Group Hopes To See New Economy Emerge Based On Hawaiian Values

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Above photo: Sunset from secret cove on the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii. From G Adventures.

A new group that wants to reboot Hawaii’s tourist-based economy in the era of the new coronavirus announced a four-step plan Tuesday to come up with ideas by August based on Native Hawaiian cultural values.

The ‘Aina Aloha Economic Futures Declaration, which was sent to Gov. David Ige, is the first part of an effort to create a different island economy based on centuries of island-based values. It is posted at

The declaration was authored by 14 members of the community who want “to reboot the entire operating system of our economy,” said Kamanamaikalani Beamer, associate professor of the University of Hawaii’s Center for Hawaiian Studies in the Hui ‘Aina Momona Program, who also has a joint appointment in UH’s Richardson School of Law and the Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge.

By the end of the process in the next three months, Beamer and other organizers said Tuesday that they hope community members participate in urging decision-makers to write a new economic road map “to lead us into the future. … What we want is a better life for our aina and for each of our islands.”

Organizers said they hope to have comments and suggestions by May 31, followed by webinar sessions on specific issues such as agriculture and education through July, concluding with a policy plan sometime in August.

So far, the overall concept has been endorsed by more than 550 individuals and organizations.

No specific ideas were presented Tuesday.

“Nothing is carved in stone,” one of the organizers, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson of Hilo, said Tuesday at a video news conference.

In a statement she said, “We heard over and again sentiments like ‘we can’t rebuild the same economy that produced the problems we’re facing. Everyone agreed that we need to re-establish an economy that puts the well-being of our ‘aina, our food and energy sustainability, and the interests of our Hawai‘i residents at the forefront.’”

She added in her statement, “We have a kuleana to manage our resources in a way that accomplishes these goals, and we need to hold our leaders accountable to do so.”

A new island economy needs to be based on values “that have sustained life in these islands for centuries,” Beamer said.

A post-COVID-19 economy should provide “meaningful work and sustainable wages … that works for the many and not the few,” he said.

Asked for examples, Beamer said Germany, Copenhagen and parts of China are adapting to a “circular economy” — unlike “linear” economies that “extract resources as cheaply as possible,” perhaps to the environment’s detriment, to produce expendable commodities such as flat-screen TVs that end up in landfills.

Instead, Beamer said, parts of the European Union produce products that can be repaired instead of discarded.

“It’s happening all across the world,” he said.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Hawaii was looking at another year of “10 million people marching across our land,” said Joseph Lapilio, president of the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce.

“We’ve let it get away from us,” he said.

Aside from Hawaii’s reliance on tourism, other questions linger, Lapilio said, such as “how do we fuel our cars, our homes?”

  • 0040

    Hawaiian values were best demonstrated several centuries ago when they killed and ate Captain Cook after he had invaded their homeland . England punished them by turning the place into a plantation managed by religious nutters before ceding Hawaii to the bloody hands of America.

  • kevinzeese

    To understand the history of Hawaii see some of these stories

  • 0040

    A Marxist version of Hawaiian history no doubt?

  • Tom Surguine

    Having lived there 4 12 years, 2 suggestions. Get rid of Kaiser Permanente, whose laziness damn near got me dead, and get rid of Monsanto also. Otherwise, plan on extinction. Expat tom.

  • rgaura

    Hawaii has a beautiful culture that is very much alive today. Modern folks have much to learn from their spirituality! The beauty is so uplifting. May eco tourism thrive, and preserve that blessed land!

  • kevinzeese

    There are strong arguments that forcing statehood on Hawaii was illegal and there continues to be a Hawaiian independence movement.

  • Nylene13

    Because Hawaii is so small, change can happen very fast there.

    And then people all over the world will say-
    “We can do these things, we can make these changes, look what they did in Hawaii!”
    Aloha Hawaii.

  • chetdude

    Wow! Where do you get your “history”?

    The Hawai’ians did NOT “eat Captain Cook” after intuitively killing him.

    It was USAmerica that sent the AMERICAN whalers with their syphilis and the missionaries with their smallpox and christianist disease and eventually rich White Americans who came and stole the islands from the Hawai’ian Ali’i in the late 1800s.

    Of course, the Ali’i (highest cast Hawai’ians) were also perverted by the system of domination hierarchy that they brought with them when they arrived on these islands from the west and that drives global capitalism today.

  • chetdude

    Apparently you didn’t try the link. Here’s the correct one:

    popularresistance dot org/tag/hawaii/

  • chetdude

    We’re doing more than “hope”, we’re taking substantive actions to reform a dead-end economy driven by tourism, the war machine and Monsanto.

    Isn’t it interesting that the lowest COVID death rates are in island economies?

    We are in a unique position as long as we can keep COVID OUT!

  • 0040

    Hawaii has no ” history” before Cook arrived, and is now just another sad tale of conquest and repression , followed by assimilation into the Borg collective that America has become.

  • 0040

    Oh but they did , as members of his crew that escaped later testified.

  • Nylene13

    I thought it was So Great when Hawaii shut down the Tourism.

    If just to show it is possible.

    What substantive actions?
    Can you send me links?

  • Nylene13

    You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Nylene13

    Queen Lili’uokalani was imprisoned in her own palace for fighting against the takeover of Hawaii by American Businessmen and their corporations.

    She, for one, was not perverted.

    But disease, as you mention, was the worst thing to attack the Hawaiians.

    They were almost wiped out.

    Today, sadly, Hawaiians are a minority in their own Islands.

  • Nylene13

    That was just the syphilis that was eating the brains of the haloe sailors talking.

    Hawaiians were not cannibals.

  • Russifier

    Nothing bad with Alpha Male Whites eliminating the beta male savages.

    Its all about survival of the fittest son.

    Hawaiian women enjoy breeding with tall, blond white men because they want their children to share some of these characteristics.

    Again, its nature. Nothing personal. 😎

  • Nylene13

    Not as much as us White women enjoy breeding with the tall black haired Hawaiian Men. Such beautiful hapa children.

    Nothing wrong with Alpha Male Hawaiians eliminating the beta male haloes.

    Survival of the fittest indeed.

    Nothing personal.

  • Jon

    Aloha Aina! Ua mau o ka aina i ka pono! Buy out the hotels one by one and convert to collective ownership with proifits remaining on da aina!

  • Jon

    You revel in strereotypes,don’t you?

  • Jon

    My book, Liberate Hawai’i! goes into detail along with the legal and historic validity for restoration of sovereignty.

  • 0040

    ??? Magnum PI both versions is not the Hawaiian stereotype ?

  • Jon

    Unbelievable cluelessness! Try Liberate Hawai’i! for more clarity.

  • Jon

    Some realism,but decades ago.Sugar and pineapple are nearly gone now, just to start. Huge change in the 36 years I lived there,and have returned several times since, including January 2020.

  • chetdude

    She may have been a wonderful woman but all Domination Hierarchies are perverted.

    Even though most of the viciousness of the Kapu system had fallen out of favor, the dramatic inequality between the Ali’i and other social classes among Hawai’ians was as pernicious as the class inequality between whites and the other races in Hawai’i were and as class inequality is today.

    That’s what I meant.

  • chetdude

    None of that is true. Check again…

  • Nylene13

    I doubt that the Hawaiian Ali’i were ever in any way as exploitative as Capitalists.

  • Nylene13

    Sounds interesting. Links?

  • How many things can you get just plain wrong in one paragraph?

    Even in the tourist industry, with its patina of phoney Hawai’iana and superficial bastardization of Hawai’ian custom and ritual–and as reliant as it has come to be upon the spending of Japanese nationals–that last angle of yours about the Japanese being in charge or owning the place is widely recognized as a lame cliche. And it just isn’t true. And given that a huge chunk of the native population has been of mixed Japanese ancestry since long before World War II, it’s rather insulting to the people of Hawai’i today. It’s a dumb fudging of history and an arrogant haole conceit, and nothing else.

  • Humans enjoy breeding period.

  • You are providing us all with evidence that stupidity and evil transcends race, nationality, and ethnicity.

    Never been there myself, but I have it on good authority that dark-eyed, dark-haired, olive-skinned males do quite well amongst the blonde Rhine-maidens of Scandinavia and northern Europe.

    There probably is a natural, evolutionary advantage to gene-pool diversity, but that’s got nothing to do with “alpha” anything and everything to do with the fact that “opposites” attract–difference and diversity is sexy. Arrogant assumptions are not.

  • Russifier

    Black people have been labeled as the least desired race for marriage among Europeans.

    Whites are Alphas indeed, but not for matters of attraction, as there are very ugly whites out there. They are the Alphas because they have been the pioneers of science, literature, philosophy, music, arts for over 700 years (excluding the ancient Greeks/Romans).

    Not to mention they dont live in sh!tholes like black people down there in Africa 😉

    (And im not talking about Northern Africans who are not black)

  • Russifier

    Black people have been labeled as the least desired race for marriage among Europeans.

    Indeed, so many Hawaiian women enjoy getting bred by white Males. I guess the desire to eliminate their own race in favor of the white race is encoded in their DNA

  • Like I said–evidence.

  • Russifier

    Plus all the African-Americans are so OBSESED with white ideologies:

    Socialism = white ideology
    Race equality = white ideology

    Democracy = white idelogy

    Thanks God they live in white countries. Black people in Africa still kill people through their black institutional racism (e.g. homosexuality punishable by death etc)

  • Russifier

    Also, african-Americans are more obese than their white-American fellows.As for evidence regarding white man pioneering in science and elsewhere, google “man in space” 😉

    White boy landed on moon, black boy still invest in tribal warfare with neighboring tribe recruiting children and screaming ougka ka bunga 😀

  • 0040

    Your relationship with “truth” is casual and and part of your political beliefs . It is in the nature of materialists to see truth as a tool . The transcript of Captain Cooks demise are available in London where such records are kept and have been aired on several documentaries over the years. The most recent being the one done by a redheaded Australian women was very good.

  • 0040

    I spent a couple of leisurely months there in the early 1970s until deported back to the mainland as a vagrant. It is now a mainly white American or Japanese time share haven , and quite expensive . Tending to be crowded and grubby even the weather not being as nice as it once was?

  • 0040

    I was going to down vote your excellent post until I reread it closely and agreed with it as being an accurate description. What have I gotten wrong?

  • kevinzeese

    The book is here: Liberate Hawai’i!

    It is a short read but covers the issue of the US theft of Hawaii thoroughly.

  • kevinzeese

    Wow– you are a sick racist.

  • kevinzeese

    You are a racist as well as someone who does not know hisoty and a denier of the pandemic. What other idiocies will you put on display?

  • 0040

    The fall back position all you guys eventually invoke ? my respect for all the work you do to inform people and attempt to change opinions diminishes with each cheap shot !

  • Nylene13

    Mahalo. Please keep me posted.

  • Nylene13

    I don’t know if this is still the case-but Swedish roommates told me that brown haired Swedish women where in high demand in Sweden-being so unusual in a nation of blondes.

    One of the things I love about Hawaii. All the different varieties of racial makeup.

    My kids are Hawaiian, Maori, Chinese, Swedish, English, French, and German. And that is pretty typical of Hawaii.

  • Nylene13

    That’s you-Vested Interest. Racism.

    There is an old story. I forget who. Some noted guy.

    He goes to visit some remote tribe and tells them about WW2.
    The Cannibal Chief is shocked and horrified when he is told of the high death toll of the war.

    He asks- “Why kill so many men? You can not eat so many!”

    Just who are the savages?

  • Nylene13


  • chetdude

    You display the cultural ignorance of a privileged “Westerner” with very confused and counter-factual programming.

    Please try to research the subject before wasting our time posting racist lies.

    Search “did hawaiians eat captain cook” and ignore the one link to Stormfront that repeats the same kind of drivel you’ve posted.

    Here – how about listening to the full description from an authentic Hawai’ian historian instead of the “testimony” of racist English sailors, ‘K?

    sbs dot com dot au/nitv/article/2019/02/14/how-foolish-rumour-hawaiians-ate-cook-began

  • chetdude

    That’s probably true — the Hawai’ian people were (and are) much more in tune with the Natural world than “Westerners” are so when they adopted the socioeconomic trappings of the English/Americans, they gave it a somewhat less exploitative spin.

    However, I wouldn’t want to have been a lowest caste Hawai’ian in the domination hierarchy that existed here before the “discovery” of the Islands by Cptn Cook.

  • 0040

    “Cultural ignorance of a privileged westerner” describe you far better than me . You are making far too assumptions in your anger and desire to defend your side.

  • Nylene13

    I don’t know.

    Spend all your time building Koa canoes and fishing and building grass huts and growing Taro and dancing hula.

    Sounds good to me.

  • chetdude

    Well, some also had to spend 10-15 hours a week fishing, etc. 🙂

  • chetdude

    True, I AM on the side of Native Hawai’ians against the capitalists…

  • 0040

    As a self defined moral capitalist hows that working out for you ? “Hawaiians” being what in economical terms ? Like native Americans Hawaiians are not monolithic blocs except in the tourist skinning businesses , surf gear , flowery shirts , and Luaus being the cultural representation of Hawaii offered to the tourists, along with expensive booze and other drugs To claim to speak for all of them is the definition of cultural ignorance. Does Obomber a Hawaiian of sorts speak for any Hawaiians ? Must have missed that media event. Like having an ancestor who noshed on Captain Cook , or knowing someone who bought a dime bag off our former change POTUS is a thing some Hawaiians take pride in.

  • The body of James Cook was not eaten after he and several of his crew were killed in an altercation which occurred as they were apparently attempting to kidnap a local ruler. In fact, Cook’s corpse was treated with great respect and handled in the fashion customary for local Hawai’ian VIPs, and a portion of Cook’s remains were later returned after things cooled down between the native Hawai’ians and the newcomers. In fact, Cook’s visits to the island could hardly be called an invasion, though he did apparently try to stake some claim for Britain. The British stakehold on the islands never really went beyond that, however–though the Union Jack has been incorporated into the design of Hawai’i’s state flag because of his “discovery” of the islands. There is no evidence for cannibalism in ancient Hawai’i–beyond the usual buttload of chauvinist haole stereotypes about nefarious “primitives” and “savages;” it’s my understanding though that there is some scanty and sketchy evidence pointing to the practice of human sacrifice, conducted on a very small scale, a few generations before Cook’s arrival.

    Those “religious nutters” who began to arrive in droves shortly after Cook’s visits were overwhelmingly American WASPs, along with American business-critters with less spiritual aims, looking to exploit local resources and cheap native labor; from the beginning, there was discord between these two haole factions; the Kamehameha dynasty, adopting the pomp and ritual–and the wealth-hoarding–of European rulers, cooperated with the latter, which ultimately proved to be a bad mistake.

    The era of massive Hawai’ian pineapple production ended decades ago, though during my lifetime; my grandmother worked in the Dole cannery when it was going full throttle. Today pineapple is still grown here, but in greatly reduced quantities, and it is a marginal, novelty commodity, the fresh fruit sold to tourists interested in souvenirs. (Pretty much likewise with sugarcane.) The stuff you get in cans comes almost entirely from Latin America and Asia. Fresh or canned, I generally don’t care for it much. And it isn’t even native to Hawai’i or Polynesia.

    Japanese nationals do not run Hawai’i’s tourist industry, though that largely corporatized industry has depended for decades upon the spending of Japanese tourists for a great deal of its financial success–last time I checked, Hawai’i was still the number 1 favorite vacation destination for the Japanese. With national and to some extent international corporate interests dragging it along, the tourist industry here is run almost entirely by local haole business-critters–and I use the term haole broadly and I think accurately, in the original Hawai’ian language sense, to denote not only white capitalists of Anglo-European ancestry but money-grubbing Suits of all ethnic backgrounds. Some of these ssholes are my relatives, and at least technically Native Hawai’ian in ancestry.

    That’s what you got wrong. Doesn’t leave much else, does it?

  • You’ve actually said a couple of more or less accurate things.

    There are indeed time-shares, but that’s a very small sector of the state’s economy, and shrinking–it’s mostly well-healed U. S. citizens, and also a large number of Canadians, and some Japanese and Asian nationals. The practice of time-sharing has shrunk considerably since it became a big deal in the 1980s.

    It is ridiculously expensive to live here. Hawai’i has the second highest cost of living of all 50 U. S. states, with Alaska still holding the top spot, though for different reasons; and we have a comparatively much lower minimum wage, grossly insuficient to meet the real cost-of-living here. Food costs for the most part and the price of gasoline aren’t too much higher than most of the rest of the U. S., but rent is obscenely high in Honolulu and on most of Oahu. Hawai’i has been in need of a Living Wage since my youth.

    I don’t know what you consider “nice” weather–for most mainlanders that means anywhere you don’t freeze your ss off for three or four months out of the year. It’s still hot here, and over the last four decades it’s been getting hotter and hotter, with record-breaking heat during the summer, heat which now effectively extends into October and even November, and the cooling, cleansing trade winds becoming less frequent and reliable. Aside from becoming generally much hotter, the weather has also become more erratic–in Hawai’i when I was a child I never once saw a cloud of visible vapor coming from my nose or mouth when I exhaled–I had to go to California to experience that. Over the last quarter century, in the few, short chilly snaps we’ve seen, I’ve experienced it in downtown Honolulu . . . the meteorological turbulence has absolutely increased.

    As for “crowded” and “grubby”–the population has grown substantially over the last few decades, but urban and suburban density of population in Honolulu and its surroundings is nowhere near what you find in cities like L. A., New York City, Chicago and other major U. S. metropoli; we can however match–if not surpass–any and all of those cities with our level of urban, suburban and even rural homelessness. Walk down the main drag of the tourist trap of Waikiki, and you will encounter at least one obviously homeless person on virtually every block. The public parks of greater Honolulu and beyond are dotted with tents and makeshift dwellings, occupied disproportionately by people of mixed Native Hawai’ian/Polynesian ancestry.

    The neighbor islands–Hawai’i/the Big Island, Maui, Kauai–are somewhat better, and much less afflicted by urban blight and such, but on Oahu, where most of the state’s population resides, the view of paradise is not so pretty anymore.

  • 0040

    Certainly the revisionist view of history where selling delusions and the notion of of progress have become the purpose of historical events projected by our elites , intellectuals , and their government lackeys . Captain Cook was cut into pieces on the beach and parts of him carted off to become part of a feast held later that day . What his crew recovered of his remains fit in a small sack.

  • chetdude

    I’m ANTI-capitalist…

  • chetdude

    If you aren’t an agent provocateur your posts appear directly intended to divide as they would be if you are one.

    As well as being self-contradictory and quite confused…

  • 0040

    From your perspective perhaps as a member of a faction. However not speaking of divisive issues simply allows them to grow more toxic , as in the case of slavery which was simply declared over and reintroduced under new name and different rules when Lincoln was killed , as were 750000 Americans, a whole generation of young men , only to finally end institutionally at least when men like MLK ,Malcolm X, and several million armed and dangerous black men , many Vietnam war vets insisted it did . Under a threat of revolution in the 1960s , which cost both men and thousands of others their lives as the revolt collapsed.

  • 0040

    As I said a moral capitalist , read your Marx. His basic assumptions of unlimited growth and the idea that the masses exist to serve the few are gleaned from Adam Smith , and certainly Hegel, who considered Prussians to be the highest form of humanity . Unfortunately Mr Marx ‘s Jewish roots preclude him from gaining a slot in Hegel pantheon. Conversely in Milton Friedman’s version adopted by Reagan and the regimes that followed “Economic man” is an American.

  • 0040

    If you have money in a bank your a capitalist. if you pay for any form of insurance or fees levied by governments you are a victim of capitalism. Wanting to be an Anarchist does not make it so?

  • Nylene13

    I just read that the Govt. in Hawaii now wants to close Tourism to all but the Japanese, because they are the “biggest spenders and the only ones most likely to follow the C Virus rules”.

    Although those 2 things may be ‘true’, I would think that this IS the doing of the Japanese in Hawaii’s industry and government….

    Watch out Hawaiians- American Haole’s are not the only ones wanting to get their hands on Hawaii.

    Could not get Hawaii after bombing it in WW2 -Japan now is trying to buy control of Hawaii.

    As you point out in your comment- The original meaning of the word haole is all strangers to Hawaii.

  • Nylene13

    Even if it were true, which it is not, So The Hell What?

    You think eating one little scrawny sea captain even remotely compares to the MASS filthy diseases the haloe sailors about wiped out the Native Hawaiian People with???

  • chetdude

    I don’t have money in a bank.

    Being a victim of capitalism does NOT disqualify one from being Anarcho-Syndicalist/Socialist…

    As usual your post reflects your internal contradictions.