How The Dems Will Betray In 2020 & The Movement For A People’s Party

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Nick Brana, founder of the Movement for a People’s Party joins us to lay out the Democratic party’s playbook, based on what he’s seen on the inside and built in response on the outside.

  • Infarction

    Once again, Bernie Sanders is reprising his role a sheepdog to corral the gullible back into the corporate-owned Democratic Party. The calcified leadership of the Democratic Party, beginning with the 1945 election when the Democrats shunned the left-leaning Henry Wallace for the reactionary Harry Truman to run as FDR’s vice president.

    The finish-off that flushed the FDR-liberals out of the party was the election of Bill Clinton in 1992. Clinton spoke in the rhetoric of the liberals that lulled them to sleep as he double-crossed his constituents to complete the right-wing agenda that the Republicans never could.

    Then came the polished black guy with the toothy smile with the gift of selling snake oil in 2008 in the wake of the buffoonish W. Bush. Obama along with H. Clinton continued to expand the Bush wars for profit as they began an assault on human rights around the globe. This is the paradigm of the Democratic Party that is now completely owned by Wall Street and the war profiteers.

    The Democrats have outlived their usefulness to the working class. They comprise the other right wing of the Corporate-War Party.

  • rgaura

    Wonderful, comprehensive conversation. Thanks.

  • il corvo

    Very accurate comment Infarction. Tulsi is being completely vilified and marginalized by both the DNC and the Media. They are frightened by her progressive ideas and anti-war stance, and add to that list sincerity and caring for others. I have even asked Code Pink to mention her, not even endorse her, but to use their voice to just call attention to her views. No response.

  • herbdavis

    Without an end to Citizen’s United it seems like a long shot to think we can compete with the corporate media illusions.

  • John Schoonover

    How do you account for Gabbard’s membership in the Council on Foreign Relations? Is she, too, a Democrat sheepdog?

  • Infarction

    Good point. She talks a good game, but so did the charlatan the Democrats ran after Bush/Cheney. At this point Gabbard gets my support based on my gut feeling; I never trusted Obama.

    The choices are very limited for a progressive candidate. I have zero confidence in the Green Party’s 2020 presidential candidate. I would have supported Jill Stein. Gabbard is saying the right things, but I remain skeptical. Biden is an idiot, but I suspect even if Gabbard received enough support to be nominated, the Democratic leadership would see that she never reached the podium to give her acceptance speech.


    There are always people and groups who position themselves as the “pure and politically correct”, and criticize the leading leftist in the country, which in this case is Sanders.If you are going to criticize Sanders, whom will you put in his place? You have no right to criticize without putting forth an alternative. These ultra- leftists always use the word BETRAYAL, blissfully unaware that political economy is messy, and there are no perfect contenders, ever. Lenin made mistakes, and so did Marx. Does that justify screaming BETRAYAL at every turn? Why does it sound exactly like the right wing?

  • chetdude

    I’d say that since Tulsi is still a reserve officer and wants to keep an eye on the enemy, membership in the CFR is a good idea to stay in touch with the delusions of the war mongers.

    Humans are a process in development or regression, never static. We can almost all look at our pasts and cringe and feel regret about positions we’ve held and bullsh*t we’ve believed. For instance, as a Navy Junior it was inevitable that I would end up at the Naval Academy where I met with an Epiphany and learned I was a political Pacifist and resigned before becoming a “professional murderer” and gangster for capitalism in Vietnam.

    Gabbard is MY Congresswoman. I know my neighbors and community – the good, compassionate people who voted for her. But mainly I trust her CONVERSION and growth from going along with some positions imposed upon her by her family, her family’s “religion” to thoroughly reject them…an arc that I’m familiar with along with her rejection of much of her military programming.

    I’m good with Bernie, Tulsi or even Warren as the next pResident as any of those people can use the bully pulpit and with our help (massive, militant Popular Resistance) reverse the slide into fascism we’ve watched proceed over the last 48 years!

  • chetdude

    $27 per year (5 cups of Starbucks inferior burnt “coffee”) from the most affluent 50% of the bottom 90% of the electorate = $3 Billion PER YEAR to support the election of candidates friendly to those of us in the bottom 90%…

    And it’s much easier and cheaper to sell the Truth than it is to sell the lies with the techniques available now, and some old ones like good old fashioned Community Organizing that bypass the corporate media.


    Either you work within the system, or outside the system, or BOTH. Just remember it will always be messy!

  • mwildfire

    I think you might be right. There is a distinct difference between her and both Bernie and Warren; they all champion economic justice and environmental repair, but only Tulsi dares challenge the war machine (Bernie has been doing so more lately, even challenging Israel, but I don’t know as we can trust him.IKt’s no longer allowed in Washington to question the endless wars and the regime change operations.

  • Andrea

    I’d love to see ALL private campaign financing sansed in favor of public funding only.

  • Thank you, Antonio. Totally agree. The problem with the left — and why we so rarely win — is this constant insistence on purity. Nobody is pure.

  • Ghost

    Bernie’s revolution has an On/Off switch.
    Bernie or Bust does not. Only a movement DEMANDING Sanders will get him the nomination. Take the pledge:

  • I took the pledge ages ago. I still don’t believe the Dems will let him get the nomination.

  • nikto

    America has no “ultra-left”.

    The farthest left you’ll find in great numbers are basically Bernie Sanders-New Deal-types.

    Back in the heyday of the Democratic Party, the New Deal was mainstream.

    Reagan and others pushed the country to the right, and now
    we are a virtual corporatocracy.

    It’s time to get back to the moderate left of the New Deal, or the GOP will take us
    to the ACTUAL, fascistic far right, as they are starting to do now.

  • How much further left is there than card-carrying members of the CPUSA, like Obama’s mentor?

  • Alan MacDonald

    Yes, Infarction, when you write: ”

    “The calcified leadership of the Democratic Party, beginning with the
    1945 election when the Democrats shunned the left-leaning Henry Wallace
    for the reactionary Harry Truman to run as FDR’s vice president.”— you are absolutely correct.

    If Bernie does not in 2020 come out full throated for firing a — loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, and ‘in the voting booths’,
    and ‘in a mass movement’, but totally nonviolently — “SHOUT (not shot)
    heard round the world” to ignite an essential second American people’s
    peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire”
    [Justin du Rivage] as Bernie implied in his 2015 initial and incomplete
    call for just a “Political Revolution” — then we the people of America,
    and all ‘citizens of our world’ might, and just could, hopefully
    overcome this damned Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE before it
    kills our kids, grand-kids, our country, our failing environment, and
    our entire little fragile world — then Bernie will be useless, and not successful in taking-over the old dollar-drenched Democratic Party (or the “smoother-lying” neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party.