Hundreds Of Protests Call For No War With Iran

| Resist!

As the Senate moves within five votes to ensure the Iran nuclear agreement becomes reality, hundreds of protests were held across the country calling on elected officials to support the Iran nuclear deal rallying for no war with Iran. The coordinated mobilizations come at a key moment as Congress nears the end of the August recess. Tens of thousands of petitions were also submitted to members of Congress. Lawmakers will vote on the pact—potentially as soon as September 9.

You can take action now to call your elected representatives to urge them to choose the path to peace by supporting the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and world powers. Take action here. The war hawks are spending millions of dollars to generate opposition to the agreement but the people are out organizing and are getting very close to victory. So, take action today. 

As you can see from the tweets below, protests have been occurring throughout the month of August.

  • AlanMacDonald

    Like Homie, Empire “don’t do that” — when ‘that’ is listening to anyone.

  • occupy declaration

    Where was the mainstream press on this? Was this really a non-issue? How are the votes lining up now? Do we have to be worried?

  • kevinzeese

    As we say at the beginning of the article we are very close to having enough votes to uphold a veto of Obama needs to veto congressional opposition. Not there yet, but closing in.