Government Spends Equivalent Of Entire US Student Debt To Rally Stock Market For 15 Minutes

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Above Photo: Feature photo | Tom Greene, the Vice President of Building Operations at the New York Stock Exchange, rings the opening bell, March 13, 2020. Mark Lennihan | AP

The money spent was equal to the total amount of US student debt, more than twice as much as the Wall Street bailout of 2008 and nearly 30 times the net worth of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the richest man to ever run for president.

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    Awesome news!

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    Keep in mind that when Kelton says “the government creates money” it is the big banks, JP Morgan Chase, CITI Bank, Goldman Sachs, who run the Fed and they run the government, select our leaders, control public policy and direct the entire economic development of society choosing what news stories appear in their media. For OUR government to actually create the money as a debt-free asset for the general welfare of we the people, we will have to elect one. As Jill Stein said in 2012, “These are not OUR wars, this is not OUR economy and this is not OUR government.” It is time to make it OUR government and pass the NEED Act HR2990 so we can respond effectively the this multi-dimensional crisis. Greens say, “Greenbacks to the rescue, only this time ban bank created money.”