French Yellow Vest Going Strong For Act 12 Protests

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Above: Yellow Vests Act XII from Truth Revolution.

The 12th Act of the yellow vests movement happened yesterday, February 2, 2019. The number of Yellow Vest protestors in major French cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux and all over France has not decreased, some say it has even increased.

This 12th Act means that the Yellow Vests Movement has been protesting every Saturday for twelve weeks in a row now, which shows you how much the French people are motivated to take back their country and overthrow their globalist president who has been destroying France since he came into office in 2017.

This 12th Act of the Yellow Vest protests was marked once again by police violence against protestors who have remained mostly peaceful despite having more than 30 people who have lost an eye because of having been shot in the face with rubber bullets since the beginning of the movement in November 2018.

And other people who have lost their hands or were badly injured, all these people were not violent protestors.

Last week one of the major figures of the yellow vests movement was purposefully shot in the head by the police and lost an eye because of it.

The man,  Jerome Rodrigues, spent 5 days in the hospital and came forward or RT media to say that he still does not want the people to be violent against the police because we will not win if we become violent.

The Yellow Vest Movement has continued being peaceful despite all these violent acts committed by the police against them.

Hopefully, the Yellow Vest Movement will keep going strong in the next weeks and months so the French people will finally free themselves from their globalist and fascist president.

Below are some videos that have marked the 12th yellow vests act.

Firemen helping injured protestors :

Police charging on peaceful protestors:

Police waiting for protestors to finish singing the French national anthem before attacking them:

Protetors giving money to an homeless man:

Policemen throwing away the motorcycles keys of peaceful yellow vests protestors: