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Shahid Buttar, the Executive Director of The Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance sit down with host Dennis Trainor, Jr. in this episode of Acronym TV to discuss, among other things:

The Utility of the NSA | The 4th Amendment | Edward Snowden | The Espionage Act | Why the MSM treats Glenn Greenwald as a criminal | An update on Chelsea Manning | The Reset the Net Campaign | The Criminalization of Dissent | The Campaign to cut off Water to the NSA | and we ask the question: In what significant ways is President Obama different than the Straussian, noble liars that preceded him?

Also, you will want to stick around for part two of the show to see Shahid perform the lyrics for his new house track called The NSA Vs. The USA. 

Episode introduction:
The Pulitzer Prize for public service, among the most prestigious awards in journalism, was awarded to The Washington Post and Guardian U.S. for their articles based on National Security Agency documents leaked by the former government contractor Edward Snowden. Snowden released astatement, which read in part: (The Pulitzer decision) “is a vindication for everyone who believes that the public has a role in government. We owe it to the efforts of the brave reporters and their colleagues who kept working in the face of extraordinary intimidation, including the forced destruction of journalistic materials, the inappropriate use of terrorism laws, and so many other means of pressure to get them to stop what the world now recognizes was work of vital public importance.”

In stark contrast to the work of vital public important is the overwhelming majority of content produced by the main stream media; one that demonizes anyone who questions the right and might of the American Empire to do whatever it deems necessary to expand its imperial reach by any means necessary.

Guests on this episode of Acronym TV with Dennis Trainor, Jr.:

Shahid Buttar is the Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, a 2003 graduate of Stanford Law School, and has appeared in media outlets including the Intercept, the Guardian, the Washington Post, CNN, FOX News, Al-Jazeera and the Baltimore Sun. He spoke about NSA spying at Johns Hopkins recently to a packed audience organized by the Hopkins human rights working group and the New Political Society.

Kevin Zeese is an attorney and political activist who works on peace, economic justice, criminal law reform and reviving American democracy. He co Directs It’s Our Economy, serves on the steering committees of the Chelsea Manning Support Network, and is an organizer atPopularResistance.org.
(Disclosure – Acronym TV receives partial financial support from Popular Resistance.)

Dennis Trainor, Jris a writer, filmmaker, producer, and activist. His documentary on the Occupy movement, American Autumn: an Occudoc, garnered critical praise from The New York Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and more.  He also wrote and directed Legalize Democracy, a documentary short about the Movement To Amend the Constitution. Trainor was an embedded YouTube personality/media advisor on the staff of Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign and his work is regularly published on The Huffington PostTruth Out, The Real New NetworkPopular Resistance and several others.

Shahid Buttar

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  • christopher-george:

    a fast way to bring about meaningful change is to have a general strike and also a tax revolt, but things are not bad enough yet for the public at large to take these actions. btw, income tax is a fraud anywaus and no one should pay it.

  • kevinzeese

    Neither are easy to organize. Labor laws and contracts make it very difficult for unions to participate in a general strike. Without the big unions it is very hard to make a general strike work. Tax revolt has a lot of fear of the IRS around it. Both are big impact tactics but neither is easy to organize.

  • AlanMacDonald

    Kevin, this was a wonderfully revealing video on a domestic TV network.

    I greatly enjoyed your repeated injection of the term ‘Empire’ into the discussion — which you continued to do, and it percolated some additional discourse.

    The ‘exposure’ and excoriation of the NSA was very good on both a legal and technical basis.

    The point made about the US no longer being a democracy was strongly made and supported with good evidence and quotes.

    Yes, there is probably wide self-censorship — although I don’t feel that pressure myself (as a non-journalist), and neither do brave jpurnalist folks like yourself, Turse, Escobar, Milne, Hedges, et al. (nor Snowden in Russia)

    When you and Shahid brought up the “three letter groups”; NSA, FBI, CIA, I would certainly have loved to hear DGE. But certainly didn’t expect that the discourse would go there.

    You rightly mentioned that many of these problems are connected — but the follow-on in the context of this NSA-focused interview naturally created the impression for viewers that the ‘connection’ was the NSA (and not the Empire that it is a part of).

    Your certainly correct assertion that it would require a ‘movement’ to address (and correct) all the flaws of this corrupted democracy, the money-dominated political charade, spying on citizens, and the deep security state, and other ‘symptom problems’ gave viewers the strong sense that all these things were connected — and such a movement would need to connect multiple constituencies of people to confront this combined threat.

    Of course, I still believe, as I suspect you do, that one popularly understood, ‘connected’, and proven rallying point for describing that compound threat of illegal spying, expanding wars, Wall Street looting, vast inequality, corrupted political deceit, etc., etc., suggests itself to very possibly being the same term as American colonists so well understood and stood against in ‘Popular Resistance’ to the British Empire.

    You, Shahid, and the host certainly educated viewers greatly, and carried the ball down the field to our furthest forward position yet on TV toward the essential non-violent Second American Revolution.

    Loved your dig of David Gregory, and warning to the other MSM liars indicting themselves ‘as the world turns’ (pun intended).

    Regarding the question of whether the message can only be carried to the American people on a domestic TV network, I’m agnostic — as the good work being done abroad in all media, including RT TV overall and with video of Snowden in Russia (even with Putin), seems to me to suggest that media influence from outside America (and outside other DGE countries) could well be a major factor in braking the back of this Empire —- if they are not much more seriously attacked and silenced by the DGE in a much more serious and kinetic confrontation than is happening in Ukraine today.

    People (and media networks) outside the DGE are more aware and willing to tell the truth. And if they are not silenced, they will IMHO be an important part of getting Americans to kick/Vote ‘out the Empire’ — which, after all, can only be done by ‘the people’ in America.

    Best to you and Margaret,

    [I’ll post also on the other article “Fighting For A Legitimate Democracy, By And For The People” on which you commented to me — if you have no objections]

  • Bruce 7

    They built it with our tax dollars! Cut off the money, water, corporate media, everybody stand up to the NSA and lets dismantle them and shut them down! They don’t belong! They are of the devil!

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  • Daniel Bryan