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A Stampede to Amend the Constitution and Get Big Money Out of Politics

Constitutional Amendment: 1) money is not speech; and, 2) corporations are not people.

In civics class, we still teach our children that American-style representative democracy is a model for the world to imitate. But in practice, our government has become a broken system of corrupt lawmakers and crony capitalism. It’s time to either change the lesson plan or fix the government.

Wealthy special interests use lobbying and campaign contributions to buy access and influence in the halls of Congress and they use that access to advance their own self-interest.

For example, in 2003 when Congress passed Medicare Part D to provide prescription drugs to seniors, pharmaceutical companies spent over $100 million to ensure the final bill barred the government from negotiating prices with the drug companies. As a result, taxpayers foot the bill for bloated medical costs while drug companies rake in billion dollar profits. Meanwhile, the congressman who sponsored the bill, Rep. Billy Tauzin left Congress for a seven-figure salary with the largest pharmaceutical lobbying firm. The story is the same for defense spending, the financial industry, big agriculture and big energy. Companies invest billions of dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions in order to secure even bigger profits.

The root of our current crisis extends back to the 1970s. In 1971, future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell issued a memo in response to several environmental and consumer protection laws encouraging corporations to organize in order to protect their interests. He writes: “Business must learn the lesson . . . that political power is necessary; that such power must be assiduously cultivated; and that when necessary, it must be used aggressively and with determination.”

In the aftermath of Powell’s memo, the number of firms with registered lobbyists in Washington ballooned from 175 to nearly 2,500 a decade later, and trade organizations like the Chamber of Commerce doubled in membership.

After Powell was named to the Supreme Court, he wrote the Buckley v. Valeo decision that equated money with free speech and paved the way for the democracy demolishing 5-4 ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which concluded that if corporations are people and money is free speech, then corporations should be allowed to spend an unlimited amount of money in order to influence elections.

While the candidate with the most amount of money does not always win, that’s not the issue. Many corporate political action committees make significant contributions to both political parties. The unfettered role of money in politics doesn’t give one party an advantage over the other; it ensures that big donors dominate the national conversation and maintain unprecedented access to lawmakers. As a result, we get laws that heavily reflect corporate interests not public interests.

There is only one way to restore our government of, for and by the people. We need to amend the Constitution to say: 1) Corporations are not people; 2) Money is not free speech.

That’s why I’ve started a petition on steroids. Stamp Stampede is tens of thousands of people legally stamping messages like “NOT TO BE USED FOR BRIBING POLITICIANS” on dollar bills in order to build the movement and support for a constitutional amendment. Every stamped dollar will be seen by an estimated 875 people over two and half years. As more and more stamped dollars enter into circulation, we will create a mass visual demand of support that Congress cannot ignore.

So far, 17 states and over 600 municipalities have passed resolutions in support of an amendment, over 160 members of Congress support an amendment strategy and this summer, the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) will hold a floor vote on one proposed amendment.

One of the greatest features of Americans is our ability to self-correct. We’ve amended the Constitution 27 times before – to end slavery, extend the vote to all citizens regardless of race or gender, popularly elect senators and lower the voting age to 18. It’s time to amend the Constitution again to restore one person, one vote and end the system that Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) described as “legalized bribery” and that has degraded our democratic republic.

  • every pol, every party, represents corporate interests. Republicans represent the interests of rich Americans, and Democrats represent the interests of the middle class. The masses who aren’t as well off as middle class have no representation in govt whatsoever. It’s that simple.

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  • Bill Tilghman

    Still fomenting insurrection, eh Victor? Some things never change.

  • Guest

    Bill, what is a Beckerhead reactionary, racist like you posting on Popular Resistance for? You obviously do not know the meaning of the word “insurrection,” which is on par for everyone who follows Glenn Beck. Beck is the ignorant leading the more ignorant.

    You really need to stop being obsessed with me. It makes you come across as a mentally disturbed individual.

  • Watch it

    You’re a phony Victor.

  • Guest

    It is Victor’s obsession with Beck that makes him come across as a mentally disturbed individual (among other things)

  • Bill Tilghman

    On the contrary, Victor, it is you who appears mentally deficient. Your dysfunction and repeated regurgitation of your idiot’s fantasies make that an easy case to establish. You have been falsely attributing things to me and others for years and we all know just how crazy you are. Your desperate need for relevance among the lunatic fringe has never been in question – we have all made it known for some time that you are completely delusional, and your remarks here reinforce that.

  • Watch it

    How comical that he posts with the rag face Victor Tiffany, then replies with the white square “Guest” like anyone would be fooled with the ID switch. LMAO!

  • Bill Tilghman

    Reminds me of the mexican luchadors – one mask is this persona, then in the next round a different mask but the same overweight slob fake wrestler.

  • Victor Tiffany

    Bill Tilghman, Watch it and Guest are big followers of Glenn Beck. WatchIt is named, supposedly, Sandy. Watch it is a sock, so her observations of Guest is mock-worthy hypocrisy.

    Bill doesn’t know what insurrection is; Sandy doesn’t understand hypocrisy. Guest (the one responding to Sandy) is another Beckerhead who, ironically, is obsessed with me. Bill, Sandy, Guest and others form a team who spend their time online looking for my comments to wage their silly, childish and pathetic flame war and incessant character assassination plan. Why?

    I am the author of The Glenn Beck Review, a critical analysis of Beck’s lies, false claims, serial hypocrisy and motivations (fame and money).

  • Bill Tilghman

    Keep trying the innocent act, Victor. The problem for you is your insanity is well known and no one here even likes your comments. Why is that, Victor? Did your audience find out how crazy you are and that you are pushing 60? None of the young want to follow or identify with you because they can see through the thin veneer you hide under, and that is why you never have any support for your inane and insipid attacks on Glenn Beck. That is why the Glenn Beck Review is well known as a bug-site, and you are the chief bug therein.

  • Watch it

    Correction, you are the ahole behind TGBR, a site created and run by a person with a disturbed mind who is obsessed with Glenn Beck and is devoted to destroying the man.

  • Watch it

    I am hardly a sock, you moron, and the only one here who is pathological is you, Vic. With all your socks you are hardly one to point your crooked stink finger at anyone but yourself.

    I do understand hypocrisy – that is you personified.

    You have no character to assassinate – don’t be so delusional.

    By all means advertise that you are the author of the Glenn Beck Review, a site devoted to smearing and destroying the character of Beck and any of your perceived enemies (anyone who has ever disagreed with you or proven your claims to be idiotic or just plain wrong, ie made you look like the ignorant loser and poser that you are). Get back on those meds and get help.

  • Watch it

    You got that right. Everyone knows it is a bugsite.

  • Watch it

    BTW – Vic is banned at Becks again for being an ahole. His behavior has gotten him banned from a lot of sites. He has even tried to claim it is his comment about Beck refusing to debate Van Johnson that has him banned there.

  • Guest

    Actually Vicky, it is the other way around. You are the character assassin. You stoop to attacking a mistyped in haste response as struggling with English? It is very clear from Bill’s past comments that he is very proficient in English – more so than you.

    No one here is obsessed with you, but it is clear that you are obsessed with Beck. SO much so that you created a website with the purpose of attacking Beck, his audience, and your exposers.

  • Guest

    I’m so glad you called Victor “Vicky” because it shows Popular Resistance folks just how incredibly immature Glenn Beck’s followers are.

    If Bill were not obsessed with Victor, then why is he searching for me? I don’t harass him or you or Sandy or any other Beckerhead. I genuinely do not give a rat’s a$$ about you.

    The names you folks call me make it clear to the most casual reader who is doing the character assassination here.

    Tell us, oh loyal and passionate follower of Glenn Beck, if I’m so “obsessed” by Glenn Beck, why are there only 8 posts on TGBR for 2014?

    Take your silly, stupid, immature and reactionary flame war and shove it.

  • Guest

    Let me guess; you pretend that you’re a “Christian,” right?

  • Watch it

    Never. Join the ranks of the Victor Tiffany ignorants. Oh wait – you’re the head of it!

  • Guest

    You don’t understand what a question mark is, do you?

  • kevinzeese

    If the two of you want to continue your personal battle can you take somewhere else? Please.

  • Watch it

    That is a stupid question. Do you?

  • Guest

    1. Everyone calls you Vicky because of your behavior.
    2. You harassed everyone of us until you got banned at Becks again because of your threatening behavior.
    3. The character assassination is something you did to yourself. No one you mentioned called you names that were noit true, even though your attacks were vile and ugly.
    4. I am not a “follower of Glenn Beck” and the reason there are only 8 posts at TGBR is fairly obvious. Everyone knows what kind of place it is.
    5. It takes two to tango, and you started the dance long ago – ie flame war? you lit the match. You threatened peoples lives. You made the vile, sexually explicit perverted, disgusting attacks on others, and did it unprovoked, just because they debunked your claims..

  • Guest

    I am willing to.

  • Guest

    Kevin, I’ve flagged these personal attacks on me to no avail. You asked “Watch it” to take her “personal battle” elsewhere 40 minutes ago, and 12 minutes ago she continued.

    This is not just “two” of us; I addressed the post contents 15 days ago and Bill Tilghman initiated an off-topic, personal attack that he invited “Watch it” and “Guest” (calls me “Vicky below) to join in. I’ve made it quite clear above, “Why” these people search the Internet for opportunities to attack me this way.

  • Watch it

    Undoubtedly a lie as to why you get the comments you do. FYI – I didn’t see Kevinzeese post till after I responded to you. See ya, loser/liar

  • Guest

    “I am not a ‘follower of Glenn Beck’….”

    Bull dung. You’re “Benny__Hill,” the racist; and you’ve been defending Glenn Beck’s lies ever since I critically reviewed his Restoring Honor speech on TGBR.

    You don’t post comments here. You’re here for one reason, because you found out that Victor Tiffany posted a comment; and you figured that you’d jump into the flame war to continue your campaign of lies about me.

    You pretend to understand logic very well, but your use of the word “everyone” shows folks that you’re more inclined toward hyperbolic claims than logic or facts. You and your pack of attack dogs are not “everyone.”

    Had I known that Bill’s creepy obsession with me has him still searching the Internet for my name, I would not have used a Facebook interface to write my on-topic, relevant comment. On-topic and relevant is something that you, Sandi and Bill are not.

  • Guest

    Wrong again – I’m not this “Benny___Hill” that always bests you, nor am I a racist. I am here supporting someone who you smeared…. which you are doing again as well as your smears of others here.. You can’t help yourself, and you created it.

  • Guest

    You’re here because, like a pack of attack dogs, you were told I was found. You don’t comment here; you’re here to lie about me. You have a herd mentality.

    EX: I told mom-with-five-kids how to go f#$k herself AFTER she blasted me with smears, lies and false assertions. It was NOT “unprovoked” as you deceitfully (or ignorantly) claimed. As Momma_Grizzley (sic), she continuously called me Sanduskyman when he was in the news. There is no sleaze to which she and the rest of you Beckerheads will not stoop.

    If there are smears going on here, they are coming from you, Bill and Sandi Smear.

  • Guest

    No one is here to lie about you. They are here to expose you for what you are and to support someone you are attacking and smearing.

    Yes, you told Momwith5kids to go f#$k herself and a whole lot more vile and vulgar sexual things, UNPROVOKED, (because she proved you wrong which embarrassed you). Your comments got you banned. Grizzley did call you Sanduskyman in retaliation for vile personal attacks you made on her. Funny how you have a really bad thing about trashing women. What a big brave man you are (NOT). When you treat people as you did and still do, expect to get it returned in kind.

    You call someone Sandi Smear – that is a personal attack on someone who is just telling the truth about what you did. You don’t like it so you attack them. You call someone a racist who isn’t even here, and who isn’t, and expect it to be accepted just because you say so, because you misinterpreted an innocent comment he made. You attack people and then puff out your chest crowing how you are the owner of the Glenn Beck hate site, TGBR trying to make a feeble excuse for why people respond to you the way they do. Your excuses are lies.There are archives of your disgusting performance and the threats you made to people are still there.

  • Odin

    Bill can’t be a racist – he isn’t Caucasian.