Howard University Students Winning, 6th Day Of Occupation

Howard University students are in their sixth day of occupying the administration building. They are winning support from the faculty with the Faculty Senate Council voting no confidence in the president, Board of Trustees and others.

The Faculty Senate also issued a letter of support for the students saying they “… are encouraged by and proud of our students’ efforts, which are living examples of the mission of Howard University.”

Black America web, CNN and USA Today  reported that the Howard University Board of Trustees has already agreed to one of their nine demands to “provide adequate housing for all students under the age of 21 and extend the fall 2018 housing deposit deadline to May 1,” according to Alexis McKenney, a Howard student and lead organizer of HU Resist.

Even though one demand has been met, McKenney told the media that students will continue to occupy the administration building until the other eight have been met. #HUResist is not willing to negotiate on the remaining demands.

McKenney was reported in CNN explaining, “We want people to see that there is a reason why we are here. It’s not just the financial aid situation — that highlights a very serious and a very pervasive issue of the lack of transparency with this administration, and the lack of student involvement in all functions, which has led to a lot of issues.”

USA Today reported, “The student group described talks with the board of trustee members in a news release and said they’re prepared to continue their occupation until they are satisfied that their demands have been met.”

The students held a candlelight vigil to honor the activism of Winnie Mandela who was a leader in ending apartheid in South Africa.