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“France will have more than 10,000 soldiers mobilized on home soil by Tuesday after 17 were killed in attacks carried out by Islamist militants in Paris last week, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Monday,” begins a piece at Reuters this morning, as Western nations tighten security around the globe with veiled warnings of beware of Muslims dominating the discussion in the corporate press.
Neglected by most of the corporate media is the story The Guardian puts forward “Since the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the country’s Muslim community, despite universally and repeatedly condemning the attack, has come under a wave of misguided ‘reprisal’ attacks.”  
Indeed, Muslims are having difficulty in presenting the fact that it was a Muslim cop who was killed in the Paris attack while defending those who were ridiculing his faith, as shown in the tweet by a Muslim living in French Belgium used to illustrate this item, above.  AnotherMuslim hid Jews from one of the jihadist gunmen.  It was clear throughout the killings and hostage taking that mainstream Muslims can be as heroic as any of us, but the coverage only lightly touches on this, as the incident in Paris is used to expand security for the “War on Terrorism,” which is so lucrative for the global elites. 
In fact, all the mainstream press coverage and the million person march in Paris yesterday neglected to point out that it was the Western transnational elite who created modern Islamic terrorism. 
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    Quick to hysteria and painting all Muslims with one brush…will we ever learn…