How Venezuelans Are Holding Their Own Against US Imperialism

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The United States and its allies are waging a long term battle for Venezuela’s abundant resources, which include oil, gas, gold, diamonds and minerals. The Venezuelan government, through the Bolivarian Process, is trying to use those resources to meet the needs of its people for housing, education, health care, food and more. We speak with Paul Dobson, a resident of Venezuela and journalist, about how Venezuelans are organized to resist the escalating attacks by the US and its allies and how US efforts are backfiring by consolidating support for the democratically-elected President, Nicolás Maduro.

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Paul Dobson is a Brit with a firm repudiation of the monarchic British political system. He is also an MA graduate specialised in history and philosophy from Edinburgh University. He has lived, worked, and extensively knows nearly every different region of Venezuela, having lived there since 2006.

An ex-tour guide, anaconda-trapper, bird watcher, and map producer, Paul is a great lover of the stunning natural life which can be found in Venezuela. Having finally settled in the beautiful Andean state of Merida in the west of Venezuela with his wife, Paul is currently involved in a range of political projects including being an active member of Venezuela’s Committee of International Solidarity (COSI) and a number of grassroots collectives ranging from communicational projects to ecological issues as well as his communal council. He is a journalist with Venezuelanalysis. He is also a specialist on the Venezuelan electoral system.

  • FrontLine

    WikiLeaks paper reveals US empire was becoming anxious about Venezuela adopting euro and directing exports to China

  • Pat moore

    Understandable that they would consider this, as our sanctions are leaving them with no other alternative.

  • What is the real story behind the recent stream of refugees coming out of Venezuela? The spin in the US news media is that they are “fleeing poverty and starvation”, etc, but what I hear on the Popular Resistance site is that the Maduro Government is doing everything possible to ensure that everyone still receives the basics of food, shelter, and health care. Both story-lines can not be correct. Where is the evidence, and what does it say about the propagandists on both sides?

  • kevinzeese

    Another major falsehood. We have an article going up today based on a CIA report on Venezuela which concludes there are more people moving to Venezuela than leaving it! There are millions of Colombians who have fled the violence of Colombia and moved to Venezuela. Many are among the poorest in Venezuela and the country has given them free housing. Like so much of what we are told about Venezuela, the truth is the opposite of what we are told.

  • What the F!!! Why did I just hear a report on “SUPPOSEDLY ACCURATE ” NPR about the “terrible ordeal” of a lady leaving her older children in Venezuela, taking only her youngesst child with her when she fled?

    NPR used to be reliable, but now it’s just as bad as all the other corporate-sponsored news media outlets.

  • kevinzeese

    National Propaganda Radio, funded by big business and government for the most part.

  • willflow

    Yea, NPR is a major player in the propaganda machine. I drive for a living as a local truck driver. I use it to keep my bullshit meter calibrated for when I post articles in my group. BBC which is often played in NPR channels is no better.

  • willflow

    Last count was like 3 million wasn’t it? Over several years.

  • BBC is now the same filtered half-news, but with a tony “British” accent.