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‘Fuera JOH’: Honduras Protests, Police Respond With Violence

Above photo: Twitter, Dr. Adrienne Pine.

Protests are happening daily now calling for the president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, to resign.

Here is a compilation of reports provided by The Honduras Solidarity Network we received last night.

Honduras lived through another day of protest and the participants suffered more repression by the JOH regime. The international press
started to cover this new wave of protests. The Honduras Solidarity Network denounces three injured students at least one by bullets, in Tegucigalpa.

In San Pedro Sula, the police threw tear gas into buses transporting university students. UNAH dean Francisco Herrera called it “a barbaric act”.

El Tiempo reports that an unknown armed man threatened students on the university campus in San Pedro Sula.

COPINH denounced a hunt by state security forces of protesting youths in Esperanza, Intibucá.

OACNUDH “energetically condemned” the attacks against journalists and social communicators as well as the disproportionate actions taken against the protesting students. OACNUDH sent out a note of solidarity with the students.

C-Libre released two alerts, one on the attack against a Channel 11 cameraman, another on the repression in general.

CESPAD also sent out an alert directed at the MP, CONADEH and the Human Rights Secretariat.

The Platform for the Defense of Education and Healthcare calls for new protests today including one in front of the MP demanding the issuance of an arrest warrant against JOH and his family.

Criterio reports that a group of EU Parliamentarians wrote to the EU’s parting Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini demanding a suspension of the collaboration with the JOH regime and the investigation of the accusations against JOH.

Libre congressman Jari Dixon Herrera sees a weakened JOH. “I had never seen him give two press conferences in a couple of hours. I had never seen him say so many absurd things in such a short time, something which reflects despair”.

At the same time, and just shortly after meeting with JOH, the US Chargé d’Affaires met yesterday with Salvador Nasralla.

The solidarity fasting continued yesterday for the third consecutive day. Human rights defender and former UNAH dean spoke of Honduras as a whole as another political prisoner whose democracy is imprisoned.

The MP published a press release praising the collaboration with the MACCIH and the MACCIH did the same thing in return.

Here is a compilation video from Dr. Adrienne Pine, who is in Honduras.

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