From Billions To Bombs & Our Gun Problem

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With tax day around the corner, it seems an apt time to consider what our tax dollars pay for. First, we look at the biggest winners – the ones getting the largest pay outs from you and me for their work. Next, we dive into the worst accommodations in the U.S., what it costs those who stay there and what we pay to make sure their stay is as atrocious as possible.

From billions on bombs to cents on toilet paper, a look at how human rights violations here and overseas fuels the machine.

We’ve heard the anti-gun and pro-gun conversation. But that’s not a complete conversation – by any stretch of the imagination. scott crow discusses the very real gun problem we have in this country and why neither the liberals nor the conservatives have the answer. His latest book, “Setting Sights” shares histories and present-day examples of community armed self-defense in an effort to de-romanticize, educate and engage readers in the conversations we need to be having – in order to save lives and collectively work for justice.

  • lcotler

    Eleanor rules! She’s an inspiration to this 76-year activist from the 60s.

    A little less grandstanding and a little more quiet serious grit would serve the her and our mutual causes well; but she is still young and will, I predict, become a powerful force for justice and a healthy planet.

    She is going to get the millennials off their social-media asses, into the streets, and help our country, our world mature.

    Viva Eleanor!