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Indigenous Peoples’ Victory: Largest Dam Removal In The World

After nearly two decades, Indigenous Peoples win an agreement for the largest dam removal in the world. Four of the six dams on the Klamath River in California and Oregon will be taken down, allowing the water to flow freely again and the salmon to spawn. This is a powerful story of how four tribes put aside their past conflicts to work together and environmental groups participated in an indigenous-led campaign that took on two of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. And this is an example of why, if we want to succeed in restoring our relationship with the earth, Indigenous Peoples must be at the forefront.

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Regina Chichizola is the Policy Director of Save California’s Salmon, the Salmon and Water Policy Analyst for the Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Associations and the 2017 winner of the Anthony Grassroots Prize.  Regina has lived on the Klamath River for twenty years, and is a long-term advocate for tribal water rights, clean water, wild salmon, prescribed fire, and environmental justice.


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