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Hybrid War On China Crafted By Marquee Brands Like Frontline

Above photo: Profusely distributed photos proclaiming “Chinese atrocities”, but absent the proper contextual investigation to understand the issues. A classical case of Western propaganda.

NOTE: To learn more about the World Uyghur Congress, a far right US-funded network, read this excellent article from Ajit Singh of The Grayzone. – MF

From Hong Kong to Xinjiang and Tibet, the US disinformation machine patrols the globe to offer pretexts to demonize China.

Since the the good old days are here again with Biden, according to millions of clueless Democrats, the deep state media is wasting no time to ratchet up its “Chinagate” angle, just in case Biden should forget to go full hawk on Beijing (which is not likely to happen, judging from his record and the pool of war criminals he will be selecting from for his foreign policy cabinet).

Observe how in this promo mail, FRONTLINE, which once upon a time came up with some acceptable instances of journalism, is now, in the era of Russiagate, and Trump derangement, another victim of the all-enveloping media degeneracy in the service of an equally degenerate empire. Word for word, this promo is a textbook example of Cold War propaganda at its vilest. The intent to demonize Beijing is clear, yet I’m sure this despicable program will fool millions, as it was designed to do.

In the annals of filth, the American propaganda system has no peers when it comes to effective, sanctimonious disinformation, sanctimony and fake empathy the favorite pose of consummate hypocrites.  Sadly, this fecal example of bourgeois journalism is what passes for reportage these days, even on PBS, and expect it to get worse. Mental chewing gum for comfortable liberals, though, who can’t live without the New York Times, NPR and the rest of their habit-forming “elegant media”.

We are so sure you will have the requisite antenna NOT to fall for the torrent of lies and manipulations in this  fake documentary, that we are including it here, in this post’s appendix, for your own examination. Keep it for the record. Notice that they fail to show real atrocities, nor can they show the Uyghurs living in abject poverty, or deprived of their places of worship, since Beijing has in fact built many mosques for their use.

The main thing they can show is unverifiable complaints. But such complaints could be found in many countries across the globe, including close strategic allies of the US, such as Britain and France, where there are large Muslim populations. And much of the footage could also be easily staged, a well known trick of imperial propaganda. After all the empire is nothing if not adept and the manufacturing of illusion.

Yet we believe the more you discover the truth about this situation, and the sheer villainy and bad faith behind this fake effort at investigative journalism,  the more you will feel nauseated at the lengths the American media will go to help maintain global US hegemony. —PG

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