French Protest Day And Night Against Macron’s Banker Economy

Above: The strikers light the fire of victory Jan. 22, 2020. From Twitter @MarianneMaximi

The people of France continue to protest against President Macron’s neoliberal policies and the cutting of French pensions. France has seen months of protests, starting with the Yellow Vests over a year ago and joined by the unions to become a general strike. Firefighters, teachers, railroad workers, electrical workers, lawyers, dancers — across multiple professions people are in the streets sometimes speaking in front of guillotines or carrying Macron’s head on a stick. They remind Macron what happened to King Louis XVI, call for revolution and say ‘we can begin again.’ Torchlit protests occurred in major cities across the country tonight with people dancing, singing, chanting and releasing Chinese lanterns in vivid displays against Macron’s neoliberal policies for the wealthy.

Firefighters protested in the streets

Railway workers

Lawyers protested

A general strike involving workers of all types

They gave speeches behind a guillotine

Macron’s head was carried on a stick

Massive nighttime protests across the country