Fukushima Going From Horrible To Horrendous

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Tepco Has No Idea How to Stabilize the Reactors

You’ve heard bad news about Fukushima recently.

But it’s worse than you know.

The Wall Street Journal notes that radiation levels outside the plant are likely higher than inside the reactor:

NRA [Nuclear Regulation Authority] officials said highly contaminated water may be leaking into the soil from a number of trenches, allowing the water to seep into the site’s groundwater and eventually into the ocean.


Both radioactive substances are considered harmful to health. An NRA official said Monday that the very high levels were likely to be even higher than those within the reactor units themselves.


It was by far the highest concentration of radioactivity detected since soon after Japan’s March 2011 earthquake and tsunami ….

How could it be more radioactive outside the nuclear reactors? The reactors have lost containment, and experts have no idea where the nuclear cores are.

And the problems which have been detected at ground-level are only the tip of the iceberg.  Japan Times points out:

Cesium levels in water under Fukushima No. 1 plant soar the deeper it gets, Tepco reveals


Tepco found 950 million becquerels of cesium and 520 million becquerels of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, including strontium, in the water from 13 meters [~43 feet] underground.

Water from 1 meter down contained 340 million becquerels, and a sample from 7 meters down contained 350 million becquerels.


Cesium, a metallic element, is subject to gravity.

Yomiuri reports that highly-radioactive groundwater could start coming to the surface at the Fukushima plant:

TEPCO spokesman Noriyuki Imaizumi revealed the water level of the tainted groundwater in a test well located on the sea side of the No. 2 reactor has risen rapidly.

If the water level continues to rise, it could reach the ground surface,” Imaizumi, an acting general manager of the company’s nuclear power-related division, said at a press conference Monday.

According to the company, the water level has risen about 70 centimeters over the past 20 days.


To prevent contaminated groundwater from leaking into the sea, TEPCO is working to reinforce the ground foundation of seawalls. The rising water level in the test well means the measures to prevent leakage have been working.

However, the company apparently failed to give much thought to the fact that the groundwater would have nowhere else to go ….

Even Tepco admits that the groundwater problems are due to a lack of planning.  NHK points out:

[Tepco] learnt on Wednesday that its efforts to prevent radiation-tainted groundwater from seeping into the sea are failing.


TEPCO has been trying to solidify the embankment of the crippled power plant.


TEPCO says water levels in one of the contaminated wells have risen by about 1 meter since the work began in early July.

It says this is likely the result of its work to solidify the ground  [to a depth of 16 meters], using chemicals.

The company says soil up to 2 meters below the ground cannot be hardened, and water may be seeping out.

In addition, a top expert says that radioactive water could be flowing beneaththe seafloor … and could well up outside of the port “containment” zone:

Atsunao Marui, head of the Groundwater Research Group at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, said, “Groundwater also flows beneath the seafloor, so it’s possible that contaminated groundwater could spring up outside the port.”

Marui added that water outside the port also needs to be carefully checked.

Reuters notes that the bolts in Fukushima’s tanks will corrode in just a few years, and a plant workers reveal — “Tepco says it doesn’t know how long tanks will hold”:

Experts say Tepco is attempting the most ambitious nuclear clean-up in history, even greater than the Chernobyl disaster ….


Radioactive water that cools the reactors …]mixes with some 400 tonnes of fresh groundwater pouring into the plant daily.

Workers have built more than 1,000 tanks ….

With more than 85 percent of the 380,000 tonnes of storage capacity filled, Tepco has said it could run out of space.

The tanks are built from parts of disassembled old containers brought from defunct factories and put together with new parts, workers from the plant told Reuters. They say steel bolts in the tanks will corrode in a few years.

Tepco says it does not know how long the tanks will hold.

Asahi writes:

[Tepco’s] appallingly shoddy handling of radioactive water that is leaking from the crippled plant into the sea.


At the No. 3 reactor, highly radioactive “mystery steam” has been spotted.

The fact that radioactive substances are still being released into the ground, the sea and the air is irrefutable proof that the nuclear disaster of March 2011 is not over. The responsible parties must take this situation gravely ….

The utility’s glaring ineptitude with crisis management was noted right from the start of the Fukushima disaster.


We have zero faith in the utility’s reliability as an operator of any nuclear power plant. In fact, allowing the company to handle nuclear energy is simply out of the question.

The entire company now needs to be focused on preventing radioactive substances from escaping into the environment.

Yomiuri argues that the government agency overseeing Fukushima has no idea what’s going on:

The Nuclear Regulation Authority, which oversees safety management at the nuclear plant, decided to set up a working team to analyze conditions concerning contamination.

But the NRA’s actions have also been badly delayed. At a meeting Monday, an expert said the NRA “still can’t grasp the risks posed by the current situation.”

As Enformable points out, top Japanese officials are finally calling for Tepco to be fired:

In case one hasn’t paid attention the constant stream of international experts who have called for TEPCO to be removed as the organization in charge of decommissioning the crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactors, Shunichi Tanaka,chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has also called for Tokyo Electric to be removed. “It is simply too big for one company to handle,” said Tanaka, at a press conference Wednesday. “Placing all the burden (of controlling the site) on them won’t solve the problem.” 

Remember, an official Japanese government investigation concluded that the Fukushima accident was a “man-made” disaster, caused by caused by “collusion” between government and Tepco and bad reactor design.  And yet the Japanese government has allowed the culprit – Tepco – to oversee the “cleanup”, in the same way that the U.S. government allowed BP to oversee the “cleanup” of the Gulf oil spill even though BP’s criminal negligence caused the spill in the first place.

ABC Australia reports:

It’s taken about two-and-a-half years, but it seems the Japanese government is finally losing patience with the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant. The reason: its haphazard approach to stabilising the complex. Last week it was unexplained steam rising from the shattered remains of the building housing the melted reactor number three. This week it’s TEPCO’s admission that radioactive water from the plant has probably been leaking into the Pacific for the last three months.

Indeed, Asahi notes:

The operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant sat on its hands for more than two years despite having pledged to seal a leaking hole in a turbine building ….

NHK writes:

[Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide] Suga told reporters after the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday that the government views this as a grave matter.

Tepco’s own advisors are also blasting the operator of the stricken nuclear plant.  AFP points out:

Foreign nuclear experts on Friday blasted the operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, with one saying its lack of transparency over toxic water leaks showed “you don’t know what you’re doing”… “appears that you are not keeping the people of Japan informed. These actions indicate that you don’t know what you are doing … you do not have a plan and that you are not doing all you can to protect the environment and the people.” [said Dale Klein, Former NRC Chairman and Tepco advisory committee member]

Nuclear expert – and former high-level nuclear industry executive – Arnie Gundersen says that Fukushima has “contaminated the biggest body of water on the planet”, and that the whole Pacific Ocean likely to have cesium levels 5-10 times higher than at peak of nuclear bomb tests.

How could this happen?   Doesn’t the ocean dilute radiation to the point it is rendered harmless?  No, actually:

Japan Times notes:

Fukushima … seems to lurch from one problem to the next ….


When the situation is so bad that Shunichi Tanaka, the NRAchairman, is stating in a press conference, with regard to water leaks, that “if you have any better ideas, we’d like to know,” it should be clear that Fukushima No. 1 still requires the upmost attention.

The chairman of the NRA also says (via the New York Times):

Considering the state of the plant, it’s difficult to find a solution today or tomorrow… That’s probably not satisfactory to many of you. But that’s the reality we face after an accident like this… We don’t truly know whether that will work….

Indeed, technology doesn’t currently even exist to stabilize and clean up Fukushima, and Tepco – with no financial incentive to actually fix things – has only beenpretending to clean it up. And see this.

  • the bolts in Fukushima’s tanks will corrode in just a few years, and a plant workers reveal — “Tepco says it doesn’t know how long tanks will hold”:
    Jct: Hey, they’re doing the best that they can with the little money that they have. They have more men, materials and tools and want to bury the problem but don’t have the money. Quit complaining about nothing being done as things get worse, there’s no money to fix it. Maybe time for the Argentine Funding Solution before it’s too late.

  • Pandora’s box has been opened. Peace

  • Marielle Kerbaol

    Yes, Pandora’s box…..Man has created a monster which he does not controle, Poor planet, poor ocean, such beautiful creations……Frankenstein is here

  • this should be the #1 concern worldwide to contain this as much as possible

  • Wormwood

  • Statistically, every time we breathe, one or two molecules of the last breath oc Cesar enter our lungs. In a few years, in every glass of water we drink, a few molecules will have Fukushima written all over their CV.

    There is no safe dose of radiation.

  • well said. my heart goes out to all of them and the rest of us here on the west coast in the danger zone. lately when I wake up I can’t breath. its my throat. I litterally wake myself up gasping for breath. my thyroid is already low. I used to eat seaweed to level it out… but I don’t think that is so good for me anymore. when it rains it feels slimy on your fingers. I knew the day it hit our shores. lets hope some of us build up immunity in the process. someone needs to live to tell the truth about nuclear power and its ongoing hazards to the planet.

  • search youtube for “reactor one reactor three comparison” – MOSAD (Israeli Secret Service) used a tactical NUKE disguised in the form of a camera on the reactor to take out reactor three. (think population control by Talmudists) The Tsunami was US Military HAARP Attack. WW3!? Long gone already – we are in WW7 at least! but it is invisible wars that are fought. Are you a “Democracy Theorist?” – time to wake the f up!

  • The issue being that the material used for the core is naturally occurring and can be mined in most nations.

  • The uranium being released has a half life of 6 months to a year when exposed to the elements. After that time it breaks down into lead as all radioactive materials do when they run out of extra energy. The stuff they used Burned Hot and Fast and so that is how it will die.

    Lead poising and short term radiation exposure is about the only thing to be worried about.

    Once they get it stopped it should last about 5 or 8 years before settling into the deep.

  • So the Japanese have leaked thousands of liters of radioactive water into the sea. Don’t you guys watch you own monster movies?

  • Just as they say in the movie `Koyaanisqatsi`

  • Clee

    Are you referencing the psychoactive drug in absinthe or did you mean Silkwood the nuclear activist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Silkwood

  • LaRoan

    China syndrome started 3-13-11 according to the FOIA documents. It cannot be contained. Tepco is the scapegoat. ALL Governments knew but have withheld the information because of economics of the nuclear industry! Profits before People! Radiation exposure levels increased by Japan, USA? Ring necked seals off Alaska 2011? Blue fin Tuna off California 2012? Sea Lions off California 2013? Radiation monitoring stations turned off in Canada and US? No RAD monitoring of food imports from Japan to US? Central Valley California Pistachio’s exported to Japan deemed unsafe? Berkeley stopped monitoring milk because they are funded by US government? At this point it’s wise to take personal stock, right your wrongs and fill your days with love and joy!

  • This is the beginning we all warn you public of this and now you have it no way to put it out a fire that can not be put out death machine is what you made for this will forever cause change in earth , in animal , in fish , in people and air water land will be useless , you better not build any more looking at this you have committed a crime whereby no remedy can fix in generation to come
    written by the 3 eye baby and 1 toe

  • nacho

    Money shold not be an issue in such disastrous situation…guess we will learn the rough way

  • nacho

    You said it all

  • Stephanie

    unfortunately, there is no “immunity” to build up. radiation destroys DNA. period. radiation bioaccumulates..it only gets worse, not better

  • rand

    This is going to take an international effort to clean up Fukushima. It seems like the rest of the world is happy to sit around and criticize the Japanese for not being able to contain this disaster.

  • Michael Mann

    This whole page is a joke, from the picture of the oil refinery to the inane commentary.

  • Flowers

    The photo with the article is of the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the tsunami in 2011: http://in.news.yahoo.com/fresh-fire-in-fukushima-n-plant.html

  • Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

  • iamtotal, you are completely insane.

  • Harry Potter

    No it’s not a picture of Fukushima NPP1.

    That’s the Cosmo oil refinery, Ichihara, Chiba prefecture.

  • Kevin Zeese

    Thanks. We’ve changed the photo to one showing the explosion to Fukushima-Daiichi-reactor-3-explosion-images.

  • Kevin Zeese

    No, its not a joke — NukeMan — wow with a name like that for your email, it is not surprising that you do not want to fact the facts.

  • half life means that after that time half of the radioactivity is gone. not all. then after that period of time passes a second time, half of what is left is gone, and so forth. i’m sure you know this, but I don’t want anyone reading your comment to think the danger will magically disappear after 6 months.

  • nunya

    Ok first off the nuclear material needs to taken out of there no matter the cost.Secondly we have thousands of tones of of plumage which is chicken feathers and when combined with concrete can create a slurry to bury the rest of the problem for the time being but only after a neutralizing agent is implemented besides that and spraying it with a metallic compound that would allow for conductivity to allow the diffusion of the residual energy to be put into use so far gold copper nickle silver are the best the thing is how do you control something like the sun but theoretically if you use a controlled magnetic field and focus waves of it to stabilize you may be able to use the energy given off by the failed reactor to control it but that would take a few billions and some great minds to complete but essentially it would act like a battery cable diffusing the energy and this idea you can take then to use in space but im just a stupid guy so cheers good luck hope the world doesnt blow up

  • Start using turmeric -a spice related to ginger- for its known anti-cancer benefits.
    (Turmeric is main ingredient in >yellow< curry and tastes delicious as a spice in soups, salads, and anything else you could imagine.)

  • DrwRect.. you are cognitively dissonant.. what Iamtotal said about HAARP and Israel is backed by facts. You, like many, due to your prejudices and fear, just don’t want to see the truth.

  • and “you are completely insane” is nothing but an ad hominem attack (logical fallacy) that neither proves nor disproves anything.. it is only proof of your state of cognitive dissonance.. =/

  • Newscorner

    Nor should anyone think that “exposure to the elements” (or lack thereof) has any impact on an isotope’s half-life.

  • Sarah

    derck van Schuylenburch you are right, turmeric is the best anti-inflammatory out in the natural world

  • Wolf

    These radioactive particles will not peacefully disappear. The core reactor materials break down into radioactive particles–yes, they break down, but it isn’t like a piece of meat rotting and breaking down into simple, harmless nutrients of soil. When they break down, the elements they break apart into are still dangerous! Some nuclear decay reactions are slow and some are fast; some release alpha particles (only dangerous if eaten), beta particles (screened out somewhat by protecitve clothing) and gamma particles, which pass through your cells with ease, pausing only long enough to rip a piece of DNA apart here or there, leaving those cells damaged and dying–or mutated and unable to stop their own division (cancer). The main thing is, as they break down, these atoms STAY radioactive. They keep throwing off these alpha, beta, and gamma particles for thousands or even millions of years. DNA can’t mutate or develop an “immunity” to gamma particles–it’s like expecting to develop an immunity to gun-shot wounds. Expecting these radioactive decay products to settle into the sediments of the ocean and disappear in ten years is self-delusion.

    And oh, would we like to be able to delude ourselves into thinking that what our species has done is not lethal, horrific, and permanent.

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  • It is time for some benevolent aliens to help us. 😉 But probably after that they will take away the car keys. 😉

  • Flowers

    Here is an update: http://rt.com/news/fukushima-radioactive-clean-up-003/ An international response is definitely necessary. This is a global problem and TEPCO is inept.

  • Japan has a economic stimulus plan going on printing money left and right.They need to be spending it on Fukushima.

  • Rich Orwell

    In a related story, Gojiro (Godzilla) was seen wading from Fukushima to Tokyo.

  • Helmut Altschuler

    Since the reactor is General Electric-made, and GE pays no taxes on 5.2 billion dollars of corporate income, and since Jeff Immelt and Ob*ma and George Soros are close buddies, perhaps Ob*ma got GE to give the commie Chinese the backdoor keys to the reactor in order to destroy rival Japan. Boy have I been drinking conspiracy ale tonight!

  • Flipper

    Godzilla angry and on the way to punish the Jspanese!

  • cheryl greenwood

    if there was actually a 9.0 earthquake that hit this nuke then the entire island or at least the northern part would be completely devastated-9.0 is MASSIVE…something is not right about what we are being told, nearby cities are virtually intact.

  • There certainly are safe doses of radiation. If there were not, no life would survive the natural background radiation on earth.


  • you guys said it. this is my response in one of the Facebook chapters regarding the same issue. please use sacred herbs spices and roots.

    Intake moderated quantities of sacred herbs, and roots and sacred minerals and meditate upon for infusing them seamlessly in our bodies. even in worst case, we will be far ahead in fighting the effects, and in best case, it is supposed to bestow capability to retain consciousness even in case of dire effects and influences on flesh and bone.

  • Ed Nichol/Country Store/Lillooet

    Use ordinary potassium iodide/iodine drops that you buy from the drug store shelf. Also make sure that you optimize your health ( cell growth/replacement ) with the full list of minerals, enzymes, and co-enzymes. Especially Q10 ( ubiquinol ). And of course cut way back on your sugar, the famous cancer cell food.

  • cheryl greenwood

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25ufUbgChS8 watch this- and this: http://www.globalresearch.ca/fukushima-a-nuclear-war-without-a-war-the-unspoken-crisis-of-worldwide-nuclear-radiation/28870….people need to understand that the japanese are using MOX fuel- far more deadly than even plutonium. if the spent fuel pool goes down it’s over for life on earth if it’s not already & that is no exaggeration at all. inform yourself before spouting misinformation on such a serious topic, please. we must demand an international effort-money is no object in a situation like this…GE must be held accountable for a start .read the ibook on global research to get the facts before posting, the last thing we need is more misinformation & confusion & coverup!

  • Japan received millions from compassionate donors around the world. They diverted millions of it to support their shameful whaling program. That’s a measure of how seriously they are taking the ongoing threat of Fukushima.

  • “There is no safe dose of radiation”
    ~ Prof. Edward P. Radford, Physician and Epidemiologist


  • Newscorner

    I respectfully disagree. It’s equivalent to saying, “It’s not dangerous to cross the street. If it were, none of us would have survived because we all cross the street.” Some risks are akin to crossing the quiet street where I live; some are akin to walking across the I-10 in Los Angeles. But none is totally safe, even the background radiation we have always been exposed to which causes some cases of cancer and some mutations.

  • audiopirats

    Yep its not about cesium its about MOX and Plutonium wich is more dangerous than anything else. This is my speechless comment on that. May love destroy this

  • The Japanese will soon be known by there one toe and 3 eyes and normal babies will be past dream what will be born in there land will bring the world to there knees in horrid form babies with one toe and 3 eyes and sores all over them that don’t heal they will be far more deadly as a people then our bomb ing them just few decades ago back in the WW 2 This sham will cause the fish and water and land and people dogs and cats and cows everything will be poison those people will have Godzilla teeth the only good thing is they will lose there sex organs to this event there be no more Japanese people on main land soon you all will all want one the black hair skinny Japaneses girl for your home declare will be a memory of the past as they will be a memory of death the whole population will and is being poison everyday and the world does nothing to stop this

  • Wake up. Money is always the issue.

  • Cannabis– Use Cannabis oil…

  • Kat Elliott

    Pretty soon you won’t have to worry about the babies….pregnant women will miscarry and our West Coast babies are being born with thyroid problems at a 1/3rd rate. When an embryo develops, the eyes and thyroid are directly connected early in pregnancy. With our water already tainted, and with GMO crops everywhere, we are consuming poisons every single day. We are in deep shit and no one in power will do anything about it.

  • Chreees

    you are imagining things

  • Nukes and Petroleum are both barbaric ways to make energy. THEY have long known safer and cleaner ways to power up the World; but prefer to keep us “eaters” hooked on these destructive sources of energy. Why: because destruction and death amuse these f ing Lizard People.

  • case

    that is incorrect. you are misinformed and misinforming others by posting your misinformation. the material in the cores has gone fissile into elements which are man-made and do not appear in nature in any way, grade, shape or form. check your facts.

  • case

    nor should anyone think this is about uranium. just google “plutonium fukushima” and “plutonium halflife” and find the facts.

  • case

    It really doesn’t matter at all what everyone posts, posting is easy, like watching TV, or going to sleep thinkin it’s all gonna turn out right. The naivity here scares me. Even with a gazillion Fakebook-likes and 99% of the population going vegetarian or eating iodine salted free range chickens, there is still nobody (no living soul) in this world who is able to solve this one. You cannot prevent the inpreventable – since it has already happened. You are all looking at a different world through old eyes, much like whole villages in Northern Russia who still believe in communism and real-estate brokers in Detroit still believing in capitalism. Optimism is funny when it’s coming from a person with an average IQ of minus 25 but if you look at the facts the fairies of global warming and supposed muslim terrorism will be the least of our worries for the next hundred thousand years or so. The only thing which might eventually save us as a species is solidarity – but only if it is in acting upon it. Sofar nothing much has been done to contain the situation – since there are no earthly ways to contain it, neither locally nor globally. Waiting for those in power to act upon it is a typical human response, always looking and waiting for a higher authority to act or help or make us feel safe. To scared to accept reality. That is what got us here in the first place. The only thing one should do is stop the misinformation of Tepco and the media, by educating ourselves, and find ways to deal with the eventual outcome (disease, mutations, deaths, famine). Just consider the fact that in a hundred years from now, every single person around you will be dead (not for the sake of Fukushima, just a natural fact) but in ten thousand years from now people, animals, insects and plants (if there will be any left) will still be dealing with the consequences of this fuckup “as-it-is”, without even considering what more is to come from this snakepit. What you are all looking at, is a beginning. The beginning of something big, and everlasting. So don’t complain. Be an optimist, like me. Witness it happening and be impressed. It really doesn’t matter what you do, you can pray, or get angry, or be sad, or eat a pot of tumeric the size of Alaska or believe the media – it has already happened. Turn back the clock. Without getting into religion or spirituality, ask those who’ve gone before you over the last six thousand years what they think. You’ll be surprised.

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  • you said it mate. I wanted to speak out the same thing, then thought for a while whether there is any point or no, and being indecisive i just did not post anything.

    just for one moment, as we naturally are, a life form on this wonderful planet. not belonging to any religion, class, country … no man made crap… and look back and see what we have done for the past few thousand years, known history ….

    but we are out of options my friend. just the half lives over next four cycles is enough to screw up already the screw ups what we have done to dire levels.

    just lets live in sanity … at least for us who understand .. i feed ducklings ever y day, they jump on my feet 🙂 , sparrows now have more confident that i am not dangerous, they jump and flu around shoulders like a friend, small things of joy … love shared, one more day made precious 🙂

    the bunnies dont run away, and instead come out as soon as they see my car 🙂 so… like this… i am living my own truth … thoguht nice to share with someone who understands the deep sadness of being hopeless and then coming to a point to find ones own peace 🙂

    then when death comes, i feel gorgeous … could not do much, but at the least shared some love.

  • Chreees

    I agree. No point in crying over spilled nuclear waste. It is what it is and the laws of physics and chemistry tell us our only option is to deal with what we have created.
    We live on a rock orbiting an average star amongst hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, amongst hundreds of billions of galaxies. We are insignificant. Whatever happens is going to happen and will end up being a chapter in our individual stories. Our time is limited. After this we go back to the earth. No consciousness ever again. We must lay in the beds we make,

  • tom

    Folks it’s not the Taliban it’s Tepco.

  • carlos danger

    you obviously do not know what you are talking about. do you work for tepco?

  • People should read ‘On The Beach’ by Nevil Shute. We don’t seem to be getting REAL information. This may be the end of all of us on the West coast. Half or more of the population may be dead or dying by 2020.

  • I made an attempt to put the severity of the trench with highly contaminated ground water in perspective (compared to Fukushima vs. Chernobyl fallout maps. It’s quite literally “off the charts”): http://wp.me/puwO9-23w

  • Donna Marie Hodgson

    Breathe deep, cherish each moment, let your light shine, love with your whole heart and do the best you can to help others…be kind, be grateful, believe in miracles. One day all will be right with the world …no further destruction or suffering…for us and for all of creation<3

  • Mark Smith

    What is the absolute worse case scenario?

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  • Where’d you get this fact from? Sounds like you are a tree hugger just making it up

  • Making the ones who made the mess clean it up is actually good policy. It incentivizes them to not do that again. Child rearing 101.

  • malcolm ho

    THe initial decision to build the thing in an earthquake zone was the first and unpardonable mistake, The second one was to allow such an old and dangerous plant to continue operation until the inevitable Earthquake /Tsunami broke it. The Japanese certainly learnt nothing from Chernobyl which was also down to obsolete safety systems.

  • H.A.A.R.P. controlled by the top 1% in charge of destroying the World & Planet generated the whole event that took place in Japan back in March 2011–

  • «Of the $230 billion in government funds allocated to rebuilding Japan post-tsunami, $29 million is going toward the country’s annual whale hunt, an official from the nation’s Fisheries Agency told the AP. »

    Also, what do you have against «tree huggers» ?

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/japan-fukushima-whale-meat-2011-12#ixzz2bDFfhAen

  • haha if they took donated money and learned it from Americans they definitely did not spend it all on whales….One things for sure. Those are GE designs, and all of their resources need to be put on that project. Seal leaky tank covers, and lead internally lined heavy barriers to isolate solid materials. This is an international emergency of the first order.

  • S Doerflein

    I’m with you. Aliens need to give us a time out.

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  • Rev. Joe LaRocco

    Hey, thanks for fucking up our planet,, back 40 years ago or so, when I heard nuke power was starting to happen and they could not deactify the waste, I said don’t use it, someday there will be a major problem,, I knew there would be better alternatives and to wait and work it out and work with mother nature, would have been the better way, but no, we got some real smart fuckers out there that just want to experiment with stupid shit, because they do not really care about the planet, if they did care we would not have this fucked up problem. I say get the monkeys out ( TEMCO) and get someone smart and stop whats happening. Again I want to that the idiot who let this happen. I have worked all my life working with mother nature and the planet, to give it love and it will love you back. Wow I am sicken at what has happened. You people want your health, eat a alkaline diet, and be alkaline, with plant food, keep your immune system strong, and do a lot of chaga.

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  • Dr. Ben Davis

    Actually, several studies have shown that small amounts of radiation actually make you healthier by keeping your immune system active.There’s even a term for the effect (hormesis). With all due respect to you, your Prof. Radford is a dumbass. Not every yahoo with a degree (or Prof in their title) knows what they’re talking about. That includes me, do your own research, think critically, but also keep an open mind.


    Ben Davis. Ph.D.
    Nuclear Physicist (turned software developer, the money is better thanks to all the unfounded fear-mongering turned on the industry)

  • Claude Clay

    what exacerbated the cleanup effort began before the 1st shove of earth was dug — if you do not design in real world failure control, if the cost of such is more than the market will bare — when the cost to our and the planets health is put at risk for lack of known and foreseeable what-if controls…than we can not afford to construct such a mechanical creature. just man-up and say ‘great idea but we can not safely,,in an economical sense, construct this’
    there is always plan B if…if those in control can put aside their ego’s and agendas and do what is moral

  • OK, I will Corrina Clark, I will tell the world via GuerrillaDemocracy.com.
    On the 60 th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nakazacki, the world is hit with another.
    God help the planet and us.

  • Maat Men Nefer

    Read ‘On the Beach’ ? Maybe you should.

  • Nick Eyres

    there was that part about it being 10 years till it hit our coast… but okay.

  • Great point, Newscomer. I like your analogy. Even background radiation builds up in us. Helen Caldecott also says there is no safe does of radiation. It’s relative, to a degree. I think what Jeremy means is that what exists naturally is “safe” given that we cannot change the fact, and we survive. But that radiation still accumulates in us which makes no dose ultimately safe.

  • Thanks, Wolf. Good points amid a dearth of others. 🙂

  • audiopirats

    @Ben as Wiki says it is a hypothesis and in terms of natural background levels. This incident does not look like any type of natural level. Specially not the the participation of Plutonium and MOX. By the Madame Caldecott is a world famous specialist, very respectable and honest.

  • Dr. Ben Davis

    Yes, and as the creationists say, “evolution is just a theory.” Some people get sick in the best environment, others stay well in the worst. Hormesis is based on statistical modeling, but it does fit a great deal of data… and the dip in susceptibility is ABOVE background radiation levels.

    That being said, I understand that Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 making it into the environment (and the food chain), is a bad thing. That’s because Strontium and Cesium look chemically like Calcium and Potassium to the body. And having radioactive isotopes residing in your body for years is different to exposure to prompt radiation.

    It’s the “there is no safe dose of radiation” (DOSE implies a single event of prompt radiation) remark that I take exception with. If we want to talk about environmental effects due to contamination, I’m happy to do that as well… but let’s keep our facts straight.

    And yes, I also believe that the environmental effects are being overblown here. Uranium, Radon and all kinds of naturally occurring radiation exists… and in much larger amounts than most people realize. For example, the geologists figured out a long time ago that the core of the earth would have already cooled and become solid had it not been for all the radiation in the bedrock of the earth. So it’s there, it’s always been there. And all living things have evolved to deal with it. Step one: don’t panic.

  • Clam Soup

    Fukashima, like the plastic gyre, belongs to all of us. It isn’t our fault, but if we spend our time pointing fingers, laying blame, seeking judgments, going to court, reviewing, and appointing committees, we can all transmit the guilt to untold futures that will never be.

  • truelitistnot

    Well, it was nice knowing the Pacific ocean while I was young.

  • Lot of disinformation here. Confusion of background radiation with ionizing radiation is one thing. We do not have the technology to deal with a disaster of this magnitude and complexity. Meantime, people are breathing “hot particles” of radiation that accumulates in our bodies and damages our cells. And eating food that is contaminated, since none of the food is checked. Here in California it has come down in the rain, and is in the food chain. The gov’t hasn’t been testing the air, soil, rain, and fish…but individuals have been for quite some time, and the results are horrifying. Breathing it and ingesting it are the most dangerous. It would be bad enough if it were “just” the Pacific, but it’s not. Babies and children and small animals – are the most vulnerable. And it’s not “just” Cancer, it’s heart disease and other immune system disorders. And watch “On Fukushima Beach”. Do your research. They’ve found Plutonium in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. Check out http://www.enviro-reporter.com.

  • Dr. Ben Davis

    I agree… there’s lots of disinformation here. There’s a lot more of THAT than real information.

    So as I recall, the Fukushima disaster occurred over a year and a half ago. How many Californians have been hospitalized for radiation sickness? How many babies have died that can be directly attributed to radiation… of just over the statistical background from two years ago?

    What about the mid pacific… has there been problems in Hawaii, Fiji, Polynesia? Wouldn’t the mainstream media be all over that kind of carnage?

    C’mon people, just think a little.

  • Flowers

    I imagine you would be aware that the effects of exposure to radiation can be more insidious depending on the exposure. As strontium, cesium and tritium accumulate in the food chain and water and are ingested by living beings, the effects will manifest as higher rates of cancer, thyroid disease, immune defects and more.

    And lack of coverage in the mass media does not in any way rule out the existence of problems. Sadly, most investigative reporting is a thing of the past.

  • Dr. Ben Davis

    I’m aware of all the things you mention. I’m also aware that hysteria and junk science posing as real understanding has hurt us all at least just as much.

  • To Dr Ben Davis

    Was it the media or Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange who told us about what the government does behind closed doors ? If you depend on the mass media to know what is going on, no wonder you are so out of date.

    Radiation can kill you very fast if you are very close to the source. Otherwise, it is a slow killer.

  • Dr. Ben, thanks for giving a good example of the disinformation I mentioned. Where do I start? Oh, the initial accident – 2 and a half years ago, not one and a half. Mainstream media? it’s called a media black-out, as well as a cover-up. Easy to do when corporations control the news. Or haven’t you noticed, all the coverage after it began about what was happening to the Japanese people…who were forced to leave their homes and their animals. No mention in our news either, about all the pets and farm animals suffering and dying. …the main problem with your post is the confusion of background radiation with full-on exposure (such as the workers at Fukushima received if they spent more than 10 min. or so inside the reactors) that causes radiation sickness, immediately or very soon. The kind of exposure we are receiving , on the other hand, is from ingesting it…and that has a long incubation period. 10-20 years, approx. before the Cancer and heart disease and so on. Birth mutations get worse and worse, with each generation. You really do need to, at least – watch a Dr. Helen Caldicott lecture and get some facts….even so, yes – there has been a spike in mysterious heart ailments, esp. among babies and young people…more stillborns, more miscarriages, more infants born with thyroid problems…and last year, a group of Hawaiians were found to have large amounts of radioactive Uranium in their bodies, and were demanding to know WHY?

  • Flowers

    Junk science? That’s a broad generalization. What specific junk science are you referring to? See the article posted today with quotes from Arjun Makhijani and Helen Caldicott who are very respected in their fields.

  • Dr. Ben Davis

    Now after this sits for nearly a week, everyone wants to have a dialog. Unfortunately, I have to work for a living and I have plans for this evening. But I’ll get back to you … Although I’m not sure why I would bother. It’s clear to me that minds are made up no matter what I say. Although I haven’t seen any facts. Just conspiracy theories about government cover ups… and a handful of names for the same “experts” being quoted again and again.

  • “Conspiracy theories about government cover-ups” you say. Just to have the sheer moxie to spew such a phrase suggest to me that YOU, sir, are in government pay yourself, and that you are COINTELPRO. Anyone but a three-year-old child, no, a guppy fetus, knows our government covers things up and conspires against freedom and the truth while the citizens go to hell. I dismiss you henceforth as the disinfo liar that you are.

  • Kevin Zeese

    Here’s another report on the problems in Fukushima, seems like more is coming out http://www.popularresistance.org/fukushima-uncontainable/

  • Voice of reason

    Damn, Rockandrolldoctor! I believe you are 100% correct!

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  • Congratulations. ignore this shit and go back to sleep. the nuclear weapons are gonna set off aswell? nope, we need to act against radioactive nuclear powers and nuclear weapons. destroy them kill them and forget thy ever were here!

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