Get Ready For The Marcellus Shale Earth First! Action Camp!

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During the week of October 27th – November 3rd; Marcellus Shale Earth First! invite you to Northeastern Pennsylvania for a week of workshops, trainings, camping, hiking, and a mass forest mobilization on November 1st at the beautiful waters of Rock Run.

Houston based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation’s proposed development would usher 26 well-pads, miles of pipelines, access roads, and other associated infrastructure to the wild and highly revered Loyalsock. It is home to the threatened Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher who’s tree homes will be destroyed, the threatened Timber Rattlesnake whose dens could be cracked open and paved over and of course, black bears, who’s habitat will be fragmented, driving them from the wild area they once called home.

Workshops include:

Tree climbing
Plant ID
Backwoods Skills
Fire-Starting Competitions
Backwoods Games
Cultural Sensitivity for Region
Know your Rights
Blockades/DA Training
Map & Compass
Action Photography/Videography
Campaign Messaging

To RSVP for the action camp e-mail: marcellusef[at]