How to Use this Website

News and Information provides a daily stream of news and articles on issues related to the movements for peace and social, economic and environmental justice. You can browse the most recent headlines in our magazine-style home view or in a more traditional blog view.

Many of our articles are original writings from our own authors and guest contributors, while most are republished from various sources around the web. Each article is assigned to one of the five main movement-building categories based on its content, with general, issues-oriented news put in the Educate! category.

Resources and Action

We are also an information clearinghouse providing tools and resources to help you become active and connect with groups and organizations in the movement. Our national events calendar lists upcoming protests, conferences, activist trainings and more.

Our online actions page lists current petitions, letter-writing and social media campaigns you can participate in quickly and immediately. Come back to this site often as new content is added regularly, and sign up to our weekly email newsletter containing up-to-date movement news and information on a variety of issues.

To submit your event for the calendar, click the button at the top of the calendar page. All events must include a contact email and event url to be considered for inclusion. If you would like your organization added to one of our resource sections, or you want to suggest other resources, don’t hesitate to contact us. We always respond quickly.

Website Organization

The tools and resources provided on this website are divided into five main categories based upon the five necessary elements needed to build a mass movement and achieve success. They are:

Resist! Provides information about important direct action campaigns you can join or support.

Create! Provides information about ways that you can build alternative systems in your community, such as public banks and worker-owned cooperatives.

Educate! Provides reliable sources of information about issues and current events which are fact-based and free of corporate propaganda. Also provides tools so that you can be the media.

Organize! Provides information and tools for organizing actions in your own community, forming and maintaining democratic organizations, building coalitions and connecting with others.

Strategize! Provides information and resources on nonviolent resistance, direct action and civil disobedience, as well as other effective strategies for social and political change.

This website is also organized by issues. We see 15 key issues on which the US and the world are in crisis. Along with being assigned to one of the five movement-building categories, each article on our site is tagged to one or more of these core issues. You can browse by tags in the right-hand sidebar.

Your Participation

We welcome your ideas and involvement. Please share with us what you are doing in your community so we can learn from you and share it with others here. Also let us know what we can do to provide information and tools that better serve your needs as an activist.