French Police To Join Yellow Vests After Realizing Government Is Extorting Them Too

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Police in France are being ripped off by their government who is refusing to pay them for policing the protests—now they are threatening to join the yellow vests.

France — As the “gilets jaunes” or “yellow vests” protests continue to take place across France, the government has been slowly acquiescing to the demands of citizens. However, the concessions have not been enough and so they’ve stayed in the streets although mostly calm. Also in the streets are the French police, who, according to reports, are also growing wary with the French state. The protests have been ongoing for around a month now and the police force is tiring out—and they aren’t getting paid for it. Police in France have racked up a massive 23 million hours of overtime as they work protests and not a single one of them have been paid for it.

Once the union realized that their officers were not being paid the money they were owed, the Alliance Union called on officers across France to only handle emergencies only as they negotiated with the interior ministry over their compensation.

On Wednesday, activists called on police to cross the line and join them. Police did not rule this option out and they went so far as to threaten the French government with doing just that.

Negotiations between three unions—Alliance, UNSA-Police and Unity-SGP-FO—and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner on Tuesday failed to reach a settlement, according to Newsweek. As talks resumed on Wednesday, France 24 reported that activists were calling on forces across the country to commit to a “slowdown” and only respond to emergencies until the dispute had been settled.

The slowdown took place and yet the government still failed to address their concerns. So, police held a “black day for the police” protest on Wednesday. Now, they are threatening Act II, and even Act III. Using the term ‘Act’, the police are aligning themselves with the yellow vests as this is a similar tactic used in the current demonstrations.

“Despite our repeated appeals to the President of the Republic to announce an emergency plan for the security forces, so far nothing has been said,” the union said this week.

The Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner claims that paying the officers what they are owed will “take time” and finding the money isn’t easy.

“It is in a spirit of dialogue and mutual trust that we will provide concrete responses to our security forces,” he said.

However, the police do not appear to be buying into the rhetoric and a “blue vest” protest now appears to be imminent.

Although many police officers and protesters have been clashing—often violently—over the past few weeks, many of the officers have found compassion for the yellow vests.

“Most cops have ‘yellow vests’ among their close circles or at least people who sympathize with the movement, it’s not easy to be on the other side of the barricade every day,” a police source told Le Monde newspaper.

Backing up this notion is the fact that police have been seen on video removing their helmets and joining in with the yellow vests in solidarity.

As TFTP reported earlier this month, despite the violence, many of the police officers in France understood the anger coming from the citizens. Instead of clashing with the peaceful protesters, many of the officers were seen joining them in solidarity.

In at least two different cases, police were seen on video removing their helmets to show the people that they were on their side.


  • tibetan cowboy

    The armed services and US National Guard will also ally with We The People in the incipient civil war in America. This scenario is written about in detail in “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”, the story of America’s defeat in a conventional war with China, the USA then threatening China with nukes whereupon the civilians in America revolt against the feds, throw all federal agencies out of all states, starting with Texas (throwing out FBI, HS, ICE, etc.), and attack all federal officials / congress / administration. The government is finally destroyed by We The People, thank God. A caretaker government is set up in Washington to assist in breaking up the country into several sovereign nations, the only solution to disempowering and wiping out the most evil empire the universe has ever experienced. The president and other officials fled in planes, most of which disappeared before landing anywhere.

  • Maria Glass

    “The protests have been ongoing for around a month now”???? How about four?

  • John Schoonover

    The Newsweek article cited in the article is from December. I think the article is, too, since there was police unrest at that time, but not since.

  • Josh

    Maybe not the universe but, I could be wrong, I hope I’m not because that’s saying a lot!

  • Steven Berge

    But the root of the problem is rule by wealth. If the u.s. stopped being the mob boss of the world and disarmed, another rich, megalomaniac, greedy, and cunning man would emerge to take our place, maybe from the E.U. or China. We have to force a government of the people over wealth, because the establishment won’t allow it. Look at all the states that passed anti corruption citizen initiatives only to have the legislatures immediately move to nullify them. Go Yellow Vests!

  • ned kelly

    week 18 starts today of protests, does seem the police violence has calmed down a bit, havnt seen any killings or flash ball guns last week.?

  • Plantiful

    Yup. 18 weeks

  • Penny Trottier

    This is so awesome I really hope they do side with the YV it is about the people not the politicians. The people are the government fingers crossed.

  • Russ Littler

    The worrying thing about this is that the Police have shown scant regard for conscience, (or integrity) so far. If their change of heart is purely about money, then they are not your friends, they are the enemy. They will continue to brow-beat, assault, and maim their own people for money as long as the State pays them to do so. It must now be clear to even the dimmest cop that there is an ideological war going on, ie, Globalism versus the people, so it is high time that these stupid “state bully boys” took a close look at their own conscience. Who are they fighting for? Which side of history do they want to be on? Do they love their country and their own people, or the master who pays them? You need to decide gentlemen.