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Groups In Queen City Fight To Stop Privatization Of Railroad

Above photo: From the Save Our Rail website.

Railroad Workers United is working with local organizations to keep the nation’s only municipally owned interstate mainline freight railroad in public hands. The Cincinnati Southern was chartered and built by the City of Cincinnati in the 19th century and has been run successfully for well over a century, historically being leased to a designated operator. Now, today’s operator Norfolk Southern wants to take over the infrastructure outright. Citizens across the Queen City are organizing to maintain ownership and control of their railroad. Railroad workers stand with them in their struggle!

As the November 7th vote nears, more and more citizens are questioning the wisdom of turning over the city’s mainline freight artery between Cincinnati and Chattanooga to corporate outlaw Norfolk Southern. Two groups, “Derail the Sale” and “Save Our Rail” are mounting an all-out effort to convince the voters of the city to reject the proposed sale and keep the rail infrastructure in public hands.

Register for the “Derail the Sale” Teach-In Wednesday 9/20/2023

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