GITMO: A Concentration Camp in Small Town USA

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Jason Leopold, in the clip from the full length Acronym TV episode, How Americans Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Guantanamo Prison, talks about the most shocking thing that struck him about visiting Guantanamo Bay Prison: The surrounding is like any small American town. An Irish pub, swing sets in the back yard of houses where American kids are growing up, a McDonalds, a high school proudly graduating the class of 2014, and other pedestrian businesses all going about their business while up the road, a facility that has the air of a concentration camp.

  • cruisersailor

    The US should close down the entire base and hand it over to Cuba.

  • M Toro

    Sounds like a place that can TWIST THE MINDS of Americans who live there.

    Living in a place that feels like home with swings in the backyard, McDonalds, etc… and all the while knowing that forced feeding, “enhanced” interrogation occur a few feet away.

    PTSD anyone?

  • Neil Forte

    illustrates that humans can accept injustice as a norm :ie Nazi concentraction camps

  • Barbara Lyons

    This is frightening like the towns around the death camps of WWII. The citizens claimed they saw nothing, heard nothing and smelled nothing as millions of Jews and others were incinerated. Now it seem to be the Muslim’s turn.