Germans Demand All US Military Leave

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Above photo: U.S. Army troops pass by the review booth as they parade through Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany, on April 1, 2015, marking the end of their participation in Operation Atlantic Resolve. (Michael Darnell/Stars and Stripes)

Claiming US War With Russia Is Inevitable

From War Is Boring, October 29, 2019

A democratic socialist faction of the German parliament is demanding the United States withdraw all 35,000 American troops from their nation, claiming that a war with Russia is inevitable and that America’s mere presence is incompatible with Germany’s visions of peace.

Known simply in English as “The Left” (In German, “Die Linke”) the party (which was founded in 2007) has claimed that America is responsible for illegal wars across the world, and that their presence within German borders is a violation of the peace doctrine enshrined in German law.

“More than 35,000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany, more than in any other country in Europe,” the party said in a statement.

The party also noted that the US has nuclear weapons in Germany, and that any pending escalations with Russia would undoubtedly find the German people in front-row seats to the third world war, whether they want to participate or not.

In order to prevent war, the German political wing would rather appease Russia by removing the Americans, opting to handle matters on their own.

“The local US troop presence will escalate tensions with Russians,” the party wrote.

The faction demanded that the German government withdraw from nuclear participation in NATO, insisted upon the withdrawal of foreign forces from within Germany and asked that no further funds go to foreign military presence upkeep costs.

  • voza0db
  • Hopefully a war between the U.S. and Russia is not ‘imminent’. That said, the reasoning behind the demands make a lot of sense.

  • Steven Berge

    It’s good to see rising resistance to the one world corporate controlled government trend.

  • Attis

    Russian troops left Germany after the Fall of the Wall; the US-troop exit is 30 years overdue.

  • X-abian Montsho JAHi

    The EweSA never fights against “Anglos,” or militaries just as mighty, or mightier than it is. The EweSA only tries to ‘neocolonize smaller, weaker, Of Color nations,’ as Thee Honorable MLKJ once said. Lookup how they rape (both sexes), Wrongfully Discharge, kill their own at “Protect Our Defenders” and “Invisible Wars.”

  • Jon

    We need to applaud those common sense effort and further ask that they denounce Germany’s recognition of the fake Venezuelan “president” Guaido. Split off EU support for this imposter.

  • Ghulam Mohammad Khan

    American warlords know their fate, hence scattered their nuc bombs in different parts of the world. The strategy wouldn’t work. The entire earth has been bleeding for them. The WWIII may not be imminent, but not very far. @@kellystorme:disqus

  • More nations ought to consider following this genius example of demanding that the US leave from their soil.

    Just imagine for a moment that the Australian government had to the spine and the morals to stand up against a bully such as the US.

    Australia could threaten to close all US military bases and activity on its soil including the communication spy bases as a powerful bargaining chip to secure Assange’s freedom.

    US spy bases in AU are vital for monitoring all electronic communications in the Pacific and beyond.

  • You may be correct; I’ve had similar dark thoughts. Maybe other nations will band together and exert enough pressure on the U.S. to rid us of its threat without a nuke detonation – crossing my fingers on this one.

  • dan

    NATO too needs to be disbanded; it’s purpose was against The Warsaw Pact which has long since broken from Russia….like UN at times; it’s often used as a proxy for US Imperialist Wars. Still, sending the US troops back is long overdue; so this would be a good start….

  • Michael

    Please leave Germany and Europe.
    Please leave the Middle East & the Arab world.