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Imagine Light! Join The Coordinated Art-Action Night

Above: From Creative Resistance

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

10 Days to Change Course: Mother Earth Day to May Day National Actions

Join the GCC (Global Climate Convergence) the OLB (Overpass Light Brigade) and the Light Brigade Network in “Light Up the Skies for People, Planet & Peace Over Profit” April 25, 2014 as part of the 10 Days to Change Course Mother Earth Day to May Day national actions.

No matter where you’re located, you can use your creativity to get out into the night & take action! Light up the skies simply by meeting at the beach with candles or at the park with flashlights. Get out your glow sticks! Use artistic tools and your imagination to express what you are passionate about this Earth Day to May Day!

Join a Light Brigade near you. Create a vigil. Bring out glowsticks and candles. Project images or hold your handheld tablets high! Imagine Light!

Check out How to Make a Light Up Letter from the OLB experts:
Letter Making with the Overpass Light Brigade
Overpass Light Brigade: DIY LED Signs (from

Need some ideas? Visit the Overpass Light Brigade Photo Stream on Facebook. Also visit the Light Brigade Network!

To contact the OLB, please visit the OLB Facebook Page and send them a message. While you are there, show some support for everything they are doing and “Like” their page!

Send images from your actions to:! We will share them with the National GCC Network.

About the OLB from their Website:

The Overpass Light Brigade was forged in the activist climate of the Wisconsin Uprising. Our messages shine over highways at night. We believe in the power of communities coming together in physical space, as well as the importance of visibility for grassroots and progressive causes. We are a loose and inclusive affiliation of people dedicated to the power of peaceful and playful protest.

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