Government’s Definition Of ‘Terrorist’ Encompasses Practically Everybody

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According to the United States Department of  State, “no one definition of terrorism has gained universal acceptance” within the U.S. government. And what constitutes a terrorist is rather expansive, as Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) explains. The NDAA gives the government power to indefinitely detain someone who has an “association” with terrorism. Is a terrorist just someone who is dangerous? Rand Paul says some of the criteria for defining a terrorist include having seven days more of food, owns multiple weapons, pays in cashm has changed the color of hair. The Department of Justice includes items like keeping records on computers, carries video cameras, maps, hair dyes in your combs. Even former White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel meets the criteria. Perianne Boring of Russia Today has more.

  • All these laws and definitions….They make them while we ‘sleep’, behind closed doors. A chess game being played against us, we at a disadvantage because they took our main pieces before the game even began, and they’ve triple all the power-pieces!
    But, in reality, we can win against these cheaters. All we have to do is call them on their cheating, refuse to play, and we’ve won.