Global Experts Alarmed At Signs US Has ‘Given Up’ Fight To Stop COVID-19

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Above photo: Cal Youngblood, 75, is served breakfast by owner Raymundo Sanchez at Busy Bee Cafe on Main Street in downtown Ventura Thursday morning as Ventura County has become the largest county in Southern California to resume dine-in service at restaurants and in-store shopping joining a growing list of California counties that have been given permission to enter phase two of reopening after closures due to coronavirus Covid-19. Al Seib / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like having to go to work knowing it”s unsafe,” said one expert in New Zealand.

“It’s hard to see how this ends.”

Global public health experts are looking on in “alarm and disbelief” as the U.S. economy reopens even as Covid-19 case numbers continue to rise in a number of states, with President Donald Trump signaling he has no intention of calling for more economic shutdowns regardless of the outcome.

As The Washington Post reported Friday, newspapers across Europe have recently published articles and editorials expressing shock at the Trump administration’s approach to the pandemic.

“U.S. Increasingly Accepts Rising Covid-19 Numbers,” read a headline this week in the Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

While images of Americans crowding onto beaches and other public places may have given the international community the impression that the public have grown impatient with social distancing, a survey by the Associated Press last month showed 83% of Americans were concerned lifting lockdown orders too quickly would lead to more coronavirus infections.

But as the country’s overall case numbers have risen in recent days, with 10 states this week reporting their highest seven-day average since the pandemic started, Trump and other leaders are pushing Americans to return to work and their normal routines.

“We won’t be closing the country again. We won’t have to do that,” the president said Wednesday.

Infectious disease specialists around the world—some of whom used U.S. scientists’ research to guide their own governments’ strategies in confronting the pandemic, pushing them to prepare for long-term lockdowns necessitating robust economic relief packages—are struggling to understand the logic of reopening the country as case numbers grow, the Post reported.

“It really does feel like the U.S. has given up,” Siouxsie Wiles, a specialist at University of Auckland in New Zealand, told the Post.

After spending 4% of its GDP on coronavirus relief—which covered all wages for New Zealanders who had to leave work to self-isolate, doubled healthcare spending, and provided subsidies to businesses so they could maintain their payrolls—New Zealand announced in late April that it had effectively eliminated the coronavirus. As of Friday, the country had only three confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the past three weeks.

Other countries where case numbers have dropped significantly in recent weeks, including Canada, Denmark, and Germany, also introduced far-reaching economic relief packages early on in the crisis to enable people to stay at home and avoid overwhelming healthcare systems.

Those spending plans contrast sharply with relief measures in the U.S., which included a one-time direct payment of $1,200 to some Americans and $600 per week on top of regular unemployment benefits. Republicans plan to let the unemployment benefit expire in July, and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) admitted in May that a paycheck guarantee was the “most efficient” way to protect Americans’ jobs and incomes during the crisis, but dismissed Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s (D-Wash.) proposal as too expensive.

Posting on Twitter a chart showing the steady, continued growth of Covid-19 cases in the U.S. as millions of Americans were forced to continue reporting to work throughout the crisis compared with plummeting infection rates across Europe, former Obama administration Medicare official Andy Slavitt tweeted, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you it wasn’t possible.”

Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, added that poor government responses to the pandemic in the U.S. and the U.K. were inexcusable.

“It’s down to absent leadership, incompetence, and a deliberate decision to treat COVID-19 like flu for weeks in Feb and March,” Sridhar tweeted.

Wiles expressed horror at the pressure many Americans have felt for weeks to keep reporting to work, regardless of their own risk factors for infection or of case numbers in their communities. Several states last month announced that they would end unemployment benefits for workers who didn’t return to their jobs after their industries began reopening, and Ohio’s government urged companies to report employees who didn’t return.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like having to go to work knowing it”s unsafe,” Wiles said. “It’s hard to see how this ends. There are just going to be more and more people infected, and more and more deaths. It’s heartbreaking.”

Michael Rozier, a public health and ethics professor at St. Louis University, said the U.S. response to Covid-19 is rapidly beginning to resemble its approach to facing gun violence.

“The U.S. will endure much higher, persistent negative effects from something that other countries have solved; we’ll normalize it and convince ourselves nothing can be done,” Rozier tweeted.

  • jim james

    Two thoughts come to mind. They want many to die. That we know. They also need the disease to be a thing so they can ‘force’ people to vaccinate (more like hornswoggle). Though I honestly don’t know why you’d need to vaccinate if you’ve already been infected and lucky enough to survive.

  • Jeff

    This is exactly what is to be expected in a country that values money and business above all else, even far more so than other countries that also do so. As de Tocqueville put it, America is an incredibly business-run country. The business of America is business, life be damned!

  • John R.

    We’ve done pretty well with C-19 in New Mexico, other than the Navajo reservation (and now they are getting it under control little by little). Our governor, who has experience in public health at the state level has done a very good job managing it with her team. But our good score is likely to change very soon as we have many tourists drifting in from Texas and Arizona (both states with bad numbers and dumb people it seems) that do not wear masks or even understand why they should. To those I say – please stay home and spread your stuff there – we don’t need you or your money – good bye !

  • Richard

    You can’t expect much more from a country that is ran by “greed,” from the top down to your local city counsel. It’s all about the money here in the U.S., if you don’t have it then you are s*** out of luck like the rest of us. Kinda like the Titanic, the rich get all the life boats and the other 7/8ths of the population is stuck below decks and left to drown. Funny thing is people just can’t see that, they blame their neighbors and even people across town for all the problems and bad things that happen to them, but to few see the real problem & address it.

  • Jeff

    This country was founded by people who wanted to get richer than they already were, and by religious fanatics who were no longer tolerated in Europe. People have continued to come here to try to get rich, so the U.S. has the greediest, most materialistic population on Earth. It’s not just the people at the top, it’s the vast majority of the population who also want to be on top. As George Carlin put it, when you have a lousy population, they elect lousy politicians.

  • pajarito

    Local elected and popular governance, and public health must struggle against CD-19. Some states with progressive governance like NY & CA must struggle against “business as usual” being waged by “back to work” reactionary state and national governance. Practice self-reliance and local control to overcome CD-19, big business is in power in many US state governments. China has so far contained CD-19 the most with a non-elected national government that is not controlled by big business. “Something there is…”, that doesn’t love a fast buck! The (evangelical) religion of profits and the almighty contract governs by (white supremacist)men, not by laws. Strike and boycott this national government of, by, and for big business (fascists).

  • SCM

    Everyone needs an acre of land…there are 36 billion acres on earth…figure half is inhabitable/un growable. That still leaves 18 billion and giving everyone 1 leaves 10 billion to nature. Then we could irredicate virus and sustain our own.

  • jim james

    It’s much more complicated than you suggest and I may be hypersensitive, since the actual founder of this sicko country, is my newfound hero, Walter Raleigh, you may know him by his other name. He was not a religious wacko and, while he had gold fever, he was by no means driven by greed. Granted, he was locked in the Tower as the real push to settle this place took hold under James, and dead by the time the Mayflower sailed, so I take solace in believing Rayleigh did not intend for the grossest of gross Puritans to be in charge.

    Raleigh’s search for ElDorado led him to Guyana, or vice versa, he made two trips, so I forget if by the first expedition he was already driven by the tales, and yet either way that’s not my point. The story goes that after his 1586/87 excursion he implored his Queen to settle Guyana but for some unknown reason she balked. Had she gone along with his plan, the English would’ve had a foothold in South America. Most would, at least reflexively go ugh, but I swear to you the record is open as to whether Raleigh was just another Conquistador. As I suggested above, Raleigh was hardly a religious zealot (frankly, most think him an atheist or what they called a deist) and no real reason to believe he was looking to enslave the Indigenous. In fact, if memory serves, he was content with them subjects of the Queen. Why did the indigenous want to be subjects to a foreign Queen? Because they saw what the Spanish had in store for them.

  • chetdude

    It may be simpler than that.

    An example of capitalism’s internal contradictions was the consensus among the top point 1 of 1% of USAmerican capitalist masters to outsource production to lower wage countries as a tactic to quickly increase profits and to open up “new markets” in those low wage countries for the oversupply created. It worked. And the USAmerican Working Class sort of survived with stagnant wages for a while by falling into debt to maintain sort of a lifestyle. The string has run out on that tactic.

    The bottom line being that the myopic, short-term profit driven capitalist masters really don’t have to give a sh*t about what happens to 4% of the population (USAmericans) when they’ve “opened up markets” among a previously dirt poor 20% of the world’s population that continue to increase their profits…until Covid.

    What I mean is that the Owner Class abandoned the USAmerican Working Class in the 70s and really don’t give a sh*t what happens to us as long as there are enough to work at low wages to serve their immediate needs in their exclusive conclaves and penthouses.

  • Janet Zampieri

    I live in Arizona, one of the states with rising Covid cases. We have had a grand total of 52,000 cases; with a population of 7.2 million, 52k is .7% of the population – yes, under one percent. Should we all really be locked down for months for this small of a chance of getting this virus? Yes, our hospitalization rates are near capacity, but that’s because our Pharma-controlled health system refuses to use nutrients to boost the immune system, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc, and is vilifying hydroxychloroquine because it doesn’t make them enough money. I’m not a Trump supporter, but he was spot on when he said that the cure should not be worse than the disease; that’s what is happening with our shutdown – economic collapse that will take years if not decades to recover.

  • Thom Rip

    Just more info to I took from a well know immunologist, who was quoted on the site early on: It’s valuable info in a climate of fear:
    It is highly suspicious that we do not have a standardized, accurate test for this virus. Data quoted is still based on the test that is not diagnostic, and has 50 to 80% false positives. How can you make public health policy without data? By now, the virus has blown around the world, and there are 130 mutant strains. The PCR test is just a bit of coronavirus, and tests positive for 5 other viruses. It has also tested positive in a goat and a pawpaw in Tanzania.
    This event is an opportunity to understand the viome, just as health has been revolutionized in the last 2 decades by understanding the biome. Viruses are bits of information, a bit of code, if you will. They are traded by the millions daily, by all living beings. Washing your hands too much, especially with chemicals, alters your protective biome and viome! Its the war paradigm, of see it as a threat, and kill them off! Better to understand the balance of nature within and among us. Viruses have protective functions. They are not living, they cannot move or replicate by themselves. We are covered with them, and breath them with every breath. They travel through the air, latched on to droplets of moisture, or bits of particulate pollution. We move with an aura of about 3 feet around us, teeming with bacterial and viral material. We exchange these bits of information constantly, and it allows evolutionary changes to move along quickly. As a species, we have an amazing ability to take in and neutralize effects of viruses, fairly quickly.
    We need to honor nature here, understand more deeply natural systems, and bring our human systems into harmony. Dr Luc Montaigne says that SARS CoV2 was developed in a lab, probably as an attempt at creating a vaccine for HIV. Is this Dr Fauci´s 36 year project come to fruition? Interestingly, he also said, weeks ago, in the same interview, that the virus was already mutating away from the pathogenic sort, as nature works with harmony and frequency, and she will not tolerate systems out of that harmony.
    The vilification of viruses, as well as pegging it to a moment in time, is ridiculous, its not scientific. Viruses can change every time they move through a host system! Just to talk about this SARS virus as if it were a static thing, is not accurate.
    Around the world, the influenza has peaked and many have cleared it through their systems, pretty much as you would expect. Areas where you have higher pollution, more at risk and elderly, and institutionalized folks will be the worst hit. It was a terrible public health policy decision to send contagious patients into long term care homes, as was done in NY, CA, and London.
    Social distancing is cultural in northern europe, possibly due to flu and survival. Its cultural though, at whatever scale, and I do not think the technocracy has the right to determine culture. Our health is actually improved by touching and social relationships.
    Addendum: I’d also beware the mask. OSHA has just released a statement saying the MASK dangerously depletes 02..thus making the body more highly susceptible to a myriad of degenerative diseases. I would take that gag off.

  • Jon

    “newspapers across Europe have recently published articles and editorials

    expressing shock at the Trump administration’s approach to the pandemic.” (from above)

    Long overdue for these EU papers and political leaders to “express shock at the Trump adminstration’s approach” to foreign policy, starting with the preposterous claim that an unelected nobody is somehow instantly the president of Venezuela! Then there’s the economic warfare called “sanctions” that sabotages normal commercial relations between countries. Long overdue for them to be called out for this craven bowing to the dictates of Washington. have they no honor or sense of sovereignty?

  • Entirely predictable — and yet another example of how Capitalism is but Nazism in euphemistic disguise.

    Yet how many in Moron Nation’s Moronic Majority remain too ignorant — or too delusional — to acknowledge the Regime’s policy of using Covid19 as a slow-motion substitute for Zyklon B?

  • I fear die Gotterdammerung is upon us…