International Call For Anti-Imperialist May Day

| Resist!

It has been more than one hundred years since the first International Worker’s Day on May 1st. It is a day of struggle and celebration that historically has brought millions of people from political and worker’s movements to the streets.

This May 1st, 2020, will not be the same. The necessary policies of social isolation imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent us from gathering in the streets and squares and from picketing our places of work to show to the governments, the bosses, the banks, and to the totality of the ruling class, that we sustain this world.

For the organizations and networks that are calling for the International Week of Anti-imperialist Struggle, there is no doubt that in the context of the current public health crisis, it’s important to avoid public gatherings and break the chain of infection of the Coronavirus. We equally believe that it is essential to struggle in these moments to force governments and international organizations to put life before profit.

To continue this struggle, we have creatively reinvented our actions in the last couple of weeks, using the tools of communication and social media that our networks and people’s organizations engage with, to strengthen our role in the battle of ideas against our enemies.

This May 1st, we reaffirm that the struggles of the Working Class are alive and active; we will not stay silent as the ruling class tries to use the pandemic as a cover to persist in its atrocities and its attacks on our rights.

We call upon all anti-imperialists: networks, movements, trade unions, parties, political leaders, members of parliament, intellectuals, artists, and religious leaders to raise their voices on this May 1st, 2020.

  1. We denounce imperialism and the attempt of right-wing governments and transnational corporations to offload the costs of the current global crisis onto the working-class; It is the workers of the informal economy that disproportionately bear this burden, in particular women, Afro-descendant people, Dalits, migrants, refugees, and all of the sectors that occupy the peripheral areas of the system.
  2. We defend the right to a dignified life with full employment and labour rights. Capital attempts to offload the costs of the public health crisis through layoffs, evictions, salary cuts to formal workers, as well as the exclusion of millions of informal workers with no fixed income or guaranteed labour rights. At this moment, agricultural workers, under challenging conditions and the domination of capital, confront the risk of shortages and continue to produce food to sustain the cities under quarantine. It is urgent to continue building organizations of the working class that can allow for improvements to their conditions of life and work and struggles for their emancipation.
  3. We demand that governments put all public and private resources at the service of controlling and alleviating the effects of this pandemic, strengthening the instruments of social protection that neoliberal policies have hollowed during the past several decades, principally: labour and union rights; social rights of income distribution; public and free health and education systems, with public production of science and technology; and policies of distribution of land and housing;
  4. We demonstrate our solidarity with all health workers, who are putting their lives at risk to save the millions of victims who have COVID-19. We stand in solidarity with their demand for increased state investment in public health and universal access to healthcare.
  5. We demand policies to fight the patriarchy so that women can lead a life free of violence. Domestic violence has increased globally during lockdowns; governments and people’s movements must address this. We demand an end to the attacks on the rights of women workers; this is even more pressing during this pandemic since women make up around 75% of healthcare workers. We also demand the reorganization of domestic labour and care work and for men, governments, and communities to take responsibility for the sustainability of life.
  6. We demand an end to the US imperialist attack on the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan people. Amid the pandemic, the US government has tightened the sanctions against Venezuela. The US government has accused the president, and other members of his government of narco-terrorism, proposed an absurd plan of “transition” to take Maduro out of the presidency, and mobilized troops naval ships of the US Southern Command very close to Venezuelan borders.
  7. We demand an end to the criminal financial and economic sanctions imposed by the imperialist US government against 39 countries. These sanctions are focused with the most considerable force against Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran, where their people already suffered from a lack of medicine and medical supplies before the pandemic. These countries under sanctions, also face hybrid wars as punishment for maintaining their political independence, their sovereignty and self-determination, and for refusing to submit to US hegemony.
  8. We affirm our commitment to defeating the coordinated international efforts of neo-fascist and far-right movements, that propagate hate, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, authoritarianism, and that amid the pandemic seek an economic, political, and ideological confrontation against China on a global level.
  9. We call for a deep-rooted and fraternal debate about what alternative society the people of the world want as we face this current pandemic and the broader dilemmas of humanity. Our crisis has been constant since at least 2009, but now it has been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. We call to build internationalism, unity, and solidarity among the peoples of the world, following the example of anti-imperialists that came before us, as well as the heroic example of the Cuban, Venezuelan, and Chinese people.

Finally, we reaffirm that in this period of the pandemic, we must continue to maintain international spaces of coordination to stop the far right, US imperialism, and defend life, peace, and social justice. We are committed to continuing to build a week of anti-imperialist mobilization in the second half of 2020.


International Week of Anti-imperialist Struggle May 1st, 2020 #WeSustainTheWorld #SostenemosElMundo



    1. International Peoples’ Assembly
    2. ALBA Movimientos – Articulación Continental de los Movimientos Sociales y Populares hacia el ALBA
    3. Asamblea Sindicalistas Foro Europeo
    4. Coordinadora de Sindicalistas de Europa (TUNE- Trade Unionists Network Europe)
    5. FEDIM – Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres
    6. Foro de São Paulo
    7. Tricontinental Institute for Social Research
    8. La Vía Campesina Internacional
    9. MAR – Movimento de Afectados por Represas
    10. MMM – Marcha Mundial de las MujeresAFRICA
    11. Benin, Asociación los Amigos de Venezuela
    12. Senegal, RND – Red Nacional de Mujeres y el Movimiento Femenino del Partido Panafricanista
    13. South Africa, NUMSA – National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa
    14. South Africa, PAT – Pan Africa Today
    15. South Africa, SRWP – Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party
    16. Zambia, SP – Socialist Party of ZambiaAMERICAS
    17. Argentina, Frente Pátria Grande
    18. Argentina, Frente Popular Dario Santillán
    19. Argentina, Movimiento Popular La Dignidad
    20. Argentina, OLP-RL – Organizaciones Libres del Pueblo-Resistir y Luchar
    21. Argentina, Resumen Latinoamericano
    22. Brazil, Capítulo Brasil ALBA Movimientos
    23. Brazil, Capítulo Brasil do Comitê Internacional Paz, Justiça e Dignidade aos Povos.
    24. Brazil, Comitê Carioca de Solidariedade a Cuba
    25. Brazil, Levante Popular da Juventude
    26. Brazil, MAB – Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens
    27. Brazil, Maria Luiza Franco Busse, jornalista
    28. Brazil, MST – Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra
    29. Canada, Fire this Time Movement for Social Justice
    30. Chile, Fundación Constituyente XXI
    31. Chile, Movimiento del Socialismo Allendista.
    32. Chile, Red de Comunicadores Populares Werken Rojo.
    33. Cuba, Capítulo Cubano de ALBA Movimientos
    34. Cuba, CMLK – Centro Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    35. Cuba, CTC – Central de Trabajadores de Cuba
    36. Ecuador, Movimiento Ecuatoriano Alfarista Bolivariano
    37. Ecuador, Movimiento Nacional Campesino – FECAOL
    38. El Salvador, FMLN – Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional
    39. Guatemala, Alianza Política Sector de Mujeres
    40. Guatemala, CUC – Comité de Unidad Campesina
    41. Haiti, Camille Chalmers, executive director PAPDA
    42. Haiti, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, Alba Movimientos. Chapit Ayiti
    43. Haiti, Juslene Tiresias, Mouvman Peyizan Papay  (MPP)
    44. Haiti, Marc Arthur Fils-Aimé, secretario general del Partido RASIN Kan Pèp La
    45. Haiti, Meres Jean-Charles, Kowodinasyon Rejyonal Oganizasyon Sidès (KROS)
    46. Haiti, Yvette MIchaud, Mouvman Peyizan Nasyonal Kongre Papay (MPNKP)
    47. Mexico, Alternativa Socialista México
    48. Mexico, ANUEE – Asamblea Nacional de Usuarios de la Energía Eléctrica
    49. Mexico, Asamblea de Defensores del Territorio Maya Muuch’ xinbal
    50. Mexico, CASALC – Coordinadora de Solidaridad con América Latina y el Caribe
    51. Mexico, Comité 68 Pro Libertades Democráticas
    52. Mexico, Comité Antifascista 4T Patria Grande
    53. Mexico, Comité de Solidaridad Monseñor Romero-México
    54. Mexico, Comité Nacional para la Defensa y Conservación de los Chimalapas
    55. Mexico, Comité Social Popular Tierra y Libertad -Durango Dgo
    56. Mexico, CONJUPAN – Confederación de Jubilados y Adultos mayores de la República Mexicana
    57. Mexico, CONUR – Coordinadora de Usuarixs en Resistencia
    58. Mexico, Coordinación de Pueblos, Barrios Originarios y Colonias de Xochimilco
    59. Mexico, Coordinadora de Pueblos en Defensa del Rio Atoyaca-Veracruz
    60. Mexico, Coordinadora Mexicana de Solidaridad con Venezuela
    61. Mexico, CSR – Coordinadora Socialista Revolucionaria
    62. Mexico, Frente Amplio de Lucha Popular – Oaxaca
    63. Mexico, Jóvenes ante la Emergencia Nacional
    64. Mexico, Juntas Defensivas Universitarias
    65. Mexico, La Vía Campesina México
    66. Mexico, Maderas del Pueblo del Sureste, AC
    67. Mexico, Movimiento Ciudadano en Defensa de la Loma-Michoacán
    68. Mexico, Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria
    69. Mexico, Movimiento de Solidaridad Nuestra América
    70. Mexico, Movimiento mexicano de Solidaridad con Cuba
    71. Mexico, Movimiento Oaxaqueño de Solidaridad con Cuba
    72. Mexico, Mujeres para el Diálogo
    73. Mexico, NCT – Nueva Central de Trabajadores
    74. Mexico, Nueva Constituyente Ciudadana Popular
    75. Mexico, Organización de la Resistencia Civil Luy y Fuerza del Pueblo, Adherentes a la Sexta- Chiapas
    76. Mexico, Organización Nacional del Poder Popular
    77. Mexico, Partido Popular Socialista de México
    78. Mexico, Sección XXII Oaxaca-Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación
    79. Mexico, Servicio Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con América Latina “Oscar Arnulfo Romero”
    80. Mexico, Sindicato Independiente de Trabajadores Ambulantes y Establecidos de Durango
    81. Mexico, SME – Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas
    82. Mexico, UNORCA – Unión Nacional de Organizaciones Regionales Campesinas Autónomas
    83. Mexico, UPREZ – Unión Popular Revolucionaria Emiliano Zapata
    84. Panama, Partido del Pueblo de Panamá
    85. Paraguay, OCN – Organización Campesina del Norte
    86. Paraguay, OLT – Organización de Lucha por la Tierra
    87. Peru, Acción Política Socialista
    88. Peru, Capítulo Perú Alba Movimientos
    89. Peru, Juventud Comunista Patria Roja
    90. Peru, La Junta
    91. Peru, Movimiento Comunitario Alfa y Omega
    92. Peru, Mundo Verde
    93. Peru, Norte Progresista
    94. Peru, Todas Somos Micaelas
    95. Puerto Rico, Brigada Juan Rius Rivera
    96. Puerto Rico, Comité de Solidaridad con Cuba
    97. Puerto Rico, Comuna Caribe
    98. Puerto Rico, Frente Socialista de Puerto Rico
    99. Puerto Rico, Jornada: se acabaron las promesas
    100. United States, Border Agricultural Workers Project
    101. United States, CODEPINK: Women for Peace
    102. United States, Highland Park Human Rights Coalition
    103. United States, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
    104. United States, Moratorium Now Coalition, Detroit
    105. United States, National Welfare Rights Union
    106. United States, Party for Socialism and Liberation
    107. United States, PEP – Popular Education Project
    108. United States, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
    109. United States, Popular Resistance
    110. United States, Ramón Grosfoguel, University of California at Berkeley
    111. United States, The People’s Forum
    112. United States, Unión de Vecinos
    113. United States, University of the Poor
    114. United States, Vermont Workers Center
    115. Venezuela, ABPTAI – Asociación Bolivariana de Productores Textiles y Afines
    116. Venezuela, ACCUMHB – Asociación Civil de Comerciantes Unidos del Mercado Bolivariano la Hoyada
    117. Venezuela, Capítulo Venezuela – Foro Internacional de Víctimas del Conflicto Colombiano.
    118. Venezuela, CIEF – Centro de Investigación y Estudios de Fronteras
    119. Venezuela, Colectivo De Mujeres Afrocolombianas “María Barilla”
    120. Venezuela, Comité Bolivariano Jesús Santrich
    121. Venezuela, Consejo Presidencial de Gobierno Popular para las Comunas
    122. Venezuela, Dra. Maria Páez Victor, board member of the Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean Policy Centre
    123. Venezuela, Ejército Productivo Obrero
    124. Venezuela, FFM – Frente Francisco de Miranda
    125. Venezuela, FPC-UNASUR Espacio Nacional Venezuela
    126. Venezuela, Grupo Talento Petrolero Socialista Revolucionario Bolivariano y Chavista de PDVSA
    127. Venezuela, Izquierda Unida de Venezuela
    128. Venezuela, Juventud Rebelde
    129. Venezuela, Movimiento Feminista Popular Lydda Franco
    130. Venezuela, MUGER – Colectivo Feminista Mujer Género Rebelde
    131. Venezuela, Organización Social SURES
    132. Venezuela, Partido Farc En Venezuela
    133. Venezuela, Plataforma Comunicacional Feminista “La 5ta Ola”
    134. Venezuela, Red de Colectivos La Araña Feminista
    135. Venezuela, Thierry Deronne, cineasta, periodista, de la Escuela Popular y Latinoamericana de Cine, Tv y Teatro, Terra TVASIA
    136. Bangladesh, Workers Party of Bangladesh
    137. Malaysia, PSM – Parti Sosialis Malaysia (Socialist Party of Malaysia)
    138. Nepal, CP – Nepal Communist PartyEUROPE
    139. Basque Country, Askapena
    140. Basque Country, Itaca (Organització Internacionalista dels Països Catalans)
    141. Basque Country, LAB Sindikatua
    142. Basque Country, Partido Sortu
    143. Capitulo Suecia, Dinamarca y Noruega – Red Nórdica de Solidaridad con Venezuela
    144. Catalonia, CUP – Comité de Unidad Popular
    145. Finland, Partido Comunista de Finlandia
    146. France, Partido Comunista de Francia
    147. Galicia, CIG – Confederación Intersindical Galega
    148. Germany, DKP – Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (Partido Comunista)
    149. Hungary, ATTAC Hungary
    150. Hungary, Hungarian Szocial Forum
    151. Hungary, Karl Marx Society
    152. Hungary, SZAB – Organizers for the Left
    153. Ireland, CP – Communist Party of Ireland
    154. Ireland, Cuba Support Group
    155. Ireland, Nicaragua Solidarity
    156. Italy, Circulo de Italia-Cuba “Granma”
    157. Italy, Partido de la Refundación Comunista, Izquierda Europea
    158. Italy, Potere al Popolo
    159. Russia, Russian United Labour Front
    160. Slovenia, Levica (The Left)
    161. Spain, IU – Izquierda Unida
    162. Spain, Izquierda Castellana
    163. Spain, PCE – Partido Comunista de España
    164. Spain, Red de Sindicalistas Contra la Crisis de España
    165. Sweden, Red VenezuelaARAB-MAGHREB REGION
    166. DFLP/Europe – Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine – Section Europe
    167. Morocco, DW – Democratic Way
    168. Palestine, RCHRS – Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies
    169. Tunisia – Tunisian Workers´ Party
    170. Union of the Palestinian Communities, Institutions and Activities/Europe