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The most important immediate issue facing the country is stopping Fast Track for corporate trade agreements. Corporate trade advocates are pushing a version of Fast Track that will last four year with an option for a three year extension. If corporate traders have seven years to secretly negotiate trade agreements that favor transnational corporations it will cement in place corporate domination of the world economy and governments throughout the world. Failure to stop Fast Track will risk everything the movement for social, economic and environmental justice is working for. Our food and water will be at risk, as well our healthcare, regulation of banking, climate change, jobs and the future of the Internet. This is a moment where we must unify to mobilize against Fast Track for corporate trade.

This Wednesday the Green Shadow Cabinet is holding an open cabinet meeting to discuss why this is important and how we can mobilize.


Join the Green Shadow Cabinet members on the phone, for our first Open Cabinet Meeting, this Wednesday, February 11th at 8pmEST/ 5pm PT to discuss the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP.


Jack Rasmus, Ajamu Baraka, Ellen Brown, Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and special guests Evan Greer (Fight for the Future) and Nancy Price will be joining us for an educational session on how the TPP will affect us.

The educational segment will be followed by a strategy session where we will be detailing plans on how we can mobilize against this disasterous trade agreement, and stop it.

Please invite your friends, and anybody who you think may be interested in learning more, or helping with planning events.


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Please register by 6pm on Wednesday the 11th.

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