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May Day 2024: Make It ‘Workers For Palestinian Resistance Day’

We invite organizations and activists to sign this call in solidarity.
  Sign the call here  

On May 1st, Mobilize in Solidarity with the Liberation of Palestine.

On May 1st, workers all over the world will march to demand all of the things that the working class needs for its survival. Along with all of the workers’ demands on May 1st, at this decisive moment, in the spirit of reviving working class internationalism, on this May Day, the world needs us to prioritize working class solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, and the right of the Palestinian resistance to fight for liberation by any means necessary, including armed struggle.

Revive Working Class Internationalism!

This is the best way to strengthen unity between the working class and those who are fighting against colonialism, settler colonialism, occupation, Zionism, white supremacy, imperialism, and for liberation and self-determination.

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World Unite!

Let’s send a message on International Workers Day that the struggle to free Palestine needs the active support of workers everywhere, organized and unorganized. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Make MAY DAY 2024 ‘Workers for Palestinian Resistance Day’

In New York City gather at Union Square, E. 14th St & Broadway at 3pm
Where workers, migrants and many thousands of militants have gathered on MAY DAY for 100 years.

May Day is everywhere. Add your city.
  Sign the call here  

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