French Women March For Equal Rights In Solidarity With Women Around The World

Feminist March in Paris declaring their solidarity with women of the world. From Twitter @AudreyHarelLRSY

The ongoing protests in France took a new turn today as French women marched for equal rights and respect in the #MarcheFeministe. Thousands of women peacefully marched in solidarity with women of the world on International Women’s Day. As has become the norm in Macron’s France, nonviolent protest was met by violent police who used tear gas as well as charged the crowd, assaulted and arrested women.

Rue de Belleville was packed for the #MarcheFéministe at night in Paris. It was beautiful, it was intersectional, it was radical|#8mars

The text of #Despentes is displayed on the walls of the Republic. The rostrum takes root #8mars#MarcheFéministe

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This demonstration will be a date. Huge momentum, impressive fervor. Can’t wait to see the numbers, it was big #MarcheFéministe#8mars

In live from #Nantes ! For the #MarcheFéministe of #grandesgagnantes , we affirm our solidarity with women around the world!

Rape, bullet, social justice” #MarcheFéministe

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Protesters lie down in front of the police and chant “police everywhere, justice nowhere”

Hundreds of women demonstrate in Paris on the eve of the #JourneeInternationaleDesDroitsDesFemmes#IWD2020


Anti-fascist feminists are also on the Night Walk!

#MarcheFéministe tell your father your friend your brother: the party is over the feminists are out

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#MarcheFéministe we wipe our feet on your macho ego.

#MarcheFéministe don’t free me, I’ll take care of it.

#MarcheFéministe social violence gender-based violence same fight against capital

“We get up, we break, we piss you off” #MarcheFéministe#8mars

Disgust, but damn, what a shame !!! Pigs in uniform charge and club our Comrades. This police violence, the real weapon of the state, is gender-based violence and class violence.

Woman injured following CRS officer #MarcheFéministe

Feminists are repelled by forces in the #métro Republic Square.

“We are strong, we are proud and #féministes and angry. ” Police charge that repels the #MarcheFéministe to the shield #JourneeInternationaleDesDroitsDesFemmes

“All the women, they hate police. ” #MarcheFéministe