Huge Human Inequality Study Hints Revolution Is In Store For U.S.

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Above Photo: A recent Credit Suisse report shows that the richest 1 percent of humanity owns half the world’s wealth.

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  • tibetan cowboy

    At least 1 million heavily armed patriotic Americans are now ready to begin dissembling the USA’s fascist regime. Once underway, another few million heavily armed / trained patriots will join to remove the people in congress and administration from the planet. Those first million are ready to begin today, believe me. We will see IED’s and similar asymmetric warfare soon – most likely multiple simultaneous attacks scattered at targets across the country, and then the revolution will spread fast across the country.

  • kevinzeese

    What do they want? What are their goals? When I hear “armed patriots” it makes me worried that it is a revolt against the kind of future we are working for — economic, racial and environmental justice as well as peace.

    If this “report” is accurate, and I doubt it, it sounds like it will do more damage than good.

  • AlanMacDonald

    This is what i just submitted as a comment to the NYT on their analysis of the lousy Tax Reform — and surprisingly the “Times” allowed it to be published on their site:

    Alan MacDonald

    Wells, Maine

    1 hour ago

    Despite “Starting as a (phony) Tax Cut. Now It
    Could Change American Life” in a favorable way, if ‘we the American
    people’ are as smart and demanding as South Americans were when they
    demanded ‘Land Reform’ — which today would be called ‘Wealth Reform’
    — since ‘Wealth/Capital Reform’ provides a fair deal on the
    ‘asset-class’ of Wealth/Capital instead of the old asset-class of Land
    in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    “Ben, I’ve got two words for you”

    “Are you listening”? “Yes, Mr. McGuire”

    Two Words —- “Wealth Reform”!

    Which means — going after the asset-class of Wealth/Capital, akin to “Land
    Reform”, but breaking-up; expropriated, often looted, hoarded,
    monopolized, and taken-out-of productive use — of the asset-class of
    Land and now Wealth.

    “Land Reform” was very effectively employed
    in 18th & 19th century Europe and 19th & 20th century South
    America, to break-up, free-up, and re-balance the asset class of
    massively hoarded Land.

    “Wealth/capital Reform” is the only
    fast-working solution in 21st century America (and globally) to
    break-up, free-up, and re-balance the asset-class of massively hoarded
    Wealth — which is provably, in the “Paradise/Panama Papers” being
    massively hoarded by the world’s 26,000 UHNWIs [Ultra High Net Worth
    Individuals] and their owned stateless corporations.

    “Wealth Reform” is the only fast solution to a Disguised Global Capitalist
    EMPIRE that is serving those mere 26,000, tiny, greedy 0.1% and
    smothering the world’s 6.5 Billion 99.9%

    Here’s the Times’ piece that my comment was allowed on:

    “It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.”

    I’m finding that if I can get the “Times” to run serious and revolutionary exposure like this, then imagine the impact that ex NYT Chris Hedges, Kevin Zeese, and Paul Street could have on the NY Times to a broader audience to sow the seeds (and information) to spark a Second American people’s peaceful patriotic “Political/economic and socialist Revolution Against Empire”?

    The MIC is open folks — use it.

  • mwildfire

    Dream on. Most of the serious revolutionaries are not armed, and whether armed or not, are very much divided by the successful “culture wars.” Yes, there may well be a revolution, but it isn’t likely to be organized, its start is likely to be unpredictable, and its ongoing trajectory chaotic. The outcome is even more unpredictable, as warlord types take over areas and then war with each other.

  • rgaura

    Alan, I do love your educational rants. But really, fuck the NYT. They are in my view only occasionally due to a link online. People who look to them for news are believing fantasies; elaborate, long term framing which is destructive to human reasoning. Best to seek out honest reporting, like we find on this site. People are waking up, massively. That is why so many so called leaders in govt are seeking to shut down the internet and censor truth tellers. We have got them on the run!

  • mwildfire

    I think a very interesting question arising out of this report is, Why have modern societies gone into such high Gini numbers without a revolution? And I think there are a number of reasons. One is that overall wealth has expanded so much–at the expense of future generations and other species–that even the poor in most countries are not actually at risk of starvation or exposure. Yet. Another is that the ruling class has perfected the circuses as well as the bread delivery, and the techniques of dividing to rule, and long ago perfected the critical means of getting large numbers of the young males of the oppressed classes–the most dangerous group–into camps for propaganda that leads to blind obedience as they either fight each other according to uniform color, or attack the people to defend the rulers. And one more thing–advances in technology have steadily reduced the number of such brainwashed men a lone sociopath needs to surveill and control and kill potential enemies. We’re very close to the point where their tiny spy drones determine who is successful at organizing, when this person is in a private space, and then sending an attack drone to anonymously kill him or her.

  • iowapinko

    This is very concerning. Any weaponized attack on the U$ govt will result in OVERWHELMING blowback aimed at the political left, regardless of the source (and I suspect the source originates on the right and/or from agent provocateur sources).

    If tibetan cowboy’s predictions haave any validity (I suspect they are greatly exaggerated), we could end up facing a full blown fascist response. The nascent authoritarian right would become enabled to enact a nightmarish cascade of repression.

    The left in the U$ represent a disorganized majority of the population. We have work to do in order to agitate, educate and organize a politically powerful organized majority movement. Lots and lots of work.

    The cause of justice is our strength; guns are our weakness (the govt has exponentially more fire power) and our potential downfall.

  • DHFabian

    I think that such a possibility was kept in mind since the Reagan Revolution (which has been ongoing), which pulled the US well to the right. Much work went into dividing us, pitting us against each other by class, race, and ideology. Racial resentments among the poor have been nurtured for years. Liberal media have done their part by virtually disappearing the consequences of our war on the poor, while redefining the US poor as no one worse off than minimum wage workers.

    In the end, we’re left with the question: If we had a revolution, who would fight whom, and for what? The working class can’t risk their jobs by “rising up,” knowing there’s nothing to fall back on today. Behind every worker today stands a line of equally qualified people who are desperate for the chance to replace them, for even lower wages. The very poor are driven into hiding, with no means of organizing. When the very poor fall, they are scooped up and taken to hospitals, repaired, and then dumped back on the streets or in jail (no starved bodies lying in the streets). When organized efforts to shine a light on the severity of today’s poverty crisis are made, such as the Poor People’s Campaign, media won’t cover it, so it has little if any impact.

    Mainstream America remains virtually clueless about how severe conditions are throughout the country. We’ve shipped out/shut down million of US jobs since the 1980s, and actual welfare aid was ended in the 1990s. There are no options for those who are phased out of the job market.

  • DHFabian

    “….poor in most countries are not actually at risk of starvation or exposure.” This is false. In the US, they don’t starve to death because we produce abundant food waste.One can still survive on food from garbage/dumpsters. They do, indeed, die from exposure, with many lost each winter. The problem is somewhat reduced by finding spots where there’s just enough warmth to survive; when temperatures plunge low enough, “warming centers” are opened to the homeless. They suffer horribly in the meantime, but usually survive. When illness makes them fall, they are quickly removed from the streets.

    “Out of sight, out of mind.” The “important thing” is to keep media from shining a spotlight on just how extreme our poverty crisis is.

  • DHFabian

    The US doesn’t have a poverty crisis due to the lack of resources, but because of the deliberate choice to block those resources from reaching the jobless poor. We routinely ship out or destroy tons of food each year while blocking a crumb from trickling down to the very poor. Although our former primary welfare program, AFDC, used a mere 6% of the federal budget at its highest (1970s), mainstream America raged against it as “a matter of principle.” We created these conditions on the theory that if we made life hellish enough for the poor, they would choose to get un-poor.

  • DHFabian

    With all due respect, where did you hear such a thing? No, we were going to wage a revolution, but couldn’t get enough time off from work. Seriously, who would fight whom, and for what? Over the past quarter-century, the war on the poor has taken an extraordinary toll. Meanwhile, even liberal media no longer acknowledge those who are far worse off than low wage workers.

  • DHFabian

    Other than Rev. Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign, who has been working for economic justice? Or let’s put it this way: What is considered “economic justice” for all those who can’t work, or for whom no jobs are available?

  • DHFabian

    It’s not reality, so stop fretting. If the US had a left of any size, they would have been shining a spotlight on our poverty crisis as proof of the grave short-comings of our “free market” capitalism. Today’s liberals don’t even acknowledge the existence of anyone worse off than minimum wage workers (in a country that lost multi-millions of jobs).

  • David Schultz

    As exemplified in that old Steinbeck novel those oranges are owned by somebody wealthy. Contrary to the laws of supply and demand the price of those oranges never fall to a low enough price that the destitute can afford to buy them. Their value as landfill is greater than giving them away to the unemployed for free. Better yet, the cost of distribution of resources exceeds the nominal profit that can be gained from supplying poor people.

  • DHFabian

    Our right wing aren’t stupid. Successful revolutions in history were driven by the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. Over the past quarter-century, relentless work has gone into pitting these very people against each other.

  • David Schultz

    Yes, the statue wars of Summer 2017 is a good example of the Bread & Circus refinement of the 21st century. The country is falling apart economically and they are going nuts about 100 year old monuments. Likewise a huge tax change is being made and most people are clueless about the details. Meanwhile millions are hypnotized by a non-stop parade of sex scandals. The mechanisms of control are getting better and better and people are not getting any smarter.

    I’m assuming the Gini index under feudalism was fairly high. People were literally bound to the land or a craft shop like a slave. The idea that a smithy could pack up and leave his lord was simply unthinkable. They lived in that paradigm. Likewise we live in a paradigm where storming the voting booths next spring and voting for a congress that will actually tax Jeff Bezos is equally unthinkable. The act of voting for someone who is not approved by the television is as alien to the modern American as would be 14th century peasant leaving his plot of land.

  • eldwdubu

    Do we really got them on the run, they are still winning. I think Americans reaction to income and wealth inequality is still very very tepid because I think the media is doing a great job of keeping Americans confused on economic issues.

  • mwildfire

    and they have the advantage of all kinds of psychological research so they can do this more effectively than their counterparts in the past.

  • rgaura

    We have the power. All of the institutions are crumbling. These things can happen very quickly. If the stories of all the successes and good folks working for justice and serving others were on TV and in the news, we could quickly see the nightmare portrayal for what it is; paralysing propaganda. The task is not revolution, with all of its histories and connotations. Its more transformation. The social fabric has been rent a thousand ways by commodification and wrong assed philosophies and bogus authorities. We need to re-weave the social fabric with all of the ancient knowledge and values of compassion, kindness, and love. I like Helena´s vision of ancient futures. Your attention is nurturing and creative. Don´t put crap in your eyes or your gut. Pay attention to the growing edge. Be miraculous!

  • Jon

    Not “We” Fabian—the ruling class. That’s not “we.”

  • Jon

    Exactly why I implore people, over and over, NOT to use the term “neoliberalism,” but instead “neofeudalism.” You explained it very well David.

  • Jon

    “to remove the people in congress and administration” But the real question is identifying those to whom THEY report and serve. Go up the “food chain.”

  • Jon

    Liberals are NOT “the left.” At best “left leaning.” True leftists want to end the empire.

  • Anitah J. Carlisle

    Starve the Beast.

  • GStorm

    It is hard to spin the economy very long. People know what is in their wallets and how their neighbors and family are doing. What is harder is collectively realizing the whys and how widespread the problems are.

  • Anna de la Strange

    when that tipping point happens ill be in the front lines, that five minutes of fight before i am splattered by the military will be well worth it if it means that by so doing, america can reset back to what it was supposed to be: land of the free, home of the brave, life liberty and pursuit of happiness for all. so long to the corruption in Washington, give the power back to the people

  • Anna de la Strange

    that is how they see it yes. they refuse to see that in giving that orange to the poor, (by investing in the lives of the poor,) some of those poor sometimes become great authors, musicians, scientists, leaders. or at the very least, they eventually become self sufficient. John steinback was a genius of painting reality into prose!

  • eldwdubu

    The EFFECTIVE business tax rate is 15%, 1 out of 4 establishment corporations pay ZERO federal taxes, a large percentage of millionaires and billionaires pay ZERO taxes, Trump payed no taxes for 12 years straight. Mitt RobMe payed ZERO taxes for a number of years but on average he payed 6% of his income when he did pay.

    Rank and file Americans are being forced to feed a monster!

    Neofeudalism is what we have in America, predator, exploitation capitalism, that concentrates money to a very few at the top, winner takes all mentality. America is not a democratic republic, it is a corporate oligarchy, a fascism that hijacked our government and uses it as another revenue stream and make what is wrong and unethical, law. A capitalism that have no country loyalty or respect for ethics, beats down better ideas to maintain the status quo and benefits the same people, which is why you only have a few choices, like one or two, for TV and Internet Service.

    Look, Net Neutrality will end in December of this year because of greedy corporations. The United States will become an authoritarian state, it’s already a police and surveillance state, because the billionaires that bought and bosses our government will make it protect its interests as income and wealth inequality continues to widen through this rigged economy.

  • LindaR

    Sounds about right, unfortunately….

  • LindaR

    So well said!

  • Sue Greer-Pitt

    excellent question, and a very good start on an answer to that question.

  • Michael Bruesch

    Drones are cheap, ANYONE can own one if they want to.

  • T.j. Thomas

    They may not exactly be on the run, but they are buying up a lot of land in New Zealand… 🙂

  • eldwdubu

    Oligarchs will not stop until they own the whole planet.

  • Louis Janney

    The game of Monopoly ends when one player controls all of the assets or the other players overturn the board.

  • Maikwe Ludwig

    Check out the New Economy Coalition. There are over 200 organizations that are formally part of that coalition and many more with similar goals.

  • Gonad Organ

    “Who would fight whom?”
    Perhaps fighting is the wrong verb. I wonder how much it would cost for a copy of “Fortune 500” and that many bullets.

  • MehlRenner

    It is a major fallacy to think our government can be changed to correct the control by the 1%. Lobbying and the influence of money power have been going on for years and years. Anyone voted in with aspirations to change things for the common good will only find that nothing can be accomplished without giving in to the existing power structure. Multi-national corporations control the world and most governments, including ours, are simply pit crews. The people no longer own our government.
    Our politicians tout a false promise that jobs are the answer. The 1% really does not care about putting people to work because far greater profit is to be made on paper investments. The population explosion, least cost wage sourcing in a world economy and technological advances replacing human inefficiency will mean less and less jobs to go around. A critical threshold of people without work will ultimately create revolution. There needs to be a move to an economic system that encourages our bartering our talents. We really need to be teaching self-sustainability in our schools and in the interim there should be some form of capitalistic socialism. Yes, America was once great because capitalism proved worthwhile, but greed has gone rampant and human resources have lost the kind of value they once deserved.
    The absolutely most intelligent thing we can possibly do to prevent our collapse is to move our society in a far more socialistic direction.

  • Sweden’s value of 0.79 is unexpected.

  • AuntyMM

    people keep ignoring the jobs that have been shipped to prison industry here.