In An Unequal America, Empathy, Not Just Housing, Has Become Too Pricey

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In our daily lives, as anyone who keeps a household budget can attest, the unexpected happens all the time. A refrigerator evaporator fan motor fails. Some part on your car you never realized existed breaks down. A loved one passes away and you have to — you want to — be at the funeral a thousand miles away

  • Infarction

    More research my arse! Here’s the solution: (1) Demand federal income tax rates rolled back to levels during the Eisenhower administration when the top earners paid 91 percent; (2) Demand an annual 100 percent wealth tax on personal assets greater than $100 million; (3) Nationalize the major energy, transportation, health care, etc. industries; (4) Hard-time prison terms for corporate executives who defraud customers or knowingly pollute the environment while hiding behind the corporate shield(5) Eliminate the oceans of money that controls elections; (6) Make sure that legislatures realize that they are either part of the solution or part of the problem (7) Ignore the naysayers who whine that it’s too hard; (8) Never give up.

  • mwildfire

    I’ll endorse all of those.

  • Jon

    Got my vote!