Interview With Chris Hedges: Coronavirus, Climate Change And What’s Next

| Resistance Report

A live XRTV #alonetogether interview with Chris Hedges, American journalist and author. Chris won the Pulitzer Prize while at the New York Times and has written a number of groundbreaking books on the crises we face. He will talk about the massive changes which are now upon us – why this has been coming for a long time and how it relates to the climate crisis. He will speak on what the future will look like and our responsibility to shape it into a humane outcome rather than the default of fascism which we are heading towards at the moment.


    Hedges makes good points, but he always has an Achilles heel that trips him up. In this case he says “we may not succeed” completely ignoring the FACT that for every action there is a counteraction, that every oppression is met with a counter struggle, and that capitalism has an end date. It is obvious that a nodal point has been reached.

  • Nancy Oden

    Chris Hedges – One of my heroes (which are few) -this is an important analysis of world politics and where he thinks we’re heading – and moral imperative as it applies to today’s politics. I’m going to share this on Facebook and hope it doesn’t get deleted.

  • John R.

    This is a MUST SEE.

  • John Kelly

    Thanks for the prompt. Very good interview.

  • Rapha

    Capitalism as now formed as globalism model 1991 is fading. Fascism model 2022 is now being manufactured. Mr Hedges needs exit strategy. All options.

  • catherine elmes

    I heard an interesting theory that internet communications creates a kind of 2nd mind as communication is instantaneous and world wide. This 2nd mind has it’s own power and is naturally opposed to corporate mentality. In other words there is awareness and information which is a great advantage