Germans Protest In 14 Cities Against Merkel’s Stance On Greece

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Germans, angry at their government’s handling of Greek debt negotiations and what they perceive to be unfair treatment against Greece, have organized demonstrations in 14 German cities, including a large one outside the German finance ministry in Berlin— seat of Dr. Wolgang Schauble.

Protesters have vowed to continue demonstrations, with protests set to take place outside the German Parliament and again at the finance ministry in Berlin every Wednesday, aiming to share their opposition to their government’s treatment of Greece.

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“I’m furious with these criminals,” a Greek teacher who has lived in Germany all her life told the Guardian. “I don’t want my taxes supporting this criminal coup.”

Hannah Eberle, spokeswoman for the movement organizing the protests in Germany, told Newsweek in an interviewthat Merkel’s government’s behavior has been undemocratic and aggressive. She says the protests aim to show Greece and the rest of Europe that there is another sympathetic side to Germany.

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While the demonstrations are vocal, their opinion is still the minority view in Germany, as polls show that the majority of Germans agree with Angela Merkel’s tough stance.

“Many Germans feel ashamed by what the German government is doing at the moment,” Eberle says, adding “we want everybody to see the other face of Europe. A face of solidarity.”

Eberle says she expects numbers of protesters on Friday to be in the thousands and that peaceful protests are set to continue for the foreseeable future.

One protester, 21-year-old Simon Weppel, an archaeology student at the Free University in Berlin, said: “The way that Merkel’s government dealt with the crisis in Greece is a brief glimpse into the future of EU politics.”

“Sovereign countries’ policies will continue to be dictated by the disciplinarian, quasi-fascist German state – something that has to be opposed at all costs. We have seen the results of unrestricted German hegemony,” he says.

People frustrated with the treatment of Greece by eurozone leaders have also taken to social media to protest the measures from across Europe.

  • Gina

    “Many Germans feel ashamed by what the German government is doing at the moment

    I really ask myself why people had let themselves been dragged in the past & let themselves been dragged in the present in such odious actions.

  • Gina

    As to the latest protests in Athens:
    Most suspects arrested in anti-austerity clashes are from abroad

    I’m not surprised at that.

  • baruchzed

    “Many Germans feel ashamed by what the German government is doing at the moment”

    Good, they should. Merkel should be removed. Another fascist at the top of the German pyramid…how’d that happen?

  • David knight

    1st the Banksters came for the Cypriots, but I did not say anything for I was not from Cypress.

    Then they came for the Greeks but I still said nothing for I was not from Greece.

    Then they came for……

    My little adaption of Martin Niemoller’s famous WWII poem of how non Jewish people turned a blind eye upon the segregation & later atrocities in Germany, for they we’re not Jewish, seems forgotten by the Germany gov but impressively not by the people of Germany.

    Consciousness shifts closer to we are all one.

  • wakeUpNow

    Damn! Bankers, true terrorists!

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  • Paulezy

    Goldman and Sachs with a few other notable German bankers are charging “the interest” on humanitarian loans between nations. Lots of humans beings are being indentured for lifetimes to bankers they have not met yet.

  • Pearl

    The regular daily TV news proclaims that it is German tax payers who are paying for subsidizing Greece. This is a travesty. German Tax payers are not paying for this. But everyone hears the news and believes it. They also hear that if Greece gets a reduction in debt then Spain, Portugal and Italy will want one and of course German tax payers will pay for that. So how to stop the lies?

    Even if Spain, Portugal and Italy were to want a debt reduction, the whole process would end up helping Germany’s economy (as opposed to the banks) because people could buy more German products.

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  • Roger Andrew

    …and why not? We are all in this together!

  • Gina

    They were among the violent ones.

  • Roger Andrew

    We are all violent. It is the degree of violence and the reason that varies. As I write, UK planes are murdering innocents in Syria. Is that acceptable under your definition of violent?

  • toddy

    why does no one seems to care WHY Germany and eventually all other EU members acted the way they did? Everyone just starts at the result, not what caused it. The Greece government’s were and are fraudsters! They cheated to get their hands on EU money, lied and falsified documents at international level to get billions and billions. And not to build something or to invest in their future. They wasted it for an unsustainable fantasy.

    This is their third (3rd!!!) bailout – and in spite of getting already a huge debt write-off over €107 billion in 2012. Did any of these help? No, they just kept pretending all is good and they don’t have to change anything because the money was coming in from the EU.

    What did they do with the 2 bailouts before? They wasted most of it! And lied about it! Then asked for more.

    Then even threatened the citizens of the EU with ‘terrorism by proxy’ (“we will allow Islamist to pass freely through Greece to wreak havoc in Germany and France…”) if they don’t get more money, and without accepting any conditions, of course. They DEMANDED more money.

    Yes, the ordinary Greeks are in trouble and do need help. However, they did elect and re-elect their dreaming and wasting and cheating governments. And in a democracy, the electorate is responsible for the actions of their elected.
    Even more so, the vast majority of the Greek population contributed and participated – not paying taxes, 25% black market economy, early retirements, bonuses for nothing, corruption, bribery, etc. etc. etc. No country can build a sustainable economy on that. Someone had to pull the plug.

    One cannot reward that kind of attitude. And certainly not with money paid by other ordinary and hard working – and actually their taxes paying – EU citizens. I for one would be very upset if my tax money would be used to finance these fantasies any further, to allow such willful level of extraordinary waste to continue. That hasn’t helped them the 2 times before, and wouldn’t have helped them the third time. Talking for years to them, working with them in international ‘action groups’ and such to actively help them to change their ways did not bring any change to the better. They just couldn’t be bothered. It had to stop someday.

    Now they might have woken up. Sadly, the hard way. But maybe they now pull their act together and stop living the easy life on other people’s labour. Then we can talk again to see how one can help to get them back on their feet. IMHO as a tax paying EU citizen.

  • toddy

    Who is paying then? Where does the money come from? Who is financing the EU, the IMF, the bail-out funds?

    All government’s contributions ARE from their citizen’s taxes! Some EU countries have even to borrow on the open market to pay their obligations to the fund, e.g. Ireland. And who do you think is paying that back? Including interest? The Irish people! From their taxes!

  • Ant Campbell Ukip

    Never mind the Greece sell out, the ordinary people of Europe, and there are millions of us, want out of this catastrophic EU. They have created bedlam in every country within it, by free movement and open door policy, out of control immigration. The people behind this, don’t give a damn about their own people, it’s all about power, cheap labour, the rich getting richer.

  • Valerie Arnold

    Well done the German people, we must all stand together.