In Mainstream Media, Capitalism’s Failures Are Always Your Fault

Congress can unthinkingly allocate billions in new defense funding and the media won’t bat an eye.

Meanwhile, passing critical stimulus legislation to help millions of Americans is like squeezing blood from a stone. Why? Because capitalism.

Just a quick note: This show is about an existential threat to humanity – the growing gulf between the rich and the rest of us. But why do we need a show solely about the topic of inequality? Because almost every other social ill which threatens the quality of our lives and the state of our democracy is affected by the underlying imperative of rampant inequality. Well, how do I know this? Well just consider what happened this week in the catastrophic mess also known as Washington DC. Their well-heeled politicians and their lobbyist enablers found themselves at an impasse over much-needed aid for a country reeling from a worsening pandemic.