How To Fight War Fever, Power Stand-Off + Fire & Water

| Resistance Report

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Tho filmed before Iran’s military reaction, we touch on some important information regarding Soleimani and the need for loud and resolute international antiwar responses.

Updates on bad ass organizers, activists and whistleblowers. Next, what we really need in order to stop the empire and why we can’t just lean on letters from the UN. War Fever is high and the propaganda machine is working overtime. Next, water woes in the world’s largest fire storm, and what this has to do with an indigenous fight in Canada. Finally, Sunrise El Paso sits down to talk corporate takeovers of public utilities.

  • voza0db

    The hillbillies don’t care about that sort of information! So how many millions of those are still in the USofT? Count them out…

    Even the current young generations that are connected 24/7 since birth… Don’t really care about that information. Many still join the terrorist armed forces with Pride! Those that don’t join simply don’t care! Count them out…

    The old generations… Some that were directly engaged in the Millennial Art of War are leaving the USofT (due national poverty) to go to countries where they can live very good lives, like Vietnam and other countries in that region. The ones that stay in the USofT clearly are to old and don’t even bother to waste time reading information about that and much less dissent! Count them out…

    Who remains?!

  • potshot

    Intelligent conversations. Bravo Eleanor.