Has The Military Derailed Egypt’s Revolution Again?

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America’s Newest Suharto / Pinochet Calls for More Violence in Egypt

Looking more and more like the classic American made dictator in some foreign land, Egypt’s Armed Forces Chief General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has called on the fascist elements in his country to step forward on July 26th and attack the peaceful protesters who are still trying to get the elected government back in power.

Please, shoulder your responsibility with me, your army, and the police and show your size and steadfastness in the face of what is going on,” al-Sisi

What the American trained (and financially backed)  al Sisi is doing is overtly telling the Mubarak supporting thug squads it’s open season on the pro-Morsi (pro-democracy) Egyptians all across the country. His statement “stand with me, your army and the police” is painfully clear: do what you like, we will not get in your way.  Even though the pro-Mosri demonstrators won’t be the perpetrators of the violence (they will and have been the victims of it) it will be them who are attacked by the military in it’s wake.

What he wants, what his backers in D.C. and London want, is violence, unmitigated, ugly violence, which will create the pretext they need to use the army to crack down on the protesters in a brutal and unrestrained way.

Who says so?  He does. That’s exactly what our new Suharto/Pinochet said himself.


Since the elected president was overthrown 3 weeks ago, peaceful demonstrators have been gathering to protest the illegal junta which has taken control of Egypt.

There have been at least a hundred deaths since then and yet the protests are gaining in size.

Murarak era thug squads are rampaging through protests, beating protesters, dragging them off to hand over to the Special Police forces and even shooting and killing scores of Egyptians.

It is the old Mubarak days all over again.

This latest decree from the dictator al Sisi is a prime example of what I am talking about. It has been stated that he is just looking for an excuse, any excuse, to turn the full might of the military against the protesters and this “call to arms” of his is exactly what the doctor ordered… at least, that is what his advisers have told him.

Al-Sisi noted that the nationwide rally will give the army a mandate to fight “violence and terrorism,” which have engulfed Egypt following the ouster of former president, Mohamed Morsi, on July 3. Press TV

Violence is exactly what he and the supporters of the junta in Egypt want. They want the Mubarak backing thugs to beat and kill as many protesters as possible so they can show the videos of the turmoil on TV and claim there is a “civil war’ underway which then will justify the military intervention, on the side of the thugs of course.

Expect to see a shift in our MSM’s coverage of the ongoing violence in Egypt which up until now, they have been completely ignoring with a few exceptions.

Expect coverage to be ambivalent as to who is killing whom, saying “there’s no way of knowing who is behind all of this”

They will make it out to be a “civil war” which will create the needed pretext for the military to do what they have wanted to do since the opening days of the protests; wipe out the protesters and lock them away in dark cells where they can be tortured en masse.

Torture is already happening in Egypt. Amnesty International is reporting on it but no one in the Obama administration is listening, nor are the prestitutes employed by our corporate propaganda machines back home.

Egypt is such a pivotal piece of the geo-political land grab game, the covert propaganda machine has cashed in a number of their assets in the “independent media” to help them spin this reclamation of a dictatorship as if it were “democracy in action” or at least a way to avoid a “civil war” which has been an Obama talking point on this illegal coup since early on (same language employed in the illegal regime change operation in Libya if you recall)

The biggest threat to our “national interests” in Egypt has always been the anti-neoliberal constitution, which I reported on back in November of last year if I remember correctly. They are currently using American and British technocrats to re-write it in favor of our “national interests”

Anyone who tells you this is a legit correction to the situation in Egypt is a liar. Anyone who tells you it’s understandable is a fraud. It’s as simple as that.

What we are watching, live, unfold before our eyes is another Indonesia 1965 when Suharto and the CIA “cleansed” the country of leftist elements in order to maintain that illegal junta and dictatorship.

What we are watching is another Chile 1973 when our boy Augusto Pinochet disappeared thousands to make way for our “national interests” after the people of Chile dared to vote “the wrong way”

The propaganda emanating from the MSM is of no concern to me, but what I am seeing is the exact same propaganda coming from the so-called “alternative” sites.

The propaganda about the Muslim Brotherhood is just another way to say the Egyptian people “voted the wrong way”

The propaganda about this being a “civil war’ is just another justification like the many color revolutions in the past, to passively accept the coming bloodshed as if it’s an unavoidable outcome of Egyptians “voting the wrong way”

Meanwhile, our candidate, who lost in the elections, is sitting in the U.A.E. waiting to be reinstalled. Should have voted the right way, huh?

What is happening in Egypt right now is horrific. It’s a complete replay of the violence directed at the protesters back in the 2011 revolution, the REAL revolution in Egypt.

What is about to happen on July 26th will put this recent violence to shame. It promises to be a blood bath especially considering all the external forces who are at play in the country looking to create massive bloodshed in order to provide enough justification for the promised military crackdown.

I remember watching the 2011 revolution in Egypt along with so many others and cheering for the people in that country as they finally overthrew our puppet dictator. It was inspirational and served as the catalyst for many other uprisings, a few real, but mainly fake color revolutions.

One of the real ones before it was hijacked, was our own Occupy Movement. The name “occupy’ references the protesters in Egypt who occupied Tahrir Square.

Such an important victory and now it seems it is about to be crushed, violently and amazingly to the applause of many so-called “alternative” journalists out there.

It’s a sad day for the world and and even sadder day for the Egyptian people. But do not expect them to go quietly into the night. That won’t happen.

Don’t expect me to cheer for Suharto or Pinochet. Don’t expect this site to cheer for al Sisi and Obama’s latest Libya. It won’t happen.

I also won’t pretend it’s a civil war, the natural outcome of voting the wrong way. I don’t side with Kissinger very often over here. If that is what you need, venture elsewhere for your Geo-political analysis.

As the events unfold, just like in 2011, I will cover them as best I can.