International Day Of Protest: STOP WATCHING US

Members of Anonymous and internet privacy activists from around the world took to the streets today for the second International Day of Privacy to protest, raise awareness and demand an end to the pervasive levels of technological surveillance on everyday people.

Today’s #IDP14 events are taking many forms, yet all with the common thread:
Stop Watching Us!

Never before has the level of daily monitoring been so clear to so many. With the recent revelations brought to light from former NSA security contractor Edward Snowden and the many whistle blowers before him, the world is opening its eyes to the reality that everything we do in a digital format is collected by Governmental bodies like the NSA and GCHQ, but also by private security corporations and used to form a digital fingerprint of our every keystroke, often in complete secrecy and without any oversight.  Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond with the hack of Stratfor exposed the Trapwire network of CCTV cameras that track the movements of people as they walk down the street or drive to work.  With this knowledge it couldn’t be more important for people everywhere to stand up and demand an end to this Orwellian surveillance that not only invades the privacy of individuals the world over, but limits the abilities of activists everywhere to organize and work together to bring about change with any level of personal safety and without infiltration.

Here is a collection of media from today’s events. See more pictures, videos and media from this event HERE,