How Psychedelic Drugs Can Cure Our Collective Insanity

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How Psychedelic Drugs Can Cure Our Collective Insanity

note: This is an episode clip. The full episode, The Healing Power of Psychedelics, will publish at Acronym TV on Thursday, May 29.

Amber Lyon, 3-time Emmy award winning journalist, describes how her work as a journalist covering social justice issues lead to her suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and how experience with Ayahuasca cured her of the disorder and led to a radical spiritual and career shift.

“I’ve never taken the traditional route in my journalism,” says Lyon “I spent a decade on the street covering some of the worst humanity has to offer whether it be war, slavery, drug trafficking, and I realized after a certain amount of time that I was just covering the symptoms of the greater problem which is our collective madness. We need healing at the individual level before anything is going to change when it comes to all of the destruction that we are seeing in this world. (…) I’ve decided that for the rest of my career I am going to attack the core which is this collective Insanity and collective need for healing; whether that is physical healing or healing when it comes to mental health disorders.

Lyon is developing a website, Reset.Me, which “strives to provide accurate journalism on psychedelics and alternative therapies for depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, addiction, and other health conditions.
We seek to give those who need to hit the ‘reset’ button in life information for improving mental and physical well being.

Through the aggregation of content and production of independent journalism by experienced reporters, Reset.Me aims to create an open discussion surrounding psychedelics and alternative therapies.”

According to a video produced by Amber Lyon’s new venture, Reset.Me:

“Numerous studies show these substances are non-neurotoxic, non-addictive and are having profound effects curing some of the most stubborn mental health disorders by helping people purge bottled up trauma. 

MDMA is curing debilitating PTSD in veterans. Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms, is alleviating anxiety and depression. LSD was used successfully for decades to combat alcohol addictions and anxiety. Ayahuasca is helping people purge traumatic memories while increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Psychedelics are some of the most profound medicines known to man.”


Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, filmmaker, photographer, and explorer known for her use of submersion journalism, or becoming part of the story, to find the truth.

Lyon is the founder of the news site, and the web show and podcast Reset with Amber Lyon.  While a CNN investigative correspondent, Amber was the only reporter to broadcast live while scuba diving in a HAZMAT suit from beneath the BP oil spill to connect viewers with the story.  Her reporting contributed to CNN winning a Peabody Award for coverage of the spill.  For her CNN documentary, iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring, Lyon examined social media’s critical role in galvanizing revolutions and exposing human rights abuse in Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain.

Lyon has reported extensively on domestic child sex trafficking. In 2010, She investigated the sex trafficking of domestic minors on the online classified site, Craigslist. Days after her report aired on CNN, 17 state Attorneys General quoted findings from Lyon’s report in a letter to Craigslist demanding the closure of their Adult Services section. Less than a month after the CNN investigation aired, Craigslist shut down their Adult Services section in the U.S. and has since closed the section worldwide. Lyon was honored with a prestigious Gracie Award for women in media and a nominated as a finalist for a Livingston Award for Young Journalists.

Lyon also reported for and co-produced a documentary on child sex trafficking entitled “Selling the Girl Next Door”. The hour-long documentary gave viewers a raw view into the disturbing world of underage American girls caught up in the violent sex trade.

Lyon is also the author of the 2013 Amazon bestseller, Peace, Love and Pepper Spray, a historic photographic documentation of protest across the United States.

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  • leftover

    I remember Amber Lyon as a journalist. Now she’s a huckster.
    And this is relevant to “Popular Resistance” how…exactly.

  • DHFabian

    I understand the writer’s points. However, as an older person with some experience with this issue, psychedelics are like religion in the sense that what one gains from it depends very much on one’s own inner inclinations. Many have benefited significant from both. By contrast, we have such examples as the “Manson Family” to show how either one can be used to promote evil. On a societal basis, as much as individuals would bulk at the idea, we are powerfully influenced by the general theme of the public discussion as directed largely by media. There have been times when this brought out the best in Americans, but more often, it has brought out the worst. As Adolf Hitler pointed out, any message that is repeatedly often enough to the public, no matter how crazy, will become accepted as fact. Today’s generation is a classic example. After years of media drumming home the message that US poverty is the consequence of “bad character” rather than a profoundly flawed economic system, even “progressives” agree. Lib media implicitly (but powerfully) promotes the notion that only those who are of current use the employers/the corporate state are deserving of the most basic human rights (per the UN’s UDHR) of food and shelter.

  • vallehombre

    PTSD is the new ADHD.

  • kevinzeese

    Not sure why you see her as a huckster. She’s done a lot of excellent work since leaving corporate media and this new project is not hucksterism, but has a long history. It is something Americans need to learn from rather than persecute. I appreciate her standing up for a controversial issue, an issue where people who see themselves as progressive criticize her as a huckster. Your rude question shows why this is important to have on Popular Resistance.

  • leftover

    It’s become clear to me that snake oil and hucksterism is you folks’ bread and butter.
    Not to worry. I won’t bother you with my rudeness any further.

  • Kevin Zeese

    I guess you were unable to show any example of her hucksterism. Since name calling is your specialty, it is probably better than you not comment any further.

  • georipo

    Kevin, Look for the pitbull to be back under a different identity.

  • rgaura

    The literature on the beneficial potential of psychedelics has long existed. My first experience in 1969 sent me out of body and gave me a taste of new rooms in the mansion of my being. We forget how much of the social movements of the 60´s and 70´s was fueled by the revolution in consciousness afforded by pot and LSD. Seeing can be transformative, awakening is what Buddha and the Christ are all about. Once you have the vision, making a perfect world is the only activity that makes any sense.

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  • Jon

    Exactly so, Kevin. Perhaps this person’s signature ought to be “rightover” instead of “leftover!”