Industry-Friendly FERC Rejects Perry’s Coal & Nukes Bailout

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Above Photo: Ryan McKnight/ Flickr

Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rejected former Dancing with the Stars contestant and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would have given a massive bailout to the coal and nuclear industries in the name of so-called grid resilience. In response, Janet Redman, U.S. Policy Director with Oil Change International, released the following statement:

“Secretary Perry likes to use flash and glitz to cover over imperfections in form. Like the wise judges on Dancing with the Stars, FERC saw through the act.

“This was an easy decision to make for FERC. Secretary Perry’s proposal was nothing more than a massive bailout for the coal and nuclear industries. It’s no surprise it was resoundingly rejected by even the industry-friendly commission, just as it’s no surprise that Secretary Perry continues to demonstrate he has no idea what he’s doing overseeing our nation’s energy infrastructure.

“We’ll know FERC is really intent on setting a course for a brighter future when they actually start taking our climate crisis seriously. By ignoring the climate impacts of gas pipelines, export terminals, and other fossil fuel projects, FERC continues to hold us back while doing the industry’s bidding.

“Today’s decision by FERC was the right one, but FERC needs to do a lot more to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and safeguard our climate before they earn our applause.”

  • Bob Beal

    “so-called grid resilience” refers partly to the non-constant power generation by solar and wind (and the lack of large-scale power storage)

  • mwildfire

    this is a real issue but will not matter in the US until we have a much higher percentage of renewables than we do now. This is Perry’s excuse to give a bailout to his friends

  • Bob Beal

    Right, “storage” in that case referred to fuel storage, which only applies to coal and nuclear.

  • Bob Beal

    And, yes, it did become an issue in Texas. The Comptroller before the current one pop-pooed solar/wind because of it. Texas–western and, especially West, Texas, has lots of wind and solar.

    It also has pump jacks and 42-inch natural gas pipelines. Apache (oil company) projects 5,000 wells for the new Alpine High play in formations of the Delaware Basin (western) portion of the Permian Basin.