Heavily Armed Left-Wing Group Shows Up At Pro-Trump Rally

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Above Photo: Pro-Trump rally participants in Southern California. — REUTERS

The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club showed up armed and ready at a pro-Trump rally

A heavily armed left-wing group, the John Brown Gun Club, made a surprise appearance over the weekend at a pro-Trump rally being held in Phoenix, Arizona with a conciliatory message for supporters of the president.

About two dozen men and women armed with a variety of rifles stood beside the march in downtown Phoenix, in order to both show their opposition to the Trump administration and its policies, and to appeal to supporters of President Trump as fellow members of the working class. The group describes itself as largely white and working class, with the ultimate goal of “total liberation of all working people, regardless of skin color, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, [or] nationality.”

FB/ Phoenix John Brown Gun Club

FB/ Phoenix John Brown Gun Club

The gun group laid out its message to the Trump fans in a Facebook post, stating:

“Phoenix John Brown Gun Club went out to the MAGA march at the Arizona State Capitol today, open carrying alongside the Arizona Brown Berets and in coalition with AFA.

Our statement to the attendees of the march:


We are working class and poor people. We are not here today as your enemies. But Jews, Muslims, migrants, refugees, folks of color, native people, queer and trans folks, the elderly, or others who are now being targeted by the Trump administration are also not your enemies.
We have been fooled and duped for long enough by politicians on all sides. We keep on following the same politicians as they break promise after promise and sell out hard working and struggling folks. Whether Democrat or Republican, they’re always the same: rich politicians who only look out for themselves at the expense of all the rest of us. No matter what lies they tell us about being champions for the “everyday citizen” or “little guy”, they all end up behaving the same.
We are now watching as preparations are made to slash the budget for meals on wheels, denying tens of thousands of senior citizens the nourishment they need to survive. We look on as the new administration targets and attacks people merely for the religion they practice. We cringe in horror as the swamp is not drained, but padded by even more corrupt Wall Street swindlers. We stand in shock as the Federal government seizes land from small farmers and home owners to build a massive border wall. Every day another executive order is signed and our “little guy” president rules with the stroke of a pen, mocking whatever we thought our democratic processes stood for.

Meanwhile, we are so busy attacking each other that we don’t even have the ability to resist the folks actually calling the shots. We who have been attacking the Mexican day laborer rather than the rich CEO. We who have rallied against the construction of new Mosques instead of ensuring all our city’s children have clean drinking water. We who have made public calls to attack and arrest Black Lives Matter activists rather than to investigate and punish billionaires who gut our pensions and health insurance. Striking out at folks who we have much more in common with, folks who should be our natural allies, instead of at those who rig this entire system and profit from our misery.

The only people who gain from this are the politicians and the economic elite they protect. While we’re busy fighting black folks, migrants, queer folks, and Muslims, our communities crumble. While we work ourselves into a frenzy about Syrian war orphans potentially moving into our cities, our own children struggle to eat. While we attack other marginalized and exploited people, the rich and politicians watch on and laugh at us.

All people who want real liberty and a better future face a choice. We can choose to continue to attack folks merely because they have a different skin color or religion or sexual preference or gender identity or country of birth than we do. Or we can choose to fight for liberty for all people. We must choose a side, and we must do it now.

We must defend these targeted communities at all costs. We will not merely watch as our co-workers, neighbors, friends, and families are stolen from us, murdered, deported, arrested without cause, disappeared, and brutalized. We have far more in common with a migrant or refugee or black  co-worker than we ever will with a billionaire politician, and we will fight like hell to protect them.

Today we do not stand here as your enemies. We stand here to show you that there are other options. We stand here to show you that folks won’t quietly watch their communities be destroyed. We stand here with hope for a better future, one that we must all work together to defend and protect.”

imageTheir message of solidarity fell mostly on deaf ears, as members of online pro-Trump communities like “The Deplorables” mocked the group as “snowflakes with guns.” Others saw the armed left-wing activists as threatening confrontation, daring them to “bring it on.”

The Phoenix pro-Trump rally passed without incident, as about 250 participants marched to the state capital to show their support for the president.


  • billkapaldo

    This is how and where it starts. The number of agitated, disgusted, engaged citizens who have an identity with the targets of Trumps Chumps and his elitist posture of patriotism is likely to appear as a groundswell in the coming months. And to not realize that their armament will match the bravado displays that are generally slung as badges of courage by the alt-right is to be as brainless as the bullets in the chambers. The message is right and the olive branch is being extended. But I sincerely believe the fuse is shortened at every confrontation. A respected leadership is the only way to diffuse the impending showdowns. For all the college degrees that fill the halls of Congress, you’d think a few of them would show a little intelligence and ingenuity and find some solutions. Here’s one…….get rid of the financiers.

  • Wacanta

    Lots of spelling errors in the tweets, but that’s expected; even the idiot who called them idiots couldn’t spell “idiots” correctly! And as a progressive who has guns, I support the John Brown Gun Club!

  • Arakiba

    I really hope this isn’t an April Fools Day joke. The Alt Reich needs a taste of its own medicine.

  • DHFabian

    I’m sure it was an interesting experience, and few things so quickly win the hearts and minds of the masses as displaying a lethal weapon. You can get your picture in the paper, too, looking tough.

    If I were thinking about a revolution, I’d pay more attention to the deep divisions among the “masses.” If it isn’t reality-based, you’re just putting on a show. Reality is, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. We created an abundant surplus of job-ready people who are desperate for any job at any wage — grateful for the chance to replace you for less than you are paid. In other words, a ready surplus of cheap replacement labor. There’s nothing to fall back on, and people need to survive, to feed their children. The overall quality of life in the US went from being rated at #1 when the Reagan Revolution began (far from perfect, but better), down to #48 by the time Obama was elected, showing the growth in poverty.

    What we see in the pictures is a collection of mostly men playing macho, dressing up and vowing to protect the interests of middle class men. Well, most of the country has other priorities.

  • DHFabian

    The left are more armed as well, and don’t “stand in solidarity” to protect middle class advantages. The same is true on the right. In the end, what do we do? Form a giant circular firing squad?

  • DHFabian

    Think about what matters the most to ordinary people — the masses — at the proverbial end of the day. They care the most about keeping their families together, housed and fed. Many can’t today. Revolutions are driven by desperation, not by efforts to maintain the status quo.

    Regardless of the statement made by the protests, those in power know that on Monday, the protesters will punch in at work on time, work hard, and play by all the rules. They have no choice. By shipping out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, and ending actual welfare aid in the 1990s, we created an abundant stockpile of job-ready replacement workers — those who are desperate for any job at any wage. This ensures that people aren’t going to step too far out of line.

  • rgaura

    Great statement. Hot diggity! Great political theatre! Does this get any coverage in `the media´?

  • There is so much truth in this declaration! How anyone could mock these words is beyond me! Trump and his wall street swamp is raping America and the lunatics are defending Trump? Really?

  • Does anyone besides me feel like we are living out The Hunger Games?

  • Kapricorn4

    No, the answer is to take out some the ultra greedy with pinpoint accuracy. The remainder will soon get the message. If they don’t, they should all be exterminated, just like the Russian Czars.

  • kevinzeese

    No, the key is not to use any weapons. Once you do your movement is finished. It becomes a fringe movement that disappears. Carrying is one thing, using is another. It would be a massive mistake to follow the advice of Kapricorn4.

  • Wacanta

    The rethugs are already forming a circular firing squad, and progressives are too smart to also do so. We should just let them fight amongst themselves till there’s not many left and then win some elections and take our country back (we actually have a country to take back; when the rethugs were asked what they were trying to “take back”…crickets).

  • Kapricorn4

    Unless you are prepared to fight class warfare in a positive way, in order to redress the gross inequality that prevails in the US economy, nothing for the better is going to happen, since the oligarchy controls the mass media and the way Congress votes.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

  • kevinzeese

    I agree with fighting in a positive way. There is research on what works and nonviolent resistance movements have succeed ed twice as often as violent efforts over the last 100 years. Why? Because strategic and persistent nonviolence builds a mass movement while violence creates a fringe movement. Mass movements win, fringe movements lose. Very few want to be in a guerrilla war with the US government, the US is expert at violence.

  • Kapricorn4

    The other alternative is Exodus. The Hebrews who were slaves of the Egyptian Pharaohs left en masse to wander in the wilderness until they invaded Judea, which will be celebrated next week as Passover.

  • rlibos

    Armed Leftist Of The World Unite !!!!!

  • rlibos


  • Wow who died and made you judge and jury? Scary radicals like yourself do way more harm than good!

  • So true! Just look at the lunatics in Oregon that tried that! I’m still amazed that white guys with guns forced the hand of bureau of land management agents. Any one besides me wonder what would have happened if it had been some other non white group? Speaking of lunatics who puts their women and children on the front line and then says “bring it on”?
    Building a movement based on nonviolent direct action is the only path to success!

  • Tracie Renkiewicz

    Leave it to the right to miss the message sent. An olive branch was extended to to fight for equality of all people and these bozos called for a war and made threats. These same right singers have shown up armed at liberal events to instigate and threaten and now liberals show up at an event with an invitation to work together and they lose their shit much like Don. Go figure.

    They didnt like it when the shoe was on the other foot did they.


    The only reason that non-violent resistance movements have succeeded is that the alternative was a violent resistance movement.

    Don’t want to deal with Gandhi? No problem, deal with a few million Indians who want to remove your heads from your necks.

    Don’t want to deal with Dr. King? Deal with a militarized Black Panther movement.

    And so on…

  • nunya bizz

    i like the way u think friend

  • nunya bizz

    Speaking of lunatics who puts their women and children on the front line and then says “bring it on”?

    only the traitorous republican party

  • nunya bizz

    scary people like us are the reason u are safe in your home

  • SiouxTribe #φʂվçհօąçէìѵҽ

    lol antifa snowflakes

  • Cy Husain

    Before this I was thinking that Los Angeles was the only place right-wingers encountered a heavily armed resistance!

  • Robert Pike

    Very True

  • Robert Pike

    Those who make non-violence impossible make violence inevitable.

  • Kenneth Ferland

    I have to give folks who openly associate themselves with John Brown some Props, that’s is the ultimate gauntlet to throw down in front of white nationalists. But I would encourage them to reach out to the Latino community (their are very few blacks in Phoenix) so as to demonstrate the racial-fusion coalition which was at the heart of Browns radicalism (an idea that’s still radical to this very day more then 100 years later).

  • Bird of prey

    Both must be used in synergy. Pacifism is ineffective because the oppressor can always strike first, then fight the media war and win by confusing and trolling people into apathy. There is never a legal repercussion for the system when it uses violence.
    This has happened countless times. Not only must the rebels use violence as well as nonviolent resistance, but they must be at least as ruthless and total in the practice as the system they are fighting if they are to have any chance in succeeding.

  • samsmacdaddy

    Gee! Where have so called “fringe movements” actually won. France during their revolution. Russia during their revolution. Cuba during their revolution. The colonies during their revolution. Knock off this nonsense about fringe groups not winning. History counters that.

  • kevinzeese

    I guess it depends how you define ‘fringe.’ Research shows that a movement that mobilizes 3.5% of the population always wins — whether against a dictatorship or a democracy. (1% in the US is about 10 million.) But, that movement needs to represent positions supported by a super-majority of the public. So, while 3.5% sounds like a fringe, it really isn’t.

    The colonial revolt against Great Britain in the United States is an interesting one. The years when the revolution was won occurred in the decade before the war. The colonists used tactics that Gandhi could have used — non-violent, economic protests, community council, refusing to obey colonial judges etc. It was very mush a nonviolent movement. Tar and feathering which gets a lot of attention rarely occurred and when it did it was often criticized by others involved in the revolution. The figures on the economic impact on the UK during that time are astounding. That is when the revolution actually occurred. The war was really Britain’s attempt to reverse a revolution they had already lost.

    I suspect if you went through each of your examples you would find vast majority support for the revolution and a combination of nonviolent and violent mobilizations.

  • samsmacdaddy

    No disagreement about a diversity of tactics here.

  • TonyandMary Murillo

    Maybe the person we should all be fighting is in the White house,mar a largo,trump towers,we should not be fighting each other, 45 IS ENJOYING THIS.

  • Timothy Grey

    This is no longer a question of “if?” or “when?” but it is one of “to what degree?” it is going to happen, you all know that. We have to organize now.

    There is a time and place for resistance and that time is right now. Every one of you needs to organize NOW, in your community. Support nearby actions. And stop the fascist.

  • Timothy Grey

    And stop worrying about the media, the left will receive NO coverage until it begins winning some of these battles.

  • SuperDelicate

    Oh no. The right and the NRA have been telling the rubes for years that we are unarmed. Must be a shock to their system to learn the truth. Reading their scared comments, now they are going to hang their hats on maybe we aren’t as trained or fierce as they are. Yea, good luck with that.

  • Kapricorn4

    Getting rid of Donald Trump would not change anything very much, since Mike Pence would then become President. He is a smooth talking pseudo religious, mean spirited nut job.

  • rlibos