How Democrats Are Blocking Progressives And What To Do About It

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Progressives have been trying in earnest to make the Democratic Party move to the left and adopt their agenda since Senator Bernie Sanders started running for president in 2015. Like the many who have tried before them, they have failed. We speak with Nick Brana, the former national political outreach director for the Sanders campaign and a co-founder of Our Revolution who was on the inside of that effort, about what happened when they tried, where the party is now and what he sees as a path forward to build political power on the left.

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Nick Brana is the Founder and National Director at Movement for a People’s Party, formerly Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, and the organizer of the Labor Community Campaign for an Independent Party. He was the National Political Outreach Coordinator on Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign through the 2016 Democratic National Convention and went on to become a founding member of Our Revolution. He was previously the Deputy Director of Voter Protection on the Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. He got his B.A. in sociology and environmental policy from the College of William & Mary. You can reach him at

  • Steven Berge

    In a fantasy, wouldn’t it be sweet if the Greens could work with Bernie to jump over to their party when the dems cheat him out of his primary nomination again? It would be hard on the primary candidates for the Greens of course, but for a chance at a citizens coup, they might be up for it. The times are ripe for real change, and another fiasco like 4 years ago could push a critical mass to the Greens if they can get their message heard. It would be interesting to see what the main stream media would do in that scenario.

  • kevinzeese

    A fantasy. Jill Stein tried that in 2016 when he was cheated out of the nomination by Hillary and the DNC but Bernie is more solidly a partisan Democrat now than he was then. He was put in to the top leadership in the Senate by Chuck Schumer and given the title, Director of Outreach. The Dems have already rigged the nomination process to make it more difficult for him but I do not see him leaving the Democratic Party.

  • Lon Ball

    He is part of the Party but not an insider in DNC. DNC is the Globalist couterpart of RNC; NO difference !

  • rgaura

    F Bernie and F the main stream media, this soap opera is just to distract us. Keep yer eye on the ball!

  • Steven Berge

    Yea, I’m afraid you’re right about Bernie. I was thinking maybe that would be the best way for a green candidate for high office to win. Even with independent voters more numerous than either party, the greens still can’t get a whiff of 5%. But then again, should we really believe the political systems numbers?

  • Steve_I_Am

    Bernie is not a savior, and AOC’s Green New Deal, is not the answer. But electing Bernie President, and electing a congress committed to implementing, at least, AOC’s version of the GND, would be significantly more than an incremental step in the right direction. It would be the biggest political realignment the Country has seen since the Reagan “Revolution” of 1980.

    Setting our government back to the slightly-left-of-center would be a good first step towards reducing our carbon footprint by 50%, which the IPCC tells us we have to accomplish within 12 years, if we want even a fighting chance of maintaining a habitable evironment.

  • never_wore_zubaz

    Hey, do you have a link to the missing $21T from the Fed? I’ve only heard that in reference to defense spending … uhh, “accounting errors”.