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Homeowner Defenders Protest DOJ Failure to Prosecute Big Banks

2prNote at the bottom of this photo essay are links to media coverage of the actions to end “too big to jail.”

Yesterday the Home Defenders League organized a protest that began at Freedom Plaza and ended up occupying the Department of Justice, even staying the nights in tents.  At the beginning of the day, representatives of the action were on Clearing the FOG radio and UStream explaining their action, why they were doing it and their goals.  By the afternoon they were occupying the Department of Justice, even putting up tents and staying the night.  Two dozen arrests Monday, a dozen more on Tuesday and a couple of people were tazed this morning.  There are calls for more people to come join them today. We’ll see if it can be sustained.

There are people calling for waves of protest this summer focused on DOJ’s failure to prosecute the big banks. Attorney Genreral Eric Holder has not prosecuted one big bankster, he says they are too big to jail, while 4 million Americans have lost their homes since 2007 and millions more are behind in their morgage payments.

What is the solution? Write down mortgages to the real value of property, not the housing bubble value.  Homeowners should not be suffering and losing their homes while banks profit from inflated, false prices.

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Links to Media Coverage (Thanks to Steve Bailey of Occupy Denver for this summary)

Article on Forbes about the DOJ action:

Story about peaceful protester tased at DOJ:

Washington Post article about the DOJ protest–includes a photo of our hero Fred!

Short article from NBC news:


Another good one from Virginia at Deadly Clear:

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