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House Will Vote Friday On Fast Track

This is it.  The House of Representatives is expected to vote on Fast Track legislation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) this Friday.
Tell your representatives to vote “no” on both Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). TAA will be the first vote and if it fails fast track will be defeated. This is an inadequately funded program for displaced workers. AFL-CIO and the Teamsters among others are urging its rejection. Not only is it inadequately funded but it does not cover all workers, for example public workers are not covered. All three trade agreements for privatization of public services so not including public workers is a major gap. It TAA is defeated fast track for the TPP is very likely finished as well.
Your call is critical.  Fast Track would allow dangerous trade agreements like the TPP to be rushed through Congress, circumventing ordinary review, amendment and debate procedures.  It is a virtual rubber-stamp for trade deals that threaten the economy, environment, digital rights and public health at home and around the world.  The good news is: we can still stop it.
Your calls have been making an incredible difference.  Some Congressional offices have reported receiving calls 200-to-1 against Fast Track.  It’s helped move votes our way, and the calls need to keep coming in these crucial final moments before a vote.  Wall Street and K Street lobbyists certainly aren’t holding back right now.  The best antidote to their calls are yours.
Literally thousands of organizations — including many labor, environmental, family farm, consumer, faith, civil rights, human rights, digital rights, immigrant, indigenous, LGBT, women’s, public health and students groups — are working hand-in-hand to defeat this bill.  Please join us.
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