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Germany Allocates $62m To Development Projects In Palestine

Above Photo: Palestinian auto mechanic Nagham Dweikat checks the bottom of a vehicle at a repair shop in the West Bank city of Nablus, Saturday, March 8, 2014. A new RAND study shows huge potential economic benefits to both Israel and Palestine if the two countries find peace.

Imagine if the United States decided to switch its aid from Israel to Palestine in recognition of the tremendous humanitarian crisis going on.

“Germany wants to continue to contribute to stability in living conditions for the people in the Palestinian territory.”

Germany allocated €55 million ($62.5 million) to be dispersed to Palestinian development projects in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip in 2019.

Klaus Kramer, the head of division in the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, told reporters in Ramallah that it was agreed, in coordination with various ministries in the Palestinian government, that the money will go to mainly three sectors: sustainable economic development, infrastructure such as water projects and local governance, including projects with municipalities.

While the funds in the form of grants will go mainly to these three areas, development projects in other fields will also get part of the money, such as projects carried out by civil society organisations.

Kramer said, “The most important assistance this year will go to vocational training,” which he said was important for capacity building of Palestinians.

He mentioned that Germany is going to be more active this year in Gaza, which will receive 40 per cent of the total allocations, due to its severe humanitarian situation.

Most of the Gaza projects will be in infrastructure, mainly the treatment of wastewater and sewage.

Christian Clages, German Representative to the Palestinian Authority (PA), stressed, “Germany wants to continue to contribute to stability in living conditions for the people in the Palestinian territory.”

“Germany has proven for over 30 years that it is a reliable partner to be depended on even in the most difficult times,” noting that “people in Gaza and the West Bank can also rely on that in the future.”

Overall German aid to Palestine has reached €1.15 billion ($1 billion) with last year’s contribution amounting to €53 million ($60.2 million).

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