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From NC To GA: Against All Monuments To White Supremacy

Above Photo: The following photo and communique was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down. According to local news reports in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, a Confederate statue was vandalized, only an hour away from where protests took place around another statue in Winston-Salem, which has also been vandalized.

The communique reads:

Antifascists, antiracists, anarchists, and abolitionists across the mountains of Appalachia and the South have conducted attacks against symbols of White Supremacy, Colonialism, and the Plantation State.

In solidarity with antiracists and antifascists mobilizing against the Georgia based white supremacist rally, “Rock Stone Mountain II”, individuals carried out a series of attacks against the very monuments that racists, patriots, and capitalists are all too eager to continue rallying around. These offensive actions occurred as a part of the growing resistance against white supremacy and the State. These planned attacks show our growing diversity of tactics in reaction to public white supremacist rallies, in which comrades are increasingly met with intense State surveillance and police violence.

Graffiti covers Confederate statue in Winston-Salem in North Carolina. From Journal Now.

We are forever in absolute solidarity with comrades throwing down publicly against white supremacist rallies, and are also calling for a continued offensive phase against racists, State collaborators and the symbols of their dying power. Our ongoing efforts make the weight of their organizing efforts too heavy to bear, and we must continue to make it heavier. We have seen the importance of carrying out solidarity actions directly against these symbols that litter this genocidal state. We also encourage comrades to push their analysis beyond monuments to lost causes, and to attack every facet of this Evil Empire this spring and summer. The same way cops and klan go hand in hand, the stars and bars and the stars and stripes are sewn from the same fucked up cloth.

Graffiti covers Confederate monument in Wilkesboro, NC. Photo from WXII 12

Every monument to white supremacy must be destroyed, not just the Confederate monuments. Any monument that celebrates indigenous genocide, slavery, or the genocidal founding of this racist country are symbols of white supremacy. We’ll keep pulling until they all come down, and no flag flies over this blood soaked land.

While many fascist gatherings dwindle, the State continues to increase protection and escalate violence on their behalf. We hope to set the tone for a “Spring of Action.” All monuments to white supremacy must go, and we can no longer wait for permission. We can go on the offensive to take what they love so dearly, and to destroy what must be destroyed. These symbols of hate will no longer stand. As we nurture our resistance, the seeds of our struggles continue to grow.

Thank you to the night, the moon and the stars, that veil us in protection, thank you to the sunlit days that reveal the truth of this dying empire, and thank you to the comrades forever struggling together to create another world.

Graffiti covers monument to Benjamin Cleveland in Wilkesboro, NC. Cleveland came from wealthy slave holding family and was known for attacking Native people. Photo from WXII 12.

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