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GMO Labeling Initiative Costliest In Oregon History

Note: Once again the GMO food corporations, led by the biggest of them all, Monsanto, are spending massively to stop a ballot initiative that would let people know whether they are buying GMO foods. Monsanto and other corporations have been able to spend massively to misinform the public and stop laws from passing that require GMO labeling. We urge to you donate to the Yes On 92 Campaign, see for more information. Voting is beginning in Oregon, the campaign still has a small lead, but Monsanto has put millions in at the last minute to fund a massive onslaught of advertising. This is a winnable campaign but the campaign needs the help of people all over the country to succeed.

And it is an opportunity to wound Monsanto, an abusive corporation already showing weakness. As Organic Consumers Association wrote this week: “Things aren’t looking so good for Monsanto these days. A fourth-quarter loss of $156 million. A $90 million payout to a West Virginia town poisoned by a Monsanto factory. New reports coming out every day citing the health hazards of Monsanto’s Roundup, and blowing holes in the company’s lies about how it “helps” farmers, “protects” the environment and will feed the world.” The Oregon vote is a chance to defeat Monsanto and deal them a potentially fatal blow.

There is also a voter initiative in Colorado, Proposition 105. For information on that visit

Measure 92 to require labeling of GMO foods just became the costliest ballot measure in Oregon history as Monsanto Spends $4 Million

Massive funding by Monsanto is proof positive that the big pesticide and junk food companies that rake in huge profits from GMO products are hitting the panic button. They’re spending record amounts to crush transparent GMO labeling in our state because they know that it would take power away from THEM and put it back in the hands of CONSUMERS.

Here’s the update in the fight for GMO labeling:

  • Oregon Public Broadcasting released a poll that showed that we’re leading by just five point, 49% to 44%s – after being up by 32 points less than three weeks ago
  • Ballots have been mailed statewide, and voting officially began on Measure 92
  • Monsanto has dropped another $2.5 MILLION into Oregon to crush GMO labeling – bringing their total to more than $4 million just in our state.

Here’s the deal: Ballots are out. Polls are tightening. And Monsanto just lobbed a multi-million-dollar bomb right into the middle of this race.

The opposition is outspending us 3:1.  While the opposition pretends to be made up by ordinary Oregonians, here’s where their money really comes from:

GMO donors against labelingOregon voters got their ballots in the mail this week. Food & Water Watch has 5 organizers on the ground working to contact voters. We also need to mobilize our national network of volunteers to call 20,000 voters in Oregon to win. We can’t do it without you.

Next week is the first full week of voting, and we only have a few hours left to wire out money to keep our misinformation-busting ads on the air.

With just 18 days to go, this race is moving at breakneck speed. This record-breaking pace means we’re going to need to do a lot more – and SPEND a lot more – to counteract Big Food’s disinformation campaign than we ever expected.

We can’t afford to do that unless you step up right now: Contribute right now and your gift will count triple!

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