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Important Doubts About the Syrian Chemical Attack

The United States seems on the verge of war because of an alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.  The U.S. media is highlighting the story and not raising obvious critical questions.  The article below is from the “Syrian Truth” website. This is an opposition nonviolent, non-Islamist site. They raise lots of common sense questions that show how the claim of chemical weapons use is very doubtful. You may want to tweet some of these questions to the media to encourage them to ask government officials about them.  On August 14th this site had warned that he had received intelligence information stating that the “Turkmen” fighters of armed opposition have received chemical weapon to create a world alarm in Lattakiah and Damascus.

This article was translated by computer which does an imperfect job and sometimes moves punctuation marks to the beginning of a sentence rather than the end (and for some reason makes it very hard for us to correct).  I hope people will overlook these problems and focus on the substance of the important issues raised.

“Kimo Drama” Black in Damascus confirms what was published by the “truth” in 14 of the month entirety

Report “the truth” before the week: “Turkmen brigades” and its allies obtained a Turkish chemical weapons to commit a “massacre demand,” and “truth” Tillthm offense fabrication described

Damascus, the truth (special: Mazen Ibrahim): He woke up the world today, despite the presence of the International Commission of Inquiry on chemical weapons in Damascus two days ago, the news Zapper says that the regime committed the massacre of a chemical in a number of areas of Damascus, and specifically always Orbin and Ain Tarma. No sooner counter casualty figures to rise with the daylight hours from a few dozen to more than two hundred and then to more than 1300!!

It was remarkable that a large proportion of the victims are children, which calls on the spot ask a composite of a number of questions is not any of them innocent never: How met these children together to die together, although they were not together in school or club or anywhere requiring their presence with each other, especially since the areas referred to are areas of military operations, and witnessing especially since this morning blasted the Syrian army in various kinds of weapons sites militants in these areas, while children are exposed to any injury phenomenon caused by conventional weapon despite the ferocity of the shelling on people’s homes, as opponents “التنسيقيات”!? And how they died did not die according to our knowledge and according to the tape showed their parents? Is it possible that chemical weapons entering homes and choose to kill children without their parents as if they were programmed to kill the children alone?

Clues and “circumstantial evidence” on fading novel:

First, it is not possible for the system, especially with the presence of the international investigation committee in Damascus, to use chemical weapons in areas near the capital could arrive Committee experts in less than ten minutes from the headquarters of their stay; as well as having the possibility of serious because under “environment” civilian and military adjacent to the injury. It is not used because of the cheese does not morals, but against political detainees, as it did during the eighties and nineties and the beginning of the third millennium at Guantanamo, “Khan Abu moles” The Secret of the intelligence air, while Try chemical weapons new to the more than one thousand two hundred political prisoners Syrian and non-Syrian, as revealed by Nizar Nayyuf ten years ago in a report of five hundred page is still under wraps had not seen anyone on some of its contents, but Haytham Manna, and began flocking him device intelligence Oorbean at least two years ago in order to get it, even though one of them (the French) was kidnapped in Belgium in 2002 after know that to reach conclusive evidence condemning the French Ministry of Defense in crime involvement. Note that the four Western countries were involved in the crime through the provision of chemical elements (raw) of the Syrian regime for that program that tests (France / Government, Germany / Government, Netherlands / private company, and management of medical industries in the U.S. Army, through the Foundation ” Tameco “Syrian specializing in importing pharmaceutical products).

Second, the system cowardly use of these weapons. Has available to him during the past two years the atmosphere “typical” very technical sense to use against the militants, but avoid it. The most prominent example is what happened in the “Mountain of the corner” last year. Has mobilized nearly 3 thousands of militants amid forests and forests could have been exterminated all in less than an hour, without causing any harm to civilians or even chickens. But he did not do!

Third, upon our return today to the wind speed records in the Syrian meteorology, turned out to be in the Damascus area ranged between 23 major 25 km / h. It is understood that this speed is never suitable for the use of a chemical weapon, technically, because use in such weather that would have caused the death of many people in the surrounding areas.Now we are sure that no one يتأذ who live a few hundred meters and by areas of alleged it was the scene of a massacre of chemicals!

Fourth was noticeable that the paramedics and medical staff did not take any precautions to remember, even though the chemical gases, especially “sarin”, keep in clothes of the victims a few hours, and can be fatal in a certain manner through at least the first time. Was it medical personnel on the degree of certainty that the clothing of the victims completely sanitized so its members act with “goodwill” as if they were on a trip “Siran” and not in the ambulance dead victims chemical attack!!?

Fourth, it was quite remarkable that the world, from end to end, and with it hundreds of space stations and thousands of websites in various languages, collapsed within minutes to the media campaign a systematic and organization accuses the massacre without even realizing, and calls to refer the case to the Security Council immediately (as did the Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia), even though the whole world is silent for more than two weeks for the largest massacre purge religion witnessed the Middle East since “Hbalijh”, we mean villages ten in the countryside of Latakia, which had hundreds of victims, or the rest of the limbs and heads chopped, buried today in Brive mass graves Latakia, to avoid even the media authority established for the mentioned even a single letter “sake of national unity,” he said those responsible for it pimps and killers السفلة the, like the accursed Almaviose Imran Alzubi.

Fifth on July 10 last year, he published “the banner of Islam”, which is the first defendant massacre today, at least by us, a tape from targeting the Syrian army vehicle transported 24 militarily. When the audit at the end of the tape, we hear a militants “brigade” He speaks with his colleague to him on the radio that he wants to bring “sarin” or “O free (O army free) brought the sarin gas!” ( see the tape here and listened to him carefully ) . This is yet another (preferred for evidence “honey Khan”) draw argues that armed groups do not have chemical weapons.

In its unequivocal evidence:

Opponents three bars published yesterday (20/8) and claimed it for the chemical massacre that took place at dawn today (21/8)!!!!?

First I got the “truth” confirmed information that the militants in these areas have been today to actually massacre, but the massacre caused by the killing of hundreds of them conventional weapons, air and land. We can say that the casualties they have suffered today probably did not get at one time and in one battle before. (There are facts speak for killed more than 750 militants today alone in the countryside of Damascus, east and west were preparing to infiltrate Damascus in the process of “liberation” of new capital is fourth or fifth of its kind!).

Second, the number of women victims in the massacre of 17 women alleged chemical, while he fell 33 or 34 children.There is no except those civilians, according to the latest statistics we received in the late hours of the evening from various sources in the opposition and their pages. The rest Fscrion / gunmen. And repeat the above question: How encountered that killed 33 children in one place and almost 17 women without the rest of their family members!!?

Third on 14 of this month, published the “truth” a report based on Turkish sources and other Syrian opposition in Istanbul, revealed where that “brigades Turkmen” in the countryside of Latakia, and another ally in Damascus, especially “the banner of Islam” and “brigades descendants of the Prophet “, I got the chemical elements to be used in the” massacres under the demand “in the countryside of Latakia, with the aim of committing the massacre of sectarian cleansing, and in Damascus in order to generate international media campaign. The report emphasized that the massacre would be implemented according to the information available at the beginning of the third week of this month, and after the team arrived “to the international commission of inquiry” to Damascus. And this is exactly what happened (read here report the “truth” ).

Fourth, and most importantly, seized the “truth” of the Wahhabi opposition gangs “Tenseekiet” and “coalition” red-handed in terms of fabrication of “drama chemical black”, or at least grossly misleading practice them. It has managed to get their hands on three bars publication of these opponents for the massacre of chemical alleged, some of them published before they are 19 at least an hour, while others by at least three hours of the timing and occurrence also said “the Commission General of the Syrian revolution”, ie three in the morning local time . If we take into account that the tapes that are being downloaded from Syria to take the timing of Western Europe (late hours about the timing of Damascus), the fact that “servers” Company “YouTube” in Europe, serving the Middle East, We dropped these two hours of the time period, remains constant that the tapes carried on 20 of the month. Note that some of the comments on the tapes was passed on published 19 hours when you publish this report (as in the case of the film “coordinating Kafr Batna”). In other words: whatever the timing of teams loading, stressing remains winning in 20 of the month! This all opponents argue that the massacre got this morning!!How can disseminate videos and display massacre victims before they occur, even a few hours!? (Browse tapes published aside, and rigid forms below, and check in the oldest comments received them, and compare are the country in which you reside. Note that we have photographed taught us that these are probably delete the tapes after discovery!) Which.

V. It is now clear that the children were killed before the massacre alleged chemical. Now the question: Where were killed in what circumstances and by whom!!!? That is the big question who they have to answer it!

It’s short “Kimo drama” Chemo-drama , but unfortunately very black!

Photos published straps above, these linkages to facilitate revision To Whom It May Concern:

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