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Inside Operation Gladio: How NATO Supported Nazis And Terrorists

Journalists Benjamin Norton and Asa Winstanley discuss Operation Gladio, the NATO “stay behind” networks in which the CIA armed former Nazis and fascists to wage war on the left.

Today, I have on Asa Winstanley to talk about a series that he’s been publishing at his Substack about Operation Gladio, that is the NATO ‘stay behind’ networks in Europe, and that is how in the first Cold War, NATO supported a bunch of former Nazis and fascists to wage a war against the Soviet Union but really it was also a war internally against socialism. And today, we’re going to talk about what Operation Gladio is. This is not that well known even though there’s so many documents that have been released proving definitively that after World War II, NATO, the CIA and European intelligence agencies created a series of secret armies that were not only preparing for a potential hot war with the Soviet Union, but also kind of internally acted as secret police and they were implicated in terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of people across western Europe and were also implicated in killing, spying on and torturing and kidnapping Leftists.

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