How To Rebrand Walmart

Ready to Jam a Walmart Near You? Great! Here’s How.

Read to the end for links to download hi-res, printable Rebrand Walmart signs.

Making the Signs

  • The “Unstoppable” and “Fightback!” price cards are ready to print and copy onto 8 ½ X 11 card stock. Cut ‘em youself!
  • The “Lower Wages Guarantee” sign can also be printed on 8.5 X 11 with little cutting (Those are the same size and look as signs right by the cash register… Just sayin’).
  • The red banner-type signs (“Poverty Pay”, “Inhumane”, ”Solidarity” are formatted so you can print them on legal size paper and they’ll be just the right size for the displays in the store. After you print them on legal paper, cut them. Then copy them two at a time onto 11 X 17 card stock.

Put ‘em up!

  • There are plenty of places for the price cards. Anywhere you see one of theirs, you can put one of these!
  • The banner-type signs fit a few different kinds of displays. They should fit over the text of longer signs that are the same height. Just look like you’re supposed to be doing what you’re doing. Smoooooth!
  • No need for tape, or clips!

Jam Your Own Jam!

Have another message for Walmart shoppers? Make your own signs!

Go scope out you local Walmart to come up with ideas.

Act on Good Ideas! There are a lot of peaceful, creative, fun way to clear the eyes of those blinded by corporate-driven consumerism and send a strong message to the corporate crooks themselves. Choose yours!

Make people laugh. Make people think. Cause consternation. Challenge the consumer to re-examine his/her environment and choices, but be creative not destructive!

Share With Others!

Send photos and videos (at your own risk and discretion) of signs you’ve posted to our Rebrand Walmart tumblr!

Click to Download the Signs, or get a .ZIP file with everything included hereThese are high resolution JPG files that you can print on any color inkjet printer.