockade, and to expose its devastating impacts on the Palestinian people, particularly youth and children.

The Chairman stressed, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that the Freedom Flotilla Coalition is composed of a large number of civil society organizations which work in the field of political affairs, and focus on the Palestinian right to freedom of movement and the breaking of the siege.

  • John Chadwick

    It should be emphasized that the brutal military siege of Gaza by ANY NATION is a violation of the human rights of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.. The brutal military siege of Gaza by a certain nation is an atrocity. People around the world must cease to support the offending nation by whatever means they can employ. The offending nation acts as a war criminal.


    I have always admired and respected Jews. I have some ancestors who were Jewish. It breaks my heart to see this element of Judaism. financed by the US, engage in atrocities no different than those suffered by them throughout history. From the Inquisition to the Holocaust, what the Israeli government is doing might be different in degree, but is identical in kind. Weep, Oh Israel!

  • Jon

    If a major power supplies an armed escort, they have a real chance to break the siege.

  • Gareth Smith

    Why don’t you name the bastard, John? “A certain nation” is ISRAEL. Stop the bullshit euphemism and tell the truth straight!

  • Gareth Smith

    Good on you, Antonio. Judaism and Zionism are inimical and the sooner the world learns the difference the better.